"A woman whose daughter had a foul spirit heard of him, and came and fell at his feet.

Jesus said, "Let the children first be fed before the bread is cast to the dogs."

She answered, "The little dogs under the table eat from the children’s crumbs."

Jesus commanded, "Now go home, for the demon has left your daughter."

She went home, found her daughter resting comfortably, and the demon gone."

Mark 7:24-30

Let Her Cry

Spirit Possession

New Demonic Possession

'Spirit Possession' and Mental Health

A Clinical Psychologist Examines Demonic Possession

Exorcism, Psychotherapy, and the Possession Syndrome

Demons come in a legion.

Just like a Roman legion or a US Marine battalion there is a hierarchy which includes a chain of command.

Demons have a Supreme leader in Our Father Down Below.

Our Father Down Below has the Demon of Cognitive Bias run the Show.

2,700-year-old tablet depicts epilepsy 'demon'

Troels Pank Arbøll of the University of Copenhagen was studying the tablet at the Vorderasiatisches Museum in Berlin four years ago, he accidentally discovered a partially damaged drawing on its reverse.

On closer inspection, the drawing turned out to be a demon with horns, tails, and a snake tongue that, according to the text, was the cause of the dreaded illness Bennu - epilepsy.

"We knew the Assyrians and Babylonians regarded diseases as phenomena that were caused by gods, demons, or witchcraft," says Arbøll.

"Healers were responsible for expelling these supernatural forces and the medical symptoms they caused with drugs, rituals, or incantations."

Dang-Ki healing is defined as a form of Chinese spirit mediumship where a deity possesses a human (called the dang-ki) who then helps others in the community with their problems.

The problems range from physical illnesses to interpersonal conflicts.

A dang-ki can provide support to the client, while at the same time, their conflicts and suffering are healed in the possession process.

Traditional Dang-Ki Healing in Singapore Challenges Western Psychology

veil of cognitive blindness

Cognitive Blindness accounts for most Cognitive Error.

We think we "see" something - it may be a physical object or it may be a conceptual construct

We 'look' at this thing we thought we have seen and now we are sure we have 'seen' it …

as we start to turn away and something flashes and 'catches' our eye ...

We turn back and take a closer look ... and recognize Cognitive Error !

Now we 'see' that we have clearly overlooked a major facet of the object under consideration simply because the light was not quite right and we had not carefully examined it while holding it up to the Lumière Infinie

We have made a Cognitive Discovery !

Living tissue quantum mechanics allows room for the Demon of Cognitive Blindness to weasel in and create Cognitive Error.

Those that immerse themselves in Cognitive Discovery are able to see 'behind the Curtain of Illusion' through the 'Veil of Cognitive Blindness'.

Druids call this farsight 'Walking the Thinspace' while Internet Denizens use it to navigate the web and keep from falling 'down the rabbit hole'.

Cognitive Discovery recognizes both Cognitive Error and her sister Cognitive Blindness and chase both of them back down the Rabbit Hole!

Next comes the high level support group for Our Father Down Below which includes as many high level demons as there are mental disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders.

Each demon is unique just as each lawyer and dentist is unique.

After this comes the great mass of the Legion of Demons.

They are divided into various camps which include:

The Camp of Cognitive Bias

The Camp of Illusions

The Camp of Fallacies

The Camp of Effects

The Camp of Deviant Thought Patterns

emotional trigger

Identification of human souls
possessed by hungry ghosts (demons)

Those walking hand and hand with the Creator are unable to see anything or hear anything except the truth so that is all they can convey - Truth.

Those human souls that do not walk with the Creator must remain wary,

as human souls can be possessed.

Those possessed by demons

live in an alternate reality

illuminated by appearances.

To the laymen they seem to be telling tall tales while in fact they have fallen victim to the Veil of Cognitive Blindness as demons have pulled it down over their eyes or - sometimes - a demons will jab a needle into the third eye.

To identify the demon in possession open the DSM-V - Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition - to the appropriate page dependent on demon behavioral expression.

For example see the page on the Delusions of Grandeur demon who whispers to a rising human Ego a parentage of an immortal race of Giants.

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