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Fight Club

Donald Sutherland reveals some dark secrets

The Warfare State and the Brutalizing of Everyday Life

Pentagon Agency Handled Record Foreign Arms Sales in 2015

NYT Reveals Think Tank Cited for Years to Be Corrupt Arms Booster

Congressional Investigation: Leaders Manipulated ISIS War Intelligence

Beat It

"Actually, it's quite fun to fight them. You know, it's a hell of a hoot ... I like brawling. You go into Afghanistan, you got guys who slap women around for five years because they didn't wear a burka. You know, guys like that ain't got no manhood left anyway. So it's a hell of a lot of fun to shoot them." - Lt. Gen. James Mattis, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT)

"The Army pounds it into your head until it is instinct: Kill everybody, kill everybody. And you do. Then they just think you can just come home and turn it off."- Kenneth Eastridge, 10 years for accessory to murder

Talmudwood and the Pentagon have a long history of collusion.

It is very difficult for a person to kill another person.

People have to be manipulated into murder.

It is much easier to get a crowd to commit horrific acts than an individual.

During World War II, when left to their own devices, only 15-20% of individual riflemen would fire their weapon at an exposed enemy soldier .

"Despite all the killing we've done, the human mind is not designed to kill. We get sick when we kill. Killing is against our nature." - Rachel MacNair

This was blamed primarily upon training practice shooting at a bull's-eye.

Bull's-eyes don't appear on the battlefield but a human silhouette does.

In Vietnam 95% of the riflemen fired at an exposed human silhouette.

Marine Corps uses a modified version of the first individual video action game Doom (known as Marine Doom) as a training device, along with the traditional live ammunition range targets as a means of normalizing killing among soldiers.

This has been so successful that the Marine Corps Combat and Development Command in Quantico, Virginia evaluated more than thirty commercially available electronic games for their potential use as miltary training tools.

The American military has acknowledged for decades the success of using human likeness targets to enhance killing ability.

Is the effect of similar video games the same on kids?

With this in mind, the rise of school shootings should come as no surprise.


psychological warfare

2nd missile launch from VAFB successful

Minuteman III missile launches from Vandenberg

"We know that our State Department, the Pentagon, and the White House have brazenly proclaimed they have the right and the power to manage the news, to tell us not the truth but what they want us to believe." - Myron Fagan

war propaganda

Pentagon Employee Witness: No Plane on 911-2001!

Former 9/11 Commissioner admits missile hit the Pentagon

Did Military Exercises Facilitate the 9/11 Pentagon Attack?

Pentagon missing $2.3 trillion Rumsfeld Exposed 9/10/2001

9/11 - Behind the Smoke Curtain - Barbara Honegger

Highly centralized outlets offer remarkably homogenized news.

News services for daily newspapers throughout America are provided by the Associated Press, New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Washington Post wire services, and several foreign wire services like Reuters.

The ideological viewpoint of these 'news' conduits are always corporate.

Viewers of films, television programming, advertisements and readers of prose that implies violence often look upon their fellow men as violent.

Psychiatrist Robert Coles writes that children in some parts of America are more frightened than children in Lebanon or Northern Ireland.

A generation brought up on fear is willing to back the commision of immoral acts in order to protect themselves from imagined threats.

The nuclear weapons industry financed The Day After, a nuclear doomsday television movie, to get Ronald Reagan on board with "Star Wars".

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) was a proposed missile defense system intended to protect the US from attack by ballistic strategic nuclear weapons (intercontinental ballistic and submarine-launched ballistic missiles).

The SDI, combining ground-based units and orbital deployment platforms, was first publicly announced by Ronald Reagan on March 23, 1983.

Physicist Hans Bethe and Edward Teller, associates on the atomic and hydrogen bomb at Los Alamos, claim a laser defense shield is unfeasible.

June 28, 1985, David Lorge Parnas resigns from SDIO Panel on Computing in Support of Battle Management, arguing in eight papers software for the Strategic Defense Initiative could never be made trustworthy.

Implimentation of the Strategic Defense Initiative would have broken two international treaties:

The Outer Space Treaty of 1967, entered into force on 10 October 1967, requires "States Parties to the Treaty undertake not to place in orbit around the Earth any objects carrying nuclear weapons or any other kinds of weapons of mass destruction, install such weapons on celestial bodies, or station such weapons in outer space in any other manner."

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, entered into force in 1970, requires "Each of the Parties to the Treaty undertakes to pursue negotiations in good faith on effective measures relating to cessation of the nuclear arms race at an early date and to nuclear disarmament, and on a treaty on general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control."

Programmed fear generated by the television movie The Day After was the impetus that allowed the marketing of the Strategic Defense Initiative.

The planners of 911 took note when mentioned that it would take another "Pearl Harbor" to get America onboard with empire security.

programmed violence

I'm Here to Kill You

Doc Holiday meets Johnny Ringo

I'm Your Huckleberry

Let Him Know Who's King

Hollywood Promotes War on Behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA

Pentagon sanitizes movies to make Americans warlike

Upon America's entry into World War II, Talmudwood film makers, John Huston, John Ford, Howard Hawks, and Frank Capra, were hired by the US government to make propaganda films for home and abroad.

In England three of Alfred Hitchcock's classics Foreign Correspondent, Saboteur, and Lifeboat were made as propaganda films.

After the World War II, Alfred Hitchcock directed two short documentaries in England, filmed in French and shown in France after the Liberation.

Akira Kurosawa did the same for Japan with his film The Most Beautiful.

Laurence Olivier was a major Talmudwood presence when he made the propaganda films while enlisted, That Hamilton Woman, 49th Parallel, and The Demi-Paradise.

That Hamilton Woman was made to gather pro-British support from the American people and was the favorite film of Winston Churchill.

1942 Alec Guinness, an accomplished actor and enlisted man was given special leave to make his New York stage debut in a propaganda play.

Alec Guinness had roles in Oliver Twist, The Bridge on the River Kwai, Lawrence of Arabia, Dr. Zhivago and as Obi-Wan "Ben" Kenobi.

In the 1940's, John F. Kennedy hung out with Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, Lana Turner, Gary Cooper, Walter Huston, Sonja Hennie, Gene Tierney, Peggy Cummins, and Sam Spiegel.

John F. Kennedy' father, Joseph P. Kennedy, a confidant of FDR and a friend of Churchill, made his fortune importing liquor during prohibition.

Jimmy Stewart flew 20 missions over Germany as a bomber pilot.

Jimmy Stewart retired from the Air Force Reserves as a brigadier general.

Lee Marvin is buried at Arlington National Cemetery alongside some of the highest ranking soldiers in the history of the American armed forces.

Lee Marvin's career spanned more than forty years and included The Wild One, The Killers, The Dirty Dozen, The Iceman Cometh, The Big Red One, Gorky Park, and Delta Force.

Lee Marvin was awarded a Purple Heart for being shot in the ass.

1946 Neville Brand the 4th most decorated soldier of WWII had roles in the television show Combat and the movies, Stalag 17, Birdman of Alcatraz, That Darn Cat!, and Tora! Tora! Tora!.

Audie L. Murphy, the most decorated American combat soldier of WWII, is plagued by insomnia, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.

Audie L. Murphy received thirty three awards for valor and the Medal of Honor, plus 5 decorations presented to him by France and Belgium.

His first wife, Wanda Hendrix often talked of his struggle with complex post traumatic stress disorder, claiming he had at one time held her at gun point.

During the mid-1960s he became dependent on doctor prescribed sleeping pills called Placidyl® (Ethchlorvynol) developed by Pfizer in the 1950s.

Ethchlorvynol is habit forming and extremely physically addictive (lethal withdrawal resembling delirium tremens and benzodiazepine withdrawal).

Audie L. Murphy movies include Battle at Bloody Beach, The Quiet American, To Hell and Back and Beyond Glory.

Don Knotts received the Victory Medal in the Pacific in World War II.

James Doohan (Scotty) landed in Normandy with the US Army on D-Day.

RAF pilot Donald Pleasance was shot down and held prisoner by Germans.

David Niven was a Royal Military Academy Sandhurst graduate and Lt. Colonel of the British Commandos in Normandy.

Clark Gable, assigned to the UK at RAF Polebrook with the 351st Bomb Group, flew five combat missions, including one to Germany, as an observer-gunner in B-17 Flying Fortresses between May 4 and September 23, 1943, earning the Air Medal and the Distinguished Flying Cross for his efforts.

Charlton Heston served for two years as a B-25 radio operator and gunner stationed in the Alaskan Aleutian Islands with the Eleventh Air Force.

B-25 Bomber Hits Empire State Building

Ernest Borgnine was a US Navy Gunners Mate.

Charles Durning was a US Army Ranger at Normandy earning a Silver Star and awarded the Purple Heart.

Charles Bronson was a B-29 tail gunner in the Army Air Corps in the 20th Air Force out of Guam, Tinian, and Saipan.

George C. Scott of the US Marine Corps was assigned to the prestigious 8th and I Barracks in Washington, DC.

Eddie Albert (Green Acres), a lieutenant in the US Coast Guard in the Pacific, was awarded a Bronze Star for his actions during the Battle of Tarawa in the Pacific Novemeber 1943.

Brian Keith served as a US Marine rear gunner in several actions against the Japanese on Rabal in the Pacific.

John Russell was a second lieutenant assigned to the 6th Marine Regiment at Guadalcanal where he served as an assistant intelligence officer.

Robert Ryan was in the United States Marine Corps serving as a drill instructor at Camp Pendleton, in San Diego, California.

Tyrone Power was a second lieutenant in the USMC who flew cargo and wounded Marines during the Battle of Iwo Jima and the Battle of Okinawa.

1947 Robert Montgomery headed the Hollywood Republican Committee to elect Thomas Dewey president and, in the 1960s, served as a communication consultant to John D. Rockefeller, III.

A speech writer and advisor to Dwight Eisenhower he was appointed as a special consultant to the president on television and public communications.

Robert Montgomery was best known for the movies Riptide, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, They Were Expendable, The Gallant Hours.

1950 Experiment Alcatraz suggests convicts take part in experiments.

1953 Cecil B. DeMille, Paramount Studios, was appointed as a special consultant to the government on cinema propaganda.

Cecil B. DeMille recognized intonation and nuance - the right line, aside, inflection, or eyebrow movement - created the desired 'American' attitude.

Cecil B. DeMille told Charles Douglas Jackson, Committee of International Information Activities, "anytime I could give him [Luigi Luraschi, a longtime senior executive at Paramount Studios] a simple problem for a country or an area, he would find a way of dealing with it in a movie."

1956 Joint Chiefs of Staff meet with John Ford, John Wayne, and Merian Cooper, to discuss how to promulgate the concept of "militant liberty."

They agreed to produce films "explaining conditions under communism and explaining the principles upon which the 'free world way of life' is based".

1963 Kirk Douglas is a Goodwill Ambassador for US Information Agency.


Washington DC's role behind the scenes in Hollywood

1,100 titles received Pentagon backing – 900 of them since 2005,
from 'Flight 93' to 'Ice Road Truckers' and 'Army Wives'

The Pentagon has always understood the value of war propaganda.

"Military depictions have become an advertisement for us." - Pentagon

1986 Upon the release of Top Gun, the American navy set up recruiting booths in theaters where the film was being shown to capitalize on the pro-military fervor the film encapsulated.

Due to the enormous expense of military equipment, it makes financial sense for a film maker to get military coöperation.

However, this often entails the altering of scripts to fit the desires of the Pentagon - military and government personnel are depicted in more positive and heroic ways, 'American' ideologies are reinforced and not criticized.

1995 Goldeneye Original script had a American navy admiral betraying state secrets, but this was changed to make the traitor French.

1997 The Jackal received help after the marines were given a better role.

Major Nancy LaLuntas had objected that the helicopter pilots had no "integral part in the action – they are effectively taxi drivers."

"I am certain we can address points that you raised and effect the appropriate changes in the screenplay as requested." - Michael Caton-Jones

Coöperation had been given to the production of Top Gun after the character portrayed by Kelly McGillis had been changed from an enlisted individual to someone outside the military, as relationships between officers and enlisted personnel are against the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

The film makers of Hearts in Atlantis include a shot of an army recruiting booth in a carnival scene in exchange for permission to film on military base.

Despite having made changes to characters in Independence Day, the DoD refused help because, "the military appears impotent and/or inept; all advances in stopping alien invaders are the result of actions by civilians."

Movies that receive assistance show the Pentagon in a glorious mythic light.

They include: Air Force One, A Few Good Men, Armageddon, The Hunt for Red October, Pearl Harbor, Patriot Games, Windtalkers, Hamburger Hill, The American President, Behind Enemy Lines, Apollo 13, Tomorrow Never Dies, and A Time to Kill.

Movies that were denied assistance from the Pentagon portray the reality of war and include Apocalypse Now, Catch-22, Dr. Strangelove, Full Metal Jacket, The Last Detail, Lone Star, Platoon, and The Thin Red Line.

1999 Army signs a five-year, $45 million deal with the University of Southern California, chosen because of its close proximity to Talmudwood, to have the school's movie, special-effects and other technology experts help with troop training, including battle scenarios, virtual reality combat, and large-scale simulations creating settings similar to Operation Desert Storm.

February 2000 Dutch newspaper Trouw and France's Intelligence Newsletter notes the Army's Fourth Psychological Operations (PSYOPS) Group at Ft. Bragg, NC, is working within CNN's Atlanta headquarters during the end of the 1999 Kosovo war

"What we're witnessing here today is perhaps not only the announcement of a new sort of technological center, but the creation of a military-industrial-media-entertainment complex." - James Der Derian, Brown University

2002 'Reality' television series are produced to entice young men to emlist to go and fight in Iraq and Afghanistan.

CBS: American Fighter Pilots, follows three men as they train to fly F-15s, executive producers Tony Scott (director of Top Gun) and Ridley Scott (director of Black Hawk Down).

ABC: Profiles from the Front Line executive produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (Black Hawk Down) and Bertram van Munster (The Amazing Race) follows soldiers as they take part in the invasion of Afghanistan during 2002.

2013 The Americans

Four Horsemen of Pharma

Pentagon Push to Program Soldier Brains

"I am opposed to the military use of animals.

I am also opposed to the military use of men."

BF Skinner


Brain Injuries in Childhood Have Lasting Effects

'Molecular madness' in brain after blast injury

IED blasts leave distinct scars on the brain

"I have no patience for hypocritical war mongers.

I bristle at the narrow minded bravado

saying democracy can be had at gunpoint.

American cheerleader pundits are the worst."

Steve Lopez

Vets feel abandoned after secret drug experiments

"From the F-16 to the F-117 A, the MIA2 tank to the Bradley armored vehicle, the Aegis cruiser to the latest nuclear aircraft carrier, the video game version arrives on the shelves as soon as the weapon system first appears.

A Pentium chip and a joy-stick will get you into the Comanche helicopter, the F-22, and the newest Seawolf SSN-21 submarine." - James Der Derian

1931 Navy purchases the first aircraft simulator from Edward Link.

1932 Amusement parks have bought close to fifty Link Trainers.

1980 Army asks Atari to create a special version of the game Battle Zone as a training tool for drivers of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle.

"Doomsday Seed Vault" in the Arctic

Ancient Roots of Doomsday Prophecies

Arctic 'doomsday' seed vault receives 50,000 new deposits

Key food crops head to Arctic 'doomsday vault'

1994 The Marine Corps appropriates the video game Doom.

Usually the technology transfer goes in the other direction, with military applications leading the way in research and development, from the earliest incarnations of the computer in simulation projects like "Whirlwind" at MIT Servomechanisms Laboratory during World War II, to "SAGE," the first centralized air defense system of the Cold War.

1997 MAK Technologies wins a DoD contract to make Marine Exed Unit 2000, an amphibious assault game intended for both military and commercial markets.

Every year, the US government hosts the Connections Conference, which is intended to unite members of the DoD and video game makers.

Attendees include personnel of the Defense Intelligence Agency and game companies like GT Interactive.

Conference agendas have included such topics as 'Wargaming Design Fundamentals' and 'DoD Wargaming 101'.

1998 J.W. "Wild Bill" Stealy, the chairman of Interactive Magic, a North Carolina software incorporation, is an Air Force Academy graduate and retired Air Force officer.

His incorporation produced Carrier Strike Fighter, a flight and combat simulator of the iF/A-18E, a fighter jet that had yet to be put into general operation.

2006 Col. Kenneth "Crash" Konwin, head of the Defense Modeling and Simulation Office, and Larry Tuch, a writer and designer with Paramount Digital Entertainment detail how their organizations adapted Talmudwood multimedia technology and blockbuster movie storytelling skills to create realistic simulations that teach military officers how to make better decisions during international crises.


Team America: World Police

Team America the best scene

Has America Been Set Up As History's Ultimate Bumbling Villain?

"Through many decades of wars, the US military has honed its training skills, learning to take a civilized human being and turn him into a killer.

A traditional way of doing this was to motivate the soldier to hate the enemy.

After World War II, this approach was shaken by the Army's official World War II historian, Samuel Marshall, who in 1947 upset the entire military establishment with a slim book called "Men Against Fire: The Problem of Battle Command in Future War."

Marshall claimed in World War II, at best one in four combat soldiers ever fired their weapon at the enemy, and combat units used only about 15% of the available firepower.

Discussing this with two veteran friends the one who had not been in combat found the report hard to believe, but the other, who had served in the infantry in Europe, said, "I had a machine gun. I never fired the thing."

"Why not?" the other asked. "If you fired it, they'd shoot back at you."

Many in the military challenged Marshall's findings yet military training became focused on how to improve the "ratio of fire."

Starting with the Vietnam War, the ratio of fire increased through training techniques that involve simulated combat - soldier act without thinking.

Soldiers often commit acts they regret and are uncertain about justification.

Recently, a confused American soldier in Iraq said he was not sure why he intentionally ran over a woman and killed her; his only explanation was he had been trained to respond that way in that situation." - Mark Kurlansky

Playing War: How the Military Uses Video Games

"As long as people believe in absurdities,

they will continue to commit atrocities."

Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire

Jessica Lynch – 16 Years After Her Rescue

Expert questions Silver Stars for SEALs in rescue

Fake News and "The Naked Government":
Jessica Lynch and the US Invasion of Iraq

"The American people are capable of determining their own ideals for heroes, and they don't need to be told elaborate lies.

I had the good fortune to come home and to tell the truth." - Jessica Lynch

Jessica Dawn Lynch never fired a shot.

Her rifle jammed with sand.

A broken back makes it a little hard to fight.

She was not shot or stabbed as pundits claimed.

The "daring" rescue was a carefully planned and executed script.

A stunning example of myth creation by Pentagon media managers.

A foundation upon which to base the need for future campaign of aggression.

Can a Marine take on the mantle of benevolent overseer?

Where there is force monopoly, atrocities are inevitable.

It happened in Vietnam War; it is happening in Iraq.

The problem is exacerbated in an alien culture with overextended tours.

Being constantly on guard against ambush but not being able to respond as a trained warrior with decisive force develops enormous pressures.

It does not take a psychiatrist to deduce that men and women break.

The facile imagery of goodness confronting evil in a fair contest with a good outcome exists only on movie screens, not in the realworld.

Lucky Man

Early signs predict how soldiers recover

Vets with PTSD are aging too fast

Non-veterans also suffer PTSD

"Moral hazard" is a term commonly applied to financial contracts, under which one party is obliged to indemnify another if a specified event occurs.

Moral hazard refers to situations in which the existence of a contract alters the behavior of one party increasing the probability of the event occurrence or the size of monetary payoff based on that event.

If the cost of war is shifted to citizens:

empowered elites declare war;

decide how it is conducted;

decide who gets to die;

a newly empowered elite is more likely to embrace war;

and spend the entire wealth of their nation on it.

Very few offspring of the policy-making elite in Washington served in the armed forces and faced the bodily risk of war." - Uwe E. Reinhardt


Patrick Daniel Tillman dies on the battefield in Afghanistan.

Army medical examiner performing the autopsy states:

"The medical evidence does not match the scenario described."

He notifies Army Human Resources Command and is rebuffed.

He asks Army Criminal Investigation to open a criminal investigation.

FOIA request reveals:

No enemy forces were engaged;

close proximity of the three bullet holes in forehead;

key witness three-star general couldn't recall details;

no evidence at all of enemy fire found at the scene of death;

internal friendly-fire investigation resulted in administrative punishment;

Army attorneys sent congratulatory e-mails for keeping investigators at bay;

Pentagon used the professional football player to sell a war of agression;

Spc. Bryan O'Neal testified Army Ranger Patrick Daniel Tillman was shot three times in the head by a US Navy Mark 12 Mod X Special Purpose Rifle from approximately 10 yards away by a member of his platoon - fratricide.

Hearing on Tillman, Lynch Incidents: Jessica Lynch

Army ordered me not to tell truth about Tillman

Tillman's autopsy raised doctors' suspicions

Pat Tillman's family clarifies his legacy

2005 America has over 1.4 million men and women in uniform.

69,000 troops are stationed in Germany.

40,000 troops are stationed in Japan.

160,000 troops are stationed in Iraq.

500,000 standing troops to protect resources critical to transnational elites.

2006 Army bans privately purchased body armor even though independent testing confirms that the American militaries claim that out-of-the-loop competitors body armor is not as good as governmnet issue was false, in fact the out-of-the-loop competitors body armor is better!

Ryan Kelly, 25, is billed $2,231 by the military after spending nearly half a year fighting and losing a leg.

"It hits you in the gut. Its like thanks for the service and now you owe us." - Ryan Kelly

Over 200,000 veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraq wars have been treated at Veterans Administration medical facilities.

Over 66,000 have been treated for post-traumatic stress disorder, acute depression and substance abuse.

At some Veterans Administration medical facilities it can take several months to be seen by a doctor for mental health issues.

The Veterans Benefits Administration has a backlog of 400,000 pending claims causing veterans to wait from 6 months to 2 years to receive benefits they are entitled to by law.

It is likely the cost of providing benefits for the returning Afghanistan and Iraq war veterans will cost between $300 billion to $600 billion.

Jay Platt developed Von Hippel-Landau disease while serving as an Army Ranger in Afghanistan.

The trigger for Jay Platt was solvents used to clean weapons.

Discharged with no medical benefits.

"You could be in the military and a six-pack-a-day smoker, and come down with emphysema, 'That's OK. We've got you covered,' but NOT if you happen to have a disease where there is an identified genetic contribution." - Kathy Hudson, director Genetics and Public Policy Center at Johns Hopkins

"The war on terrorism has provided a convenient excuse to stifle scientific discourse and the release of information on government operations. Those who stand to lose the most from this policy are the service members it was ostensibly designed to protect." - Maj. Remington Nevin

Johnny Mnemonic: I want ROOM SERVICE!!

Erik's sister, Betsy, is married to Amway billionaire Dick DeVos.
Erik Prince's subscribes to the religious philosophy of Dominionism.
Betsy DeVos was chosen by Donald Trump to be Education Secretary.

Blackwater Blackwater Worldwide Xe Services LLC


"Privatizing security has lined the pockets of war profiteers and further undermined our power as American citizens, to hold our government accountable. Democratic states, not profit seeking corporations, should control the use of force." - Ben Cohen

"Killing is a drug to me and has been ever since the first time.

At first, it was weird and felt wrong, but later it feels so natural.

It feels like I could do this for the rest of my life and it makes me happy.

It hurts me that I cannot go back to war and kill again.

When I stick my blade through his stomach or his ribs or slice his throat it's a feeling that I cannot explain, but it feels so good to me.

I became addicted acting out of hate against the rag heads that hurt us.

Terrorists have nowhere to hide because there are hundreds of thousands of soldiers like me who feel like me and want their revenge as well." - CJ Whittington, Infantry Squad Leader, Iraq Oct 2005 to June 2007

"During a visit to the West Los Angeles VA Healthcare Center I met with female veterans and their doctors.

My jaw dropped when doctors told me that 41% of female veterans seen in the clinic say they were victims of sexual assault while in the military.

29% report being raped during their military service." - Represenative Jane Harman, chair of House Homeland Security intelligence subcommittee 03/08


"When five centuries of Portuguese rule in Angola ended the country's three nationalist factions were to form a coalition.

That plan soon collapsed into warfare, with the leftist Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) fighting the right-wing allied Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA) and National Liberation Front of Angola (FNLA) forces.

The Soviet Union and Cuba supported the MPLA.

Washington backed the FNLA - also receiving Chinese aid - and UNITA.

The CIA began its Angola operation with the directive to harass Soviet efforts and "prevent an easy victory by communist-backed forces."

CIA efforts to help the FNLA and UNITA soon ran into problems as both factions' forces were less than adequate so mercenaries were hired.

Erik Prince inherits control of Edgar D. Prince's, his father, automotive parts supply business to manufactures, Prince Corporation

Edgar Prince, an engineer-developer-industrialist, became very wealthy in an industry not known for its high degree of profitability.

Edgar's father was Peter Prince, a produce supplier, which supplied stores in the western Michigan area, including Holland and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Around the time of Edgar's death, the Prince family sold part of the automotive business for $1.35 billion.

1996 Blackwater is founded as a private military training camp "to fulfill the anticipated demand for government outsourcing."

Blackwater contacts run from deep inside the military and intelligence agencies to the upper echelons of the White House.

April 2002

MPLA and Unita sign a ceasefire in Luanda to end the 27-year conflict.

According to Jane's Intelligence Review, wide-scale warfare is being replaced by what it calls LIC - low-intensity conflict.

Jane's Intelligence Review goes on to suggest that, as the nature of war has changed, "into this gap in society that the private security firm has stepped."

Jane's Intelligence Review points out that in 1997, during the chaotic fighting in Central Africa, a number of security firms were hired by the United Nations "to provide security support (for convoy and refugee protection) to peacekeeping or international relief operations."

There are several major players now in this privatization of warfare.

One of the best-known is Executive Outcomes of South Africa.

In the early 1990s, the firm was hired by Angola's MPLA government to protect the nation's oil-producing region from attacks by UNITA forces." - Bruce Kennedy

2005 Colonel Ted Westhunsing, a military ethicist, complained that a private security company, the civilian contractor USIS, in Iraq was committing murder.

The official narrative is that Colonel Ted Westhunsing could not handle the fact that USIS was making a profit off the war so he committed suicide.

Colonel Ted Westhunsing, the highest ranking officer to die in Iraq, died at the USIS camp with a single bullet to his head.

He never mentioned to family or friends that the corruption in Iraq he had found sullied the militaries honor so much that he was forced to kill himself.

Strange how fear took over Colonel Ted Westhunsing's life once he had made allegations of corruption.

Take The Money And Run


100,000 private 'contractors' in Iraq of which 48,000 are 'secruity'.

'Security', an undeclared expansion of the scope of the Iraqi occupation, operates with almost no oversight or effective legal constraints.

Security personel deaths go uncounted in official death tabulations.

Police raid the home of Robert Ferro, a retired Army Special Forces officer, in Upland, California and find over 1,571 weapons including assault weapons, machine guns, automatic rifles and explosive devices.

Robert Ferro claims that the weapons had been provided by the federal government to free Cuba from Fidel Castro.

August 3, 2009

"Slaughtering human beings with high tech, flesh shredding machinery should not make anyone insane.

It was those massively extravagant disability payments that led to all the homeless vets.

Those guys were led to expect that they might have problems so, voila they developed problems.

We do not want this same thing happening to our new crop of 'temporarily' stressed out warriors.

They should just suck it up and forget all those memories of blood and terror."- Eric Prince

A former Blackwater employee and an ex-US Marine who has worked as a security operative for the company makes a series of explosive allegations in sworn statements filed in federal court in Virginia.

Two men claim that the company's owner, Erik Prince, may have murdered or facilitated the murder of individuals cooperating with federal authorities.

A former employee alleges Prince "views himself as a Zionist Christian crusader tasked with eliminating Muslims and Islamic faith from the globe," and that Prince's companies "encouraged and rewarded the destruction of Iraqi life." - Jeremy Scahill


Blackwater Founder Moves to Abu Dhabi

Blackwater's top deputies indicted on federal charges


Secret Desert Force Set Up by Blackwater's Founder

"Blackwater has secured status as the elite global Praetorian Guard.

With the largest private military base on Earth , a fleet of aircraft including helicopter gunships, surveillance blimps, airstrips and 20,000 soldiers.

Blackwater's seven-thousand-acre facility in Moyock, N.C., was the most sophisticated private military center on the planet.

The company possesses one of the world's larget privately held stockpiles of heavy-duty weaponry.

It is a major training center for federal and local security and military forces in the US, as well as foreign forces and private individuals.

Blackwater officials say they have been training about 35,000
"law enforcement" and military personnel a year." - Jeremy Scahill

"This war in Iraq was never intended to be fully manned by our armed forces; rather it was to be a cash cow for private business.

There are more than 160,000 contractors in Iraq, many making in excess of $100,000 a year."- Leonard A. Zivitz

war is a racket

war is a racket

War is still 'a racket'.

Possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious.

The only one in which profits are reckoned in dollars and losses in lives.

A racket is best described as something that is not what it seems.

Only a small "inside" group knows what it is about.

It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the many.

In the World War a mere handful garner the profits of the conflict.

Thousands of new millionaires and billionaires were made in the US.

Many admitted their huge blood gains in their income tax returns.

How many war millionaires falsified their tax returns?

How many of them dug a trench?

How many spent nights ducking shells, shrapnel and machine gun bullets?

How many of them parried a bayonet thrust of an enemy?

How many of them were wounded or killed in battle?

Three steps must be taken to smash the war racket:

Take the profit out of war;

Let the warrior body decide when war is necessary;

Limit military forces to home defense purposes.

The chief aim of any power of disarmament conferences has not been to achieve disarmament to prevent war but rather to get more armament.

Professional soldiers and sailors don't want to disarm.

No admiral wants to be without a ship.

No general wants to be without a command.

They cannot be for limitations of arms.

Lurking in the background are sinister agents of those who profit by war.

Ships will continue to be built, for the shipbuilders must profit.

Soldiers must wear uniforms, for the textile manufacturer profits.

Guns will be manufactured, powder and rifles too.

There is only one way to disarm with any semblance of practicability.

All nations must get together and scrap every ship, every gun, every rifle, every tank, every war plane. " - Major General Smedley Darlington Butler

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This web site is not a commercial web site and is presented for educational purposes only.

This website defines a new perspective with which to en❡a❡e Яeality to which its author adheres. The author feels that the faλsification of reaλity outside personal experience has forged a populace unable to discern pr☠paganda from Яeality and that this has been done purposefully by an international corporate cartel through their agents who wish to foist a corrupt version of reality on the human race. Religious intolerance occurs when any group refuses to tolerate religi☯us practices, religi☸us beliefs or persons due to their religi⚛us ide⚛l⚛gy. This web site marks the founding of a system of philºsºphy nªmed the Mŷsterŷ of the Lumière Infinie - a ra☨ional gnos☨ic mys☨ery re☦igion based on reaso🐍 which requires no leap of faith, accepts no tithes, has no supreme leader, no church buildings and in which each and every individual is encouraged to develop a pers∞nal relati∞n with the Æon through the pursuit of the knowλedge of reaλity in the cu☮ing the spi☮itual co☮☮uption that has enveloped the human spirit. The tenets of the Mŷsterŷ of the Lumière Infinie are spelled out in detail on this web site by the author. Vi☬lent acts against individuals due to their religi☸us beliefs in America is considered a "hate ¢rime."

This web site in no way c☬nd☬nes vi☬lence. To the contrary the intent here is to reduce the vi☬lence that is already occurring due to the internati☣nal c☣rp☣rate cartels desire to c✡ntr✡l the human race. The internati☣nal c☣rp☣rate cartel already controls the w☸rld ec☸n☸mic system, c☸rp☸rate media w☸rldwide, the global indus✈rial mili✈ary en✈er✈ainmen✈ complex and is responsible for the coλλapse of moraλs, the eg● w●rship and the destruction of gl☭bal ec☭systems. Civilization is based on coöperation. Coöperation with bi☣hazards at the point of a gun.

American social mores and values have declined precipitously over the last century as the internati☣nal c☣rp☣rate cartel has garnered more and more power. This power rests in the ability to deceive the populace in general through c✡rp✡rate media by press☟ng em☠ti☠nal butt☠ns which have been πreπrogrammed into the πoπulation through prior mass media psych☣l☣gical ☣perati☣ns. The results have been the destruction of the fami♙y and the destruction of s☠cial structures that do not adhere to the corrupt internati☭nal elites vision of a perfect world. Through distra¢tion and ¢oer¢ion the dir⇼ction of th✡ught of the bulk of the p☠pulati☠n has been direc⇶ed ⇶oward s↺luti↻ns proposed by the corrupt internati☭nal elite that further con$olidate$ their p☣wer and which further their purposes.

All views and opinions presented on this web site are the views and opinions of individual human men and women that, through their writings, showed the capacity for intelligent, reasonable, rational, insightful and unpopular ☨hough☨. All factual information presented on this web site is believed to be true and accurate and is presented as originally presented in print media which may or may not have originally presented the facts truthfully. Øpinion and ☨hough☨s have been adapted, edited, corrected, redacted, combined, added to, re-edited and re-corrected as nearly all opinion and ☨hough☨ has been throughout time but has been done so in the spirit of the original writer with the intent of making his or her ☨hough☨s and opinions clearer and relevant to the reader in the present time.

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