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What the Ancient World Can Teach Us About Emotional Distress

"It is possible that Mount Olympus may have supplied the poets with the hint for saying that Jupiter obtained the kingdom of heaven, as Olympus is the common name both of the mountain and of heaven." - Lactantius

The Greeks anthropomorphized the forces of human nature (human emotions and desires - Eros, ) in combination with the forces of natural reality (thunder, lightning, wind, sea, storm, etcetera).

These forces came to be known as the Hellenistic gods.

"The nineteenth century, the century of reason, was devoid of myths, and only the "poets" (falsifiers!) regretted this.

Then along came the psychology of the subconscious, then sociology and history, to give a fresh meaning, and thereby vigor, to these dusty tales incorporated in Greco-Latin mythology.

No longer were they a childish invention to lend color to a naive religion.

Men perceived instead subtle expressions of the profound and complicated tendencies of man, and the divinities involved in these myths were no longer simply gods of thunder and of time.

Analysis of the myths themselves led to a far deeper understanding of something permanent in man, of a certain relation with the universe and a certain structural pattern within his soul." - Jacques Ellul

335 BC Alexander the Great signs a peace treaty with the Celts before embarking on his conquest of Persia.

281 Lured by the wealth accumulated in Greek temples by Alexander, the Galatian Celts invade Macedonia.

279 Delphi is sacked by the Galatian Celts.

A Problem with Technique: Survival of the Richest

"Rational consciousness produced the technical phenomenon, aptly described as the quest for the one best method in every field.

It is the aggregate of these methods that produces technical cilvilization.

Rational consciousness allowed a rapid spread of technique." - Jaques Ellul

"It is amazing how the characteristics of the gods of the Greek pantheon so closely resemble the ambitions of technological utopia:

they possessed immortality, eternal youth, and flawless physical beauty; they could travel at incredible speeds and fly through the air; and they possessed lordship over the processes of nature.

Today we aspire through technology the status of gods." - Charles Eisenstein

Prometheus the Titan creates mankind and Zeus demands the USDA choice meat in sacrificial worship as payment for resources used.

Prometheus watching his children dwindle in stature decides to trick Zeus.

Prometheus tricks Zeus by asking him to choose between two offerings; beef hidden inside an ox's stomach (something pleasing hidden inside a repelling exterior) or bones wrapped in glistening fat (something inedible hidden inside a pleasing exterior).

When Zeus chooses the fat a precedent is set, from this moment on humans could keep the meat for themselves and burn the bones as a sacrifice to Zeus.

As a result of the Trick at Mecone, Zeus becomes infuriated and decides to hide fire from mortals as punishment so they will be unable to cook meat.

Prometheus manages to steal fire back and give it back to the mortals.

Enraged Zeus orders Hephaestus to create Pandora, the first woman, who, according to Hesiod, would bring troubles to mankind kinda like Eve.

Zeus chains Prometheus to a rock where he wriggles in agony as an eagle eats his liver out during the day.

Titans are immortal so the liver of Prometheus regenerates during the night only to be eaten again the next day condemning Prometheus to an eternal damnation of agony.

Lucikly for Prometheus, Hercules, the son of a mortal woman impregnated by Zeus, later frees him from his bonded debt.

Pandora opens her jar to peak inside.

The Veil of Cognitive Blindness descends blinding men.

The Iron Age begins when unnatural desire is unleased bringing with it the technologies of fire !

Poseidon, Hermes, and Zeus inseminate the hide of a bull and bury it.

Nine months later Orion sprouts and is so named by his three fathers.

Orion, son of three gods, represents the elements of Water, Air and Earth.

Orion, composed of stars then becomes Fire.

Being born from the semen of three gods is a "male divine virgin birth".

Orion, a handsome giant, could walk on water like all of Poseidon's sons.

technologies of fire

"Everything is burning!" said the Buddha almost 25 centuries ago.

"Burning with what? Burning with the fires of greed, hatred and delusion." - Samyutta Nikaya 35.28

These words seem prophetic as the planet is slowly warmed by fires blazing in furnaces and engines, by the explosion of bullets and bombs, and by the raging delusions around which world is organized." - Andrew Olendzki

Greek mythweavers were either practioners of precognition or they had already witnessed tremendous change wrought by technological use of fire.

The Greek mythweavers understood the implicit doom in the power of fire.

Traditional ancient Hellenism proposes a mode of life in which mortals attempt to align themselves with the Will of the Gods.

The Will of the Gods is simply the manner in which Nature functions

Hellenism deifies forces of Nature which including human emotion.

The Will of the Gods is arbitrary and always takes advantage of the weakness in human nature.

Hellenism emphasizes the fragility and difficulty of human existence.

Hellenistic polytheism, designed to enable human beings to establish their true place in the world, offered a vision of what humans might reasonably expect during a lifetime even though mortals, unable to control the events of their lives, left it to Fate.

Hellenism lives on well in the 21st century as Hellenismos, Hellenic Polytheism, Dodekatheism, or Olympianism.

The Olymipians chained Prometheus to a rock to have his his liver eternally eaten out by an eagle for giving humans the power to be like them, to become, through the technologies of fire, the "lords and possessors of nature", usurping what was once a divine function.

"Prometheus, you have outwitted me and stolen fire ... but I will give men as the price for fire an evil thing in which they may all be glad of heart while they embrace their own destruction."

Thus did humanity receive Pandora's Box (pithos) - an unfolding of the technologies of fire which brought with them the narcotic of technological addiction so desirable but filled with the strife, disease, and the ruin of the Earth that humanity has experienced since the first technologic mastering of the use of fire to modify and control nature.

Aboriginal Australians used fire to clear brush and revitalize ecosystems.

The Eskimos could not have survived in the North but for the blubber lamp.

Bronze age metallurgists gave us bronze swords to cleave hide and bone.

Alchemists used fire to purify substances giving humanity distilled alcohol.

Abraham Gesner distilled coal oil from coal and then from crude oil.

A byproduct of kerosene production from petroleum was gasoline.

Friedrich August Kekulé envisioned six snakes eating each other tails and understood the true nature of benzene.

Thomas Midgley added tetraethyl lead lead to create anti-knock aviation fuel which made mass airplane production possible for Nazi Germany.

Eventually the penultimate technology of fire - nuclear fission - the power to obliterate large swaths of humanity in the hands of the Nuclear Missile Combat Crew thanks to the Manhattan and Redstone Rocket programs.

(Redstone rocket program courtesy of the OSS and Operation Paperclip.)

Technological utopians or transhumanists believe that just one more 'technological breakthrough' will solve humanities problems (or do they?).

They failed to read and understand Greek mythology !

vibrate highest possible frequency

"He spoke to them of the Creation of Man,

asking of each what he could bestow upon

the race about to be born, the Sun first replied:

"I will illumine mankind."

The moon promised enlightenment in her turn,

adding she had already conjured

Fear, Silence, Sleep, and Memory.

Kronos announced he had begotten Justice and Necessity.

"In order to spare the future race perpetual wars,

I have generated Fortune, Hope, and Peace," Zeus added.

Ares declared himself Father of Conflict, impetuous Zeal, and Emulation.

Aphrodite did not wait to be called upon:

"I bestow Desire, voluptuous Joy and Laughter,

that the penalty, to which our sister souls are destined,

may not weigh on them too hardly."

Words of Aphrodite, O my Son, were welcomed gladly.

"And I," claimed Hermes, "will endow humans with Persuasion, Wisdom, and Truth; nor will I cease to ally myself with Invention.

I will protect the mortal life of men born under my sign, claiming me Father, attributed to the Zodiac of Knowledge and Intelligence; above all the stars are in harmony with the physical forces."

The Virgin of the World, Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus

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