"The fomenters and directors of the war against England did not, on the large, give economic allegiance to the land.

They owned commodities, small factories, stocks, bonds, and bills, or were desirous of such and they introduced nationalistic mercantile capitalism into America.

The constitutional government they created, under the leadership of James Madison and Alexander Hamilton, was consciously designed to fortify newer forms of ownership and retard popular political movements.

The Constitution, written in the furtive coup d' etat during secret deliberations of a convention called to regulate commerce, was received with hostility by the populace, which forced the addition of the first ten amendments." - Ferdinand Lundsberg

If freedom of speech is taken away we will be led,

dumb and silent, like sheep to the slaughter.

Labor to keep alive in your breast that

little spark of celestial fire, called conscience.

The time is near at hand which must determine

whether Americans are to be free men or slaves.

tough hell raisers

American Holocaust

Progress can Kill


Century-long theft of Native American land

Seizure of 1.5 Billion Acres of Native American Land

The directors of the East India Company attempted to avert bankruptcy due to the Bengal famine of 1770, in which one-third of the local population died, by appealing to British Parliament for financial aid.

This led to the passing of the Tea Act in 1773, gaving the Company greater autonomy in running its trade in the American colonies.

The Company was allowed an exemption from tea import duties which its colonial competitors were required to pay.

The arrival of tax-exempt East India Company tea, undercutting the local merchants, triggered the Boston Tea Party in the Province of Massachusetts Bay, one of the major events leading up to the American Revolution.

May 31, 1779     Order to General Sullivan:

"You are appointed to command an Expedition to be directed against the hostile tribes of the Six Nations of Indians, their associates and adherents.

The immediate objective is total destruction and devastation of settlements, and capture of as many prisoners of every age and sex as possible.

It will be essential to ruin crops now in the ground and prevent replanting.

I would recommend, that some post in the center of the Indian Country, should be occupied with an expedition, with a sufficient quantity of provisions whence parties should be detached to lay waste all the settlements around.

Listen to no overture of peace before the total ruinment of their settlements.

Our future security will be in their inability to injure us and in the terror with which the severity of the chastisement they receive will inspire them."

Continental Army Commander George Washington

Madison wrote the Constitution was "to secure the public good and private rights against the danger of faction."

By "faction," James Madison meant "a group of citizens actuated by some common interest adverse to the rights of other citizens or to the interests of the community."

A corporation is a faction, a group of citizens actuated by the common interest of conspiring to gain a profit.

"Liberty is to faction, what air is to fire, essential to political life without which life instantly expires.

It would be folly to try to abolish liberty because it nourishes faction, as to wish the annihilation of air, which is essential to animal life, because it imparts to fire its destructive agency." - James Madison

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land,

it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

No nation can preserve its freedom

in the midst of continual warfare.

A popular government, without popular information, or the means of acquiring it, is but a Prologue to a Farce or a Tragedy; or perhaps both.

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance: A people who mean to be their own government, must arm themselves with the power knowledge gives.

The essence of government is power; in human hands, ever liable to abuse.

Academic institutions ought to be favorite objects with every free people.

They throw that light over the public consciousness which is the best security against crafty and dangerous encroachments on public liberty.

Freedom arises from pluralism, security for relgious liberty in America.

The people shall not be deprived or abridged of their right to speak, or to publish their sentiments; and the freedom of the press, as one of the great bulwarks of liberty, shall be inviolable.

- First draft, First Amendment, 8 June 1789 James Madison.

Marbury v. Madison

"The dastardly deed took place on February 24, 1803.

The killer was John Marshall, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, who wrote the decision known as Marbury v. Madison.

Marshall takes the position that "It is emphatically the province and duty of the judicial department to say what the law is" which results in the Court becoming the sole Constitutional authority subject to no review.

Since that day, the Court has ruled the USA as a judicial oligarchy.

The decision provides the Court a paradigm on which it could base clearly and obviously unjust decisions.

Marshall agreed Marbury was entitled to relief but refused to provide it.

That is clearly unjust.

The Constitution says one of the nation's purposes is to "establish justice."

Even though Marshall argument is absurd, no one but Jefferson challenged.

He wrote, "the opinion which gives to judges the right to decide what laws are constitutional and not, not only for themselves but for the Legislature and Executive also, would make the Judiciary a despotic branch."

It is contradictory to say the Court has the duty to "say what the law is" but then go on to say the Court cannot provide Marbury with the relief he is entitled as the Constitution doesn't give the Court the authority.

It is not Court duty under the Constitution to "say what the law is."

If the Court can say "what the law is," legislatures are superfluous.

So Marshall, on this day, murdered the Republic." - John Kozy

Monroe Doctrine

"Let us by wise and constitutional measures promote intelligence
among the people as the best means of preserving our liberties."

The proposal of the Russian imperial government made through the minister, a full power and instructions have been transmitted to the Minister of the United States of America at St. Petersburgh, to arrange, by amicable negotiation, the respective rights and interests of the two nations on the northwest coast of this continent.

A similar proposal has been made by his Imperial Majesty to the government of Great Britain, which has likewise been acceded to.

The government of the United States has been desirous of manifesting the great value they have attached to the friendship of the emperor, and their solicitude to cultivate the best understanding with his government.

As a principle in which the rights and interests of the United States of America are involved, that the American continents are henceforth not to be considered as subjects for future colonization by any European powers.

A great effort in Spain and Portugal to improve the condition of the peoples of those countries appears to be conducted with moderation.

It need be remarked, the result has been very different from anticipated.

The citizens of the United States cherish friendly sentiments, in support of the liberty and happiness of their fellow men on that side of the Atlantic.

In the wars of the European powers, in matters relating to themselves, we have never taken any part, nor does it comport with our policy, so to do.

It is only when our rights are invaded, or seriously menaced, that we resent injuries, or make preparation for our defense.

In this hemisphere, we are, of necessity, more immediately connected, by causes which must be obvious to all enlightened and impartial observers.

The political system of allied powers is essentially different from America.

We owe it, therefore, to candor, and to the amicable relations existing between the US of America and those powers, to declare, that we should consider any attempt on their part to extend their system to any portion of this hemisphere, as dangerous to our peace and safety.

With the existing colonies or dependencies of any European power, we have not interfered, and shall not interfere.

Independence we have, on great consideration, and on just principles, acknowledged, we could not view any interposition for the purpose of controlling their destiny, by any European power, in any other light than as the manifestation of an unfriendly disposition towards the USA.

In the war between those new governments and Spain, we declared our neutrality at the time of their recognition, and to this we have adhered.

The late events in Spain and Portugal, show that Europe is still unsettled.

Of this important fact, no stronger proof can be adduced than that the allied powers should have thought it proper, on any principle satisfactory to themselves, to have interposed, by force, in the internal concerns of Spain.

To what extent such interposition may be carried is a question to independent powers.

Our policy, in regard to Europe remains the same.

Not to interfere in the internal concerns of any of its powers; to consider the government de facto as the legitimate government; to cultivate friendly relations and to preserve those relations by a frank, firm, and policy; meeting the just claims of every power; submitting to injuries from none.

It is impossible the allied powers should extend their political system to any portion of either continent, without endangering our peace and happiness.

nor can anyone believe that our southern brethren, if left to themselves, would adopt it of their own accord. It is equally impossible, therefore, that we should behold such interposition, in any form, with indifference.

If we look to the comparative resources of Spain, the new governments, and their distance, it must be obvious that she can never subdue them.

It is still the true policy of the United States of America to leave the parties to themselves, in the hope that other powers will pursue the same course.

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