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Chinese charater for myth

myth : consciousness

Archaic unity consciousness or hunter-gatherer forager consciousness is characterized by a non-dualistic acceptance of That Which Is

A mistrust set in and there arose a desire to attempt to control Mother Nature rather than to follow Her and conform to Her rhythms.

The compulsion to gather food for a "rainy day" was initiated by rational thought of future need originating in a remembrance of times of scarcity.

The moment a desire to control nature begin is the moment that God kicked Adam and Eve, and every child now born, out of the Garden.

Shamanistic nomadic tribes navigate using natural thought patterns while settlement based agricultural cultures encase rational thought patterns.

The body, seat of natural thought, directly senses the energies of Reality.

The natural Self enjoys change and relishes the novel.

The natural Self glories in an ever-unfolding adventure into the Divine.

Once the split from Nature occurred an individual no longer felt, as the early forager did, body energies we call core emotions - direct cognition of reality.

Unfortunately repressed core emotions do not go away even though the individual is no longer conscious of them as reason has taken control.

To compensate body for the wall mind has erected to filter out core emotions, analytical thought patterns have microwormholes which allow natural thought patterns intermittent access to subconscious Self.

Consciousness is the Technology
That Will Stop the War Machine

Individuals who looked the other way while the wall was erected "act out", in a ritual manner, core emotions/feelings/realities mind is cut off from.

They will staunchly deny this as they are numb to it and unaware of it.

The manner of the "act out" is always symbolic of the (truly) motivating inner core emotions that have been repressed.

Subconsciously, reality is known, indirectly and symbolically.

This indirect symbolism will be based on metaphorical allegorical - connections mythical consciousness uses to navigate reality.

Exclusive rational thinking is the cause of all of humanities problems.

This is a common universal problem due to the overlooking of variables.

linear way of thinking

Cartesian mode of consciousness

"All things depend of one beginning, and the beginning depends of that which is one and alone."- Hermes Mercurius Trimegistus

It is a part of the Cartesian mode to think of consciousness as something peculiar to the mind, that the mind originates consciousness.

The mind does not originate consciousness.

The mind inflects consciousness with a certain set of purposes.

There is a consciousness here in the body.

The whole living universe is informed by consciousness.

Consciousness, a natural force, is a form of energy.

Where ever you see life energy, there is consciousness.

There is a wonderful story of a deity, of Æon who thought, "I am".

As soon as Æon thought "I am," Æon was afraid.

Æon was an entity now, an Eternal Soul, locked in time.

Then Æon thought, "What should I be afraid of, I am the only thing that is."

As soon as Æon thought I am alone Æon felt lonesome.

Æon imagined Sophia and Æon felt desire.

Æon swelled, split in two, became male and female, and begot the universe.

Shortly before birth the rhythm of the uterus begins, and there's terror!

Fear is the first emotion, the emotion that says "I".

Fear is the first emotional experience of the fetus in the womb.

The trauma of childbirth is imprinted on the psyche of mother and child.

The trauma experienced of being joined, then separated, will be reenacted over and over again if they come into conflict over worldview.

This manifests as the fear of abandonment bonding the human collective.

Search for a New Planetary Myth

Transpersonal Psychology and the Psychedelic Experience

Stan Grof on Breath as Sacred Medicine

Stanislav Grof found some patients re-experienced birth, the consciousness of the fetus in the womb, without any sense of "I" or of being.

Then comes the horrific stage of getting born, the difficult passage through the birth canal, and then - bright light, loud sounds and other beings!

Self breaks into the world of light and pairs of opposites.

The nature of our experience of reality is I and you, true and untrue, male and female, good and evil, black and white, spirit and matter - everything has an opposite.

Thinking in a dualistic manner allows for intuitive classification of reality while consciously transcending opposites forges integral consciousness .

Transcending the Hegelian Dialectic and Duality

When we are turned outward, we seem to see imperfections in reality.

When we look inward, we see that it is the inability to accept reality as reality truly is that is the source of the attitude that reality is imperfect.

When we study our own consciousness - we can see if our inner reality reflects outer existent reality - the field of existence.

There are dimensions of being, a potential for realization of modes of consciousness that are not included in most concepts of Self.

Life is much deeper and broader than most people conceive it to be.

Most live with only a fractional inkling of reality, and fail to see within themselves what gives life breadth and depth.

To live in terms of that depth in your life all you have to do is awaken !

All the religious mystical experiences are the same.

Time and space form the sensibilities that bound our experiences.

Our senses are enclosed in the field of time and space.

Our minds are enclosed in a frame that consists as categories of thought.

To touch God allow consciousness to expand beyond the field of enclosure.

We enclose God when we try to think of God.

We wall God out if we are not careful.

Instinctual reason, emotional intelligence, is a category of thought.

Figuring out how you can solve a problem is not instinctual reason.

Instinctual reason lies in sensing the fundamental structure of nature.

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