nine muses reflect

"Disobedience to harmonic laws leads to ugliness,

a sin against the Muses and a denial of the Divine Order."


Stone joins Oak crushing Chaos

Borne then were Nine Muses, all of Æon Nous:

Clio, Cleio, Kleio; "recount" or "make famous"

Urania; "heavenly" or "of heaven"

Melpomene; "to sing" or "the one that is melodious"

Thalia, Thaleia; "the joyous" or "the flourishing"

Terpsichore; "delight in dancing"

Calliope, Kalliope; "beautiful-voiced"

Erato; "desired" or "lovely"

Polyhymnia; "the one of many hymns"

Euterpe; "rejoicing well" or "delight"

Happy is the One whom the Muses love:

Sweet flows of images spring forth from his Soul !

When Muses first came to Earth the rivers flooded,

the boundless sea with its raging swell

ran inland to the feet of mountains,

gleaming stars in the heavens winked out

for three Moon cycles the Rain never stopped.

Pythagoras enjoined all settlers to first to build a temple to the Muses.

"It is an education that makes a difference between a man and a wild beast, a Greek and a Barbarian, a free man and a slave, a philosopher and a bore."

Rachel Aliene Corrie

Bittersweet Symphony

I'm here because I care

Interview: 2 days before murder by the IDF

Rachel Corrie: REAL Footage of death

Feel sick to my stomach a lot
being doted on all the time
by people facing doom.

You hear tanks and bulldozers pass by.

I have nightmares about tanks and bulldozers
outside our house and you and me inside.

Tanks and bulldozers destroyed 25 greenhouses
the livelihoods for 300 people.

Bulldozers come and take out
vegetable farms and gardens.

This happens every day.

I am discovering a degree of strength
of basic ability for humans to remain human.

I think the word is dignity.

Rachel Aliene Corrie

Israeli bulldozer

"Art used to be inexpensive and human life was valued.
Today human life is cheap and art is expensive."
Joni Gordon

Rachel Corrie was killed by an Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Caterpillar D9 bulldozer on March 16, 2003
in a non-violent protest while trying to stop the destruction of Palestinian homes in Gaza.

"He [the driver] knew absolutely she was there.

The bulldozer waited for a few seconds over her body and it then reversed, leaving its scoop down so that if she had been under the bulldozer, it would have crushed her a second time.

Only later when it was much more clear of her body did it raise its scoop." - Tom Dale

Dr. Yehudah Hiss, an Israeli pathologist, found the cause of death to be "pressure to the chest."

Her shoulder blades had been crushed, her spine was broken in five places, six ribs broken and her face was slashed by the bulldozer blade.

bp apology

In literature it is necessary to avoid:

non-conformist interpretations of famous personalities.

Don Juan' misogyny, the Donald Trump and Kanye West tryst, Jeffery Epstein' grooming of Miley Cyrus, Jimmy Swaggart and Earl Pearly Paulk;

grossly dissimilar contradictory twosomes;

the habit of defining characters by their obsessions; as Dickens does;

resorting to extravagant games with time and space in plot development in the manner of Faulkner, Hemingway, Steinbeck;

using cliches like Ayn Rand, Albert Camus and George Orwell;

using characters or situations the reader can identify with;

poetically painting landscapes through pattern recognition;

characters prone to becoming everlasting myths overtime;

scenes intentionally linked to a description specific time in place ;

phrases dealing with evolving understanding or conditions;

Local flavor and chaotic enumeration;

Metaphors in general, and visual metaphors in particular;

Even more concretely, agricultural, naval or banking metaphors;

Absolutely un-advisable: Abbey or Pierre-Joseph Proudhon;

Anthropomorphism, particularly in the stone idol form;

The tailoring of novels with plots that are reminiscent of another book such as Handmaiden' Tale on the Stepford Wives or Brazil on 1984;

writing books that resemble menus, albums, itineraries, or concerts;

anything that can be illustrated in a normal material manner;

anything that may suggest the idea that it can be made into a movie;

any historical or biographical reference in critical essays;

always avoid allusions to authors' personalities or private lives;

Above all, avoid psychoanalysis.

Domestic scenes in police novels; dramatic scenes in philosophical dialogues.

And, finally:

Avoid vanity, modesty, pederasty, suicide.

Jorge Luis Borges

Unflattering Cultural Poaching Of "Moana"

May the Earth continue to live

May the heavens above continue to live

May the rains continue to dampen the land

May the wet forests continue to grow

then the flowers shall bloom

and we humans shall live again.

Hawaiian Prayer

Storm - Vanessa Mae to 432 Hz

Haunting Storm Sound

Scientists Discover Evidence Of Dark Lightning

tornado season


and blusterous black clouds, and behind dat blackness is a tropical storm a-blowin.

De squall from a hurricane will not be long fore it will sort of break up in its pass over.

But fore it gets cleared up good, you will see another squall formin, and each time it blowin a little harder. (sighs)

I never forgot dat hurricane in 1926, how de people was standing by dere door dere lookin to windward.

I never forgot how dem people looked when dat hurricane come down-dey looked like children.

De people stood dere in dere door lookin to windward at dat awful sky, and dere faces - dey looked like children.

No! A mon got to have de guts of his opinion!

And my opinion is, dey too many fellas like some dat I got aboard of dis vessel dat don't know nothin and don't care - no self-respect!

Dass what it is - self-respect!

Used to be dat in Caymans a hisself.

He done his job, took care of his family, all of dat.

He had his land and his own provision ground; he built his own catboat and hung his own nets.

Things like dat.

But now dey all gettin like de cook dere, like dat engineer I got - don't motter what de color is no more, dey all actin like colored humans.

- Peter Matthiessen, from Far Tortuga

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