Myths are full of archetypical symbolic conceptions.
Carl Jung archetypes

Chinese charater for myth

myth : archetype

archetype is defined as:

fundamental structure of naturally occurring groups

original model after which other similar things are patterned

subconscious pattern of thought expressed through symbolic imagery
derived from the collective consciousness - present in the individual subconscious

Archetypes are beneath elementary thoughts, they may be called subconscious thoughts.

Carl Jung spoke of subconscious thoughts as Archetypes.

Archetypes is the better term because elementary thought suggests conscious thought.

Archetypes of the subconscious come from deep within.

Jungian archetypes of the subconscious are biologically based behavior patterns of reoccurring responses to current environmental conditions through subconscious emotional manipulation of glandular structures.

Whereas the Freudian subconscious is a collection of individually biographic holograms of 'repressed' traumatic experiences from an individual's lifetime.

All over the Earth and at different times of human history, these archetypes - subconscious thoughts, have appeared in different guises. The differences of appearance are the results of environmental and historical conditions, the alien nature of a socially and or culturally different people.

To learn more about human nature the anthropologist identifies and compares cultural and social similarities and differences between social and cultural groups.

persoanl freedom

personality archetypes

Archetype of the Apocalypse

Each personality archetypical label describes a facet of a whole personality.

An individual should not consider themselves to exhibit only one of the personality archetypical types but to operate within a range of personality archetypes. When one is "acting" or "playing" the role of a personality architype one could be considered to be wearing the Mask of the personality architype.

In the following diagram it is not necessary for self-recognized personality archetypes to appear contiguously or to be arranged in any certain manner for a person to be considered to operate successfully within the social structure.

These personality archetypes are just basic descriptions of motivating forces that may be well dependent on existing social or environmental conditions and these are subject to change overtime as a person ages and moves through the various stages of life.

These personality archetypes are not etched into glass, they have not been chiseled into stone nor have they been stamped into metal. They are given as a descriptive example of possible motivating forces coupled with descriptive attitudes of behavioral actions.

The individual with the goal of attaining a Whole Self and living a Full Life will at some time, during her or his lifespan, fill each of the behavior roles as conditions demand.

twelve personality archetypes


quantum archetypes

Carl Gustav Jung's revolutionary views of the human mind are in perfect agreement with the discoveries of Quantum Physics which revealed the fundamental errors of Classical Physics and led to a radical change in the Western conceptual construct of reality. Quantum phenomena force us to conceptualize the foundation of the material world as non-material.

There is a realm of reality that is invisible to us because it does not consist of solid material, but of invisible energetic wave formations. These formations are real, even though they are invisible, as they have the potential to appear in the material world and act upon it.

These waveforms create realms of potentiality within physical reality. All material things are emanations coming out of this realms. These waveforms of potentiality spawn patterns of consciousness. Reality, properly seen, is an undivided wholeness through which waveforms of potentiality propagate. The potential properties of patterns of consciousness interconnect everything within reality.

Metamorphosis of particles to waves and waves to particles is a general phenomenon that doesn't only describe the modes of existence of electrons, but is a characteristic of all elementary particles, atoms and molecules. It means that, whenever we see what we call an elementary particle, it appears as a tiny material thing at a specific position in space. In contrast, when such a thing is on its own, like when it is in a vacuum, it ceases to be a material particle and becomes a wave.

At the foundation of the visible world we find Entities, which always appear to us as elementary particles, when we interact with them. However, when they are on their own, they become waves. As waves, they have lost all mass, and they have become pure forms, patterns of information, something mindlike or thoughtlike.

This phenomenon is general. The forms are real, even though they are invisible, because they have the potential to appear in the material world and act in it. Our reality is an emanation out of a non-empirical void, the primary reality, while the emanated world is secondary.

The appearance of thoughtlike forms in the cosmic potentiality suggests that consciousness is a cosmic property. The universe is conscious and our thoughts are thoughts emanating from the cosmic mind, which finds consciousness in us!

"Undoubtedly the idea of the Unus Mundus is founded on the assumption that the multiplicity of the empirical world rests on an underlying unity, and that not two or more fundamentally different worlds exist side by side or are mingled with one another. Rather, everything divided and different belongs to one and the same world, which is not the world of sense." - Carl Jung

Searching for wholeness would be meaningless in a Newtonian world of separate material things. In the quantum world, it has found a physical basis. Quantum physics brings us a new kind of reality, in which it is our task to unlock our potential and to free us from ignorance, the biggest shadow of all.

"Individuation must be understood in religious language as the realization of the 'godly' in the human, as the fulfilling of a 'godly mission'. The conscious experience of life becomes a religious experience, one could just as well say, a mystical experience." - Carl Jung

Joseph Campbell used the metaphor of the hero to describe the process in which the Ego unites with the Soul. In the first half of our life, our Ego is separated from our subconscious. The Ego has a longing to reach a primordial state of wholeness and is willing to face all kinds of dangers and trials.

The Portuguese language has a specific word for this longing: that is, saudade. We find this myth in countless ancient spiritual teachings, in the writings of the classical poets, and now it reappears in the worldview of quantum physics. The moth is drawn to the light of the flame.

All atoms and molecules exist in quantum states. You can think of a molecule like of a mountain range with countless hills and valleys. Each valley is an energy hole, which contains an energy ladder. The steps of these ladders represent fixed, or quantized, amounts of energy: they are the quantum states of a molecule. Each molecule must occupy one of its states - it must stand on one of the steps of its ladders - so that a large number of states are empty. Quantum chemists call the empty states of things their virtual states. Virtual states are mathematical forms or patterns of information. They have the forms of waves, but these waves are invisible, because they are empty: there is nothing there to see. But they are real and they truly exist, even though we can't see them, because a molecule can jump into such a state and make it a visible state. You can think of virtual states as the logical structure of a system, which contains its future empirical possibilities: All that a molecule can do is to jump from an occupied state into a virtual state which is now its new occupied state.

ALL chemical reactions are steered by the virtual states of the reacting molecules.

Invisible virtual states are real. Since their inner forms can affect visible phenomena, they must be truly existing, real entities. Molecules are guided in their actions by the wave forms of their virtual states, like by inner images.

Jung's view of the human psyche presupposes a structure of the universe that is in perfect agreement with the Quantum universe, but impossible in Newton's world. Jung's assumption that an invisible part of the world exists, which doesn't consist of material things, but of forms - the archetypes - is unacceptable in a Newtonian universe, in which all phenomena depend on the properties of matter.

Jung's collective subconscious is a non-personal part of the human psyche. It is a realm of forms - the archetypes - which can appear spontaneously in our consciousness and act in it, influencing "our imagination, perception, and thinking" . The archetypes are "typical modes of apperception", which shape, regulate and motivate the conscious forms in our mind in the same way, in which the virtual states of atoms and molecules shape and control material phenomena.

We must constantly reach into the realm of the archetypes and actualize their virtual forms, in order to be able to live and to give meaning to life.

adapted from Diogo Valadas Ponte and Lothar Schafer

Quantum Physics Explained

Basic Quantum Physics in Under 10 Minutes

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