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Neurogenesis And Neuroplasticity

The role of cannabinoids in adult neurogenesis

Adults Can Grow New Brain Cells: How Neurogenesis Works

How Do Neuroplasticity and Neurogenesis Rewire Your Brain?

The endocannabinoid system and neurogenesis in health and disease

The anxiolytic effect of cannabidiol on chronically stressed mice depends on
hippocampal neurogenesis: involvement of the endocannabinoid system

Cannabidiol Reduces Aß-Induced Neuroinflammation and
Promotes Hippocampal Neurogenesis through PPARΥ Involvement

Cannabinoids promote embryonic and adult hippocampus
neurogenesis and produce anxiolytic- and antidepressant-like effects

deviant thought patterns

Availability heuristic - estimating what is more likely by what is more available in memory, which is biased toward vivid, unusual, or emotionally charged examples

Cryptomnesia - a form of misattribution where a memory is mistaken for imagination, occurs when memories seem to impossible to be true

Hyperbolic discounting - the tendency for people to have a stronger preference for more immediate payoffs relative to later payoffs, where the tendency increases the closer to the present both payoffs are

Availability cascade - a self-reinforcing process in which a collective belief gains more and more plausibility through its increasing repetition in public discourse (or "repeat something long enough and it will become true")

Disregard of regression toward the mean - the tendency to expect extreme performance to continue

Divestiture aversion - valuing a good or service at more than market value after property rights to the good or service have been established

Fundamental attribution error - the tendency for people to over-emphasize personality-based explanations for behaviors observed in others while under-emphasizing the role and power of situational influences on the same behavior

Brain Cells Do Keep Growing

Herd instinct - the common tendency to jump on the bandwagon by adopting the opinions and following the behaviors of the majority to feel safer and to avoid conflict

Just-World/God phenomenon - the tendency for people to believe that the world or God is "just" and therefore people "get what they deserve"

Need for closure - the need to have an answer and to escape the feeling of doubt and uncertainty.

Neglect of probability - the tendency to completely disregard probability when making a decision under uncertainty

Not Invented Here - overlooking a viable solution that already exists

Pareidolia - vague and random stimulus (often an image or sound) are perceived as significant, e.g., hearing hidden messages on records played in reverse or thinking the speaker on the television is talking to you personally

Post-purchase rationalization - the tendency to persuade oneself through rational argument that a purchase was a good value

Reactance - the urge to do the opposite of what someone wants you to do out of a need to resist a perceived attempt to constrain your freedom of choice

Reminiscence bump - the effect that people tend to recall more personal events from adolescence and early adulthood than from other lifetime periods, although vaguely

Rosy retrospection - rating past events more positively in retrospect

Selective perception - the tendency for expectations to affect perception

Self-fulfilling prophecy - the tendency to engage in behavior that elicit results which confirms belief

Semmelweis reflex - rejecting evidence that contradicts an established, generally accepted paradigm

Subjective validation - perception that something is true if a subject's belief demands it to be true, also assigns perceived connections between coincidences

Suggestibility - a form of misattribution where ideas suggested by a questioner are mistaken for memory

System justification - the tendency to defend and bolster the status quo

Ultimate attribution error - assigning an internal attribution to an entire group instead of each individual within the group

Wishful thinking - the formation of beliefs and the making of decisions according to what is pleasing to imagine instead of by appeal to evidence

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