Stanford creates biological transistors, computers inside living cells

"Consider the vast propaganda efforts of the past 40 years,
on so many levels, to install the idea that all nations and
peoples of the world are a single Collective
." - Jon Rappoport

collective individuation

Collective Consciousness – The Individual is Gone

Mind Virus Wetiko: Collective Shadow of Humanity

Collective Trauma: The Morphogenetic Field of Fear

"Any group or 'collective,' large or small, is only a number of individuals.

A group can have no rights other than the rights of its individual members.

In a free society, the 'rights' of any group are derived from the rights of its members through their voluntary, individual choice and contractual agreement, and are merely the application of these individual rights to a specific undertaking.

A group, as such, has no rights." - Alissa Rosenbaum

The Trap of Collectivism

Life is a Divine Spark animating inanimate matter.

A Divine Spark of Lumière Infinie, the Soul of the Creator, becomes a unique individual Eternal Soul.

Mammals share a collective subconscious based on the identity given them as mammals by the Creator.

Some fly, some walk, some swim.

There are multiple layers of collective consciousness.

Consciousness nests, like the layers of an onion, within.

Consciousness nests, like the cells of a sponge, without.

Access resides outside normal limits of waking consciousness on a different frequency.

In the center of all collective consciousness, both within and without, resides the Consciousness of the Dreamer.

The Veil of Cognitive Blindness shields our subconscious thoughts from our conscious thought stream where the Consciousness of the Dreamer whispers to Eternal Souls.

Fire on the Mountain

Even though we are a Divine Spark of the Lumière Infinie we cannot see the Burning Bush, although it stands right in front of us, due to blinding dogma.

To be aware and in touch with the Soul of Humanity is to be functioning within Integral Consciousness.

To be in union with the collective consciousness of Gaia is to be in touch with the Source of Creation walking hand in hand in the Garden of Nirvana dreaming lucidly.


Mental Model: The Hundredth Monkey Effect

Collective consciousness is simply

the collective consciousness of the group

"Since the idea of madness itself is a cultural construct, it only has meaning in relation to an established norm.

If the norm is to be crazy, the sane individual, by another standard, is out of step with the norm.

By the standards of individuation, this individual is highly differentiated and working for the broader good of the collective.

By collective norms, however, he or she will appear to be out of step, too eccentric to be accepted by the group, and perhaps misunderstood enough to be considered mad by society." - James R. Newell

i can see quite clearly now.

i see the Soul of Humanity, the Collective Consciousness.

i can describe it to you.

Within the Nomenon there is a vast Spiral Galaxy of Living Souls.

In the center of the rotation there is a Lignum Crucis Singularity Point.

From within the Singularity Point comes the Rhythmic Heart Beat of the Creator and the Sound of Creation … ohm.

The Rhythmic Drumming of the Creator breaches the containment field of the Singularity Point enlivening clay with Soul in the Dance of Life.

Only those Souls dedicated fully to gently prodding every Soul toward fruition, may Focus on the Sustainer in full Burning Bush glory.

There is an Infinite Cone of Existence.

Eternal souls, trapped behind the Veil of Cognitive Blindness, cling to shelves within the Infinite Cone of Existence.

Trapped in rational dissociation by Loki when the Curse of Appearances was spoken into reality promising infinite material satisfaction in consumption.

The Veil of Cognitive Blindness is individually bicameraly erected to shield a weak Third Eye, the Eye of the Soul, from the Intense White Hot Plasma of the pulses of the Rhythmic Heart Beat of the Creation.

Each and every Eternal Soul has a choice to make - and remake - continually.

Those thinking only in a mechanistic digital manner will spin away from the Lignum Crucis Singularity Point losing all touch with the Creator.

As a Soul descends it becomes easy fodder for Vampires – hungry ghosts from deep in the Abyss snatching Soul Energy from unsuspecting Souls.

Those dedicated fully to gently prodding human Souls toward fruition spin toward the Lignum Crucis Singularity Point while dancing with Shiva.

collective subconsicous

The collective subconscious is simply all of

a groups subconsciously repressed collective thought

Independent souls coöperate by mutually adjusting

themselves to every successive unfolding.

collective gnostic consciousness

Collective awareness is simply awareness of the

multiple levels of collective consciousness

collective acceptance

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