The Truth is myoptic politicians are sick with corruption. They using ambition as a social control mechanism while causing violence, suffering and corruption. Drugs are a social control mechanism.

Social Control

(welcome to Lewis Mumford's megamachine
or how to become a mindless human robot)

"For a machine to run smoothly and predictably, its
parts must be standard and hence replaceable,
features which contribute, respectively, to
modern depersonalization and anxiety."
- Charles Eisenstein

"Today eugenics is suggested by the most diverse minds as the most adequate and thorough avenue to the solution of racial, political and social problems." - Margret Sanger

"We can in the foreseeable future, develop macroscopic assessments of our social order, predict our future and put social processes under control. I am reasonably convinced that social technology can be developed so that it would be possible to gain considerable control over many societal processes. American social science has been, in large measure, geared to the needs of the ruling elites of our social institutions. The literature of social accounting can be thus viewed as an ideology which justifies the emergence of a new ruling class that will provide "objective", "scientific" and non-ideological advice to the "rulers" of society." - Michael Springer 1970, Social Indicators, Social Reports and Social Accounts: Toward the Management of Society

Scientists tried to replicate 100 psychology experiments and 64% failed

Registered Replication Reports:
Registered Replication Reports consist of multi-lab, high-quality replications of important
experiments in psychological science along with comments by the authors of the original studies

"Control's real name is bondage. The logical conclusion would be, if giving up some rights produces a better society, then by giving up all our rights we could produce a perfect society." – Citizens' Rule Book

"The maniacal lunatics in control of our society know exactly how human beings tick and they are masters at manipulation." - Bruce McDonald

Social control through popular culture and mass media

Social control through ideological divisions

Social control through religion

Social control through fear and anger

Social control through drugs

Social control through public 'education'

Psychopathic Delusions of Grandeur of the Social Engineer

Social control through popular culture and mass media

Social control has and always will be a problem for each and every form of government.

Government is, after all, simply a mechanism with which to control a culture or society.

Laws are written with the intention of creating a blueprint for the normal functioning of the society.

Social control will always be a problem for government because each and every human is unique.

Human uniqueness is a problem for government, in particularly, because what will make one person perfectly happy is likely to make another totally dissatisfied.

For this reason it is in the best interests of government policy makers to get the populace to conform to a certain manner of social behavior that the government policy makers believe to be the best template for society. To get the populace to conform government policy makers will use any method that is socially acceptable, including enlisting corporate support and facilitation, to change the manner of behavior of the populace so that it conforms to the desired model of acceptable citizen behavior.

wisdom is a danger to society

"It will be found, as men grow more tolerant in their instincts,
that many uniformities now insisted upon are useless and even harmful." - Bertrand Russell

Human behavioral modification comes in many forms and guises.

The most successful modification of behavioral is done through subconscious methods.

These leave the thought modified individual unaware of the behavioral modifications.

As all humans are unique, some can not modified in the way that those in control of a society find appropriate.

Government policy makers that are idealists will want the members of the society to conform to their brand of ideology.

Government policy makers that are fervently religious will want the members of society to conform to their religious beliefs.

Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and the other enlightened men that founded America understood the power of charismatic religious leaders, like John Calvin, to use religious dogma to manipulate both the populace and those that hold the reigns of power. To guard against the power of charismatic religious leaders the Bill of Rights contains the First Amendment forbidding government establishment of religion.

Unfortunately these enlightened men did not foresee the advent of mass media
and the ability of wealth and power to manipulate popular opinion and thought through mass media.

A democracy can only function correctly is the voting population is fully and accurately aware of the actual issues facing the social culture.

In America today monopolized corporate mass media defines the issues to be debated, discussed and analyzed.

Government, corporate and mass media power is dependent upon mass media ability to manipulate the truth.

Cable companies, television and radio stations, newspapers, and magazines are corporate institutions founded with the intent of generating profits and/or manipulating public opinion - with the hopes of generating future profits. ("Think tanks" are typically supported by corporate "sponsers" while quasi-governmental corporatist propaganda organizations may generate profits.)

Cable companies, television and radio stations, newspapers, and magazines are not altruistic.

Cable companies, television and radio stations, newspapers, and magazines are hired by corporations to sell the public 'goods'.

Mass media, corporations and governments are amoral - without morals. They can not have morals as they are not living sentient beings. Rules or laws may be in place to define the boundaries of acts that can and can not be committed by mass media, corporations and government but these rules do not give a conscience to a non-living institution and many times more money can be made if laws are disregarded.

In truth mass media is interested only in generating advertising dollars
by selling the products of the corporations that employ them with corporate advertising dollars.

As mass media totally saturates the American consciousness during waking hours Americans have unknowingly been initiated into the cult of global consumer culture.
American popular culture in the 21st century is all about consumption, consumption of goods or consumption of experiences.

Thorstein Veblen's "Theory of the Leisure Class" (1899) established the notion of conspicuous consumption.

"Property is, after all, a social convention, an agreement about someone's exclusive right to use a thing in specified ways. However, we seem to have forgotten this. We seem to think that property belongs to us in some essential way, that it is of us. We seem to think that our property is part of ourselves, and that by owning it we therefore make ourselves more, larger, greater." - Charles Eisenstein

As a political economist ThorsteinVeblen understood consumer desire and the commercial logic that powers it.

The reason for conspicuous consumption is easy to understand. People are enchanted by the possession of material objects. The more one possess' the more one becomes godlike. The godlike man with the 15,000 square foot mansion on the hill with Monet, Picasso and Andy Warhol hung on the Brazilian Rosewood walls; a Bentley, a Rolls Royce and a Jaguar in the 8 car garage; a trophy supermodel wife; a Gulfstream private jet at the local airport and other homes in Taos, Aspen, the Berkshires, Lahaina and Newport, Rhode Island must be some kind of wizard or magician (or perhaps he is just another vampire)!

the story of stuff including the truth about stuff

Americans accumulate possessions quickly to discard them in the dark spaces under the stairs as the anticipated happiness wanes and newly discovered objects of desire distract.
"As we deep-sixed worn croquet mallets, rusted weed-whackers, magazine back issues and untold objects that no longer had meaning in our current lives, we began to feel lighter, freer. With each item sold or given away we began liberating ourselves from an outmoded way of living that had been weighing us down in more ways than mere bulk. In this journey, we moved away from the idea that "we are what we have." - Ciji Ware

When we let go of "stuff" we discover that the only lasting, dependable security comes from controlling less not more, opening up to life, loosening the rigid boundaries of self, letting other people in, and become tied - that is more dependent, not less - to a community of people and the community of nature.

"Natural processes are cyclical. What comes from the earth eventually returns to the earth in a form usable to other living beings. There is no linear buildup of waste, no linear drawdown of essential resources. Industry, on the other hand, is linear in that it starts with resources and ends with waste - economically valueless, even biologically hazardous substances that must be disposed of.

Since "resources" such as the social, cultural, natural, and spiritual wealth begin outside the domain of money, their commoditization and depletion makes us by definition richer, adding to gross domestic product. Meanwhile, because these resources are not endlessly recycled, their depletion accompanies a corresponding growth of material, social, and spiritual waste: slag heaps and slums, toxic waste dumps and toxic bodies, dying lakes and wrecked cultures, degraded ecosystems and broken families.

The linear character of the modern economy is obviously unsustainable, because both resources and the earth's capacity to absorb waste are finite. The modern economy therefore represents an outright denial of humanity's participation in nature, and embodies a belief that the laws of nature do not apply to us." - Charles Eisenstein

Daniel J. Boorstin, a great American historian, was summoned before the House Un-American Activities Committee and accused of Communist ties. Daniel Boorstin writings had un-American activities in mind: to undermine gratuitous consumption through intellectual sabotage. Daniel Boorstin was a brilliant de-bunker of celebrity, of the absurdities of materialism and the ruinous contradictions of acquiring status through material objects. (Truly a hero!)

"Nearly everything we do to make life more interesting, more varied, more exciting, more fabulous,
more promising, in the long run, has an opposite effect." - Daniel J. Boorstin

"Consumer product producers empower kids as shoppers legitimizing their uninformed tastes, mercurial wants and detaching them from their gatekeeper mothers, fathers, teachers and pastors." - Benjamin R. Barber

"How often do you see adults in children's ads? It's very rare. When you do, the adults either don't know anything or they try to stop you from getting what you desire." - Diane Levin, professor of education and media culture at Wheelock College

Popular culture as presented through mass media myths:
converts fantasy into myth while driving a false understanding of reality into the subconscious;destroys traditional mytholigical structures and replaces them with ego fulfillment myths; con-vinces people possession of material objects defines their individual value in the social cuture.

disney princess

"To minimize the role of gatekeepers, corporations often seek to undermine the authority of parents. In their advertisements, corporations portray parents, often in jocular veins, as stupid, out of date and out of touch with the children's reality, and they frequently ridicule parental concerns for health and safety." - Linda Coco

"You hoped your little girl's Disney princess obsession was harmless, didn't you! It will not have escaped you, Mothers of America, that Disney Princess' rarely slay dragons, play sports, pilot jets or do open-heart surgery. I was not thrilled when my 3-year-old informed me that she wants to be "a pwincess" when she grows up. "You are a commoner," my 3-year-old shrieked, and adjusting her tiara ran off to watch Disney Princess Enchanted Tales. (In 2007 Disney's "Princess" franchise raked in $4 billion.)" - Rosa Brooks 03/08

"Little girls who want to be princesses and wear cute little clothes are assuming the classic stereotyping of the many misguided families who believe that little girls should be the lesser handmaidens of boys who too frequently grow up to be boys."- Ralph Mitchell 04/08

before and after

"Undermining the role of parents has been a strategy marketers have exploited to sell their brands through the development of "kids only" products and marketing themes. Kiddie marketing often strives for the "nag factor", an actual measurement by the advertising industry of the extent to which an ad drives a child to pester the folks about a purchase." - Jamie Court

Children are being taught that everything is for sale; that desired "things" will make you happy; that desired "things" have more value than intangibles like relationships; (especially those relationships that keep you separate from your desired things like mom and pop); and that providers of the desired "things" love you and only want you to be happy.

nag factor

The 'nag factor' is a marketing strategy that takes manipulation of children to the extreme.

Lucy Hughes and her colleagues at Initiative Media, with the help of child psychologists, analyzed nagging behavior in children and put it to work.

20 to 40% of all purchases adults make are made because children have nagged them into making the purchase.

The American Academy of Pediatrics states that children under the age of eight years
are unable to understand the intent of advertising and accept advertisements as the truth.

In 1981 the Federal Communications Commission lifted restrictions on children's advertising reflecting the supply side unfettered market economic theories of the Chicago School of Economics - that market solutions trumped regulatory solutions.

"The average American child sees 40,000 advertisements a year on television. Comparing the marketing of today with the marketing of the past is like comparing the BB gun to the smart bomb. All aspects of children's lives - their health, education, creativity, and values - are at risk of being compromised by their status in the marketplace." - Dr. Susan Linn, psychiatry instructor at Harvard Medical School

-From 1992 to 1997, the amount of money spent on marketing to children doubled, from $6.2 billion to $12.7 billion. Today it is estimated that over $15 billion is being spent.

-American children influence purchases totaling over $600 billion a year.

- American children spend almost forty hours a week outside of school consuming televised media.

- 65% of American children eight to eighteen have a television in their bedroom as do 32% of children two to seven and 26% of children under two.

- The marketing industry has found that American babies are requesting brands as soon as they speak.

- In 2000, a federal report from the General Accounting Office called marketing in schools a growth industry.

-More American children recognize the Budweiser Frogs than Smokey the Bear.

-85% of American parents would like to see children's television programs advertisement free.

-Commercial marketing tactics of fast food have created epidemic levels of childhood obesity, type II diabetes and kidney stones. (Kidney stones - too much salt, not enough water!)

"The aggressive marketing of fast food and confectionery to children does influence their dietary choices early in life, and it puts them at greater risk of becoming obese or overweight later in life. A major concern is childhood diabetes. General practitioners are seeing more children than ever before with type II diabetes, and that's a disease associated with poor diet and lack of exercise. Children can be extremely vulnerable to television advertising promoting fast food."- Verity Newnham

false evidence appearing real

"They mingled among the pagans and adopted their evil customs." - Psalm 106:35

"There is an association between the number of hours that the television
is on at home and early childhood aggression." - Catherine Taylor

Limit TV watching to 2 hours to live longer, say scientists

Parents Urged Again to Limit TV for Youngest

The Benefits of Limiting TV

Popular culture as espoused through television also works to divert attention from other things of more importance,
like the direction in which America is headed, which mass media does not want you to think about.

Have the enemies of liberty already succeeded by turning popular culture into the worship of the celebrity, a form of idol worship?

The enemies of enlightenment, liberty, autonomy, emancipation, self-determination, sovereignty, enfranchisement, independence use the television to create fear to militarize our children.

Fear and militarization lead to the destruction of hope for a full life.
Loss of hope opens up the path for violent sexualization.

divide and conquer

Social control through ideological division

A simple way to control a population is to divide that population
into diametrically opposed ideological camps.

Liberal versus conservative! Left-wing versus right-wing! Socialism versus corporatism!

What difference does it make in reality?

"I have been saying for the some time now that America has only one party - the property party. It's the party of big corporation, the party of money. It has two right wings; one is Democrat and the other is Republican." - Gore Vidal

“I guess where I take issue is, this president is working for the bad guys. The Democrats are working for the bad guys. So are the Republicans. The Democrats get away with it by saying, ‘Look at how crazy the Republicans are; at the Democrats pretend to care about people.’ BUT THE FACT IS THE 2-PARTY POLITICAL SYSTEM IS UTTERLY BOGUS."- Dylan Ratigan


"Washington's criminal class is bipartisan." - Stephen Lendman

"Our two-party system is a fraud, a sham, a delusion. On foreign policy, trade, immigration, Big Government, we have one-party government, one party press; conservatives are being played for suckers."
Patrick J Buchanan

"There are the corporate owned candidates on the left and the corporate owned ones on the right. A couple of them speak the truth and have less than a snow-ball's chance in hell of getting the nomination. That sure is a rich field of choices, yesiree. Almost all are millionaires, and only one or two speak of a national health plan - the same two that for some odd reason the corporations wouldn't back if the alternative were a nuclear holocaust." - Jim Stevens 07/08/07

"The two-party system is the political system of the corporate elite, who switch party affiliations when they find it convenient; many of them throw equal money at both parties." - Shamus Cooke

"We are hammered 24/7 with the "far left" and "far right" points of view, pounding us, beating us upside the head with purely political theatrics in order to make us believe it's real. It's not real. It's a con!" - Bruce McDonald

"George Wallace made famous the slogan that there is not a dime's worth of difference between the Democrat and Republican parties. Many observers have noted that while the two parties use different rhetoric and aim their spiels at differing segments of the population, it seems to make little difference who actually wins the election." - Gary Allen

One of the best ways to control a population is to turn one segment of the population against another - divide and conquer. To divide and conquer all you have do is find divisive issues like - abortion, the death penalty, gay marriage, gun control, etc. that neatly partition the population into segments which battle each other while leaving the rapacious corporate agenda unchecked.

"We are constantly being manipulated, constantly being played against each other, political, racially, religiously, sexually, in every way you can think of. As long as those in power can keep us fighting with each other, they are free to do whatever the heck they want with utter impunity. Both parities are responsible for where we are. Both parties totally ignore the Constitution because if they enforced it they couldn't be doing what they are doing with the powers of government. It's one big selfish free-for-all. " - Bruce McDonald

Ideological division, although working well, does not work swiftly. The best time to divide a unified target population is by taking advantage of, or causing, an upheaval.

When the oil companies got the Army Corp of Engineers to dredge the MRGO on the lower Mississippi river, a straight channel cut through the bayou to accommodate supertankers, they surely must have known that a large hurricane focused on the mouth of the MRGO would send a storm surge directly into the heart of New Orleans. Once the MRGO was cut all the corporate fat cats and government bureaucrats had to do was lay the proper "bets" and wait for a large enough hurricane, Katrina, to clear the land sending the poverty stricken people of New Orleans into a diaspora just like Sargon the Assyrian did to 10 tribes of Israel.

"In the case of the war on Iraq, as of September 2005, fully 60% of the Americans want America to pull out some or all of the troops. That is one heck of a base on which to build a movement and a party. The Democrats, in the individuals of John Kerry, Howard Dean, Hillary Clinton and others, are calling for "staying the course and even sending more troops. This can be accounted for by the fact that the Democrats are beholden to the same special interests as the Republicans: the oil tycoons, the barons of the military-industrial-mass media-corporate complex and those that thrive on empire, from the major banks to Bechtel and Halliburton. Take, for example, Senator Dianne Feinstein (net worth between $43,341,462 and $98,630,021 in 2005), who is for "staying the course." Antiwar sentiment is solid in California, yet she refuses to embrace it even though it would strengthen, not weaken, her. No, the Democrats are simply the other war party." - John V. Walsh

Corporate interests have hijacked our political system.

"Paradigms of Republican vs. Democrat or Conservative vs. Progressive have been designed for obfuscation and entertainment." - Catherine Austin Fitts

"The thought police of the Democratic and Republican establishments get to foment political witch hunts while pretending they somehow stand above ideology." - Emanuele Saccarelli

"By electing pro-war Republicans and Democrats for office, we effectively choose bombs, bullets and death instead of healthcare and public transportation." - Stacy Bermingham

"Democratic government raises taxes and gives away money to welfare recipients with no incentive to rise above their situation, and that annoys hardworking Americans. Republican government cuts taxes for the wealthiest while using deficit spending to pay top dollar to no-bid contractors with cozy political ties. That also annoys hardworking Americans." - Terrence Hartwell

"Important decisions are not being made on the basis of what is best for America, for the democracy or for taxpayers, but what is best for a corporation or for the financial coffers of those in government who believe that being elected or appointed to public office provides the very best cover for the attainment of personal riches. The country and its citizens are being ripped off for the gain of a few. Corporate lobbying should be radically restricted. Corporations are not citizens." - Lewis Redding

two corporate religions

"Opposition, n. - in politics the party that prevents the
government from running amuck by hamstringing it." - Ambrose Bierce.

The myth goes that corporations along with religious interests dominate the Republican party. The Republican party platform of 2008 claimed to be winning the "war on terror"; ushering in an "ownership era"; building an innovative, globally competitive economy; strengthening our communities and protecting our families. The Republican party claims to be the party of morality, family values, the American entrepreneur claiming it will protect us like a strong stern father.

The myth goes that government employee associations and unions, minority interests, immigration interests, sexual orientation interests and feminist interests dominate Democratic party ideology. The Democratic party platform of 2008 touted honest leadership and open government; real security; energy independence; economic prosperity and educational excellence; a healthcare system that works for everyone and retirement security. The Democratic party claims to be the party of the working American, the underdog, the party of reason claiming it will protect us like a gentle compassionate mother.

The truth is both parties are running blindly working to fulfill short term corporate needs while many individual members are corruptly increasing their personal wealth through their position in government. (see revolving door, Dick Cheny, Donald Rumsfeld)

"From the North American Free Trade Agreement supported enthusiastically by President Clinton to the recent Peruvian trade agreement passed by the Democratic Congress, the gentrification of the Democratic Party is nearly complete. A party, once proud of its support for organized labor and indeed the working man, has thrown in with corporate America. How can this be explained? It's the way we finance our political campaigns. The working folk of America cannot afford the high price tag for well-paid lobbyists the way multinational corporate entities can and do." - Bob Teigan

"Liberals want the government to be your Mommy. Conservatives want government to be your Daddy. Libertarians want it to treat you like an adult." – Andre Marrou

"Left-wing politicians take away your liberty in the name of children and of fighting poverty, while right-wing politicians do it in the name of family values and fighting drugs. Either way, government gets bigger and you become less free." – Harry Browne

"Liberals believe government should take people's earnings to give to poor people. Conservatives disagree. They believe government should confiscate people's earnings and give them to farmers and insolvent banks. The compelling issue to both conservatives and liberals is not whether it is legitimate for government to confiscate one's property to give to another, the debate is over the disposition of the pillage." – Walter Williams

"Multiple political parties are a fact of life throughout Europe and most of the West. Today the only countries without strong multiparty political systems are America and a number of third world military dictatorships." – Thomas H. Naylor

"I guess it's not the plan that counts, but the words in which the plan is wrapped. Semantics count for everything, and it's obvious that the resolute Republicans are better at semantics than the weak, flip-flopping Democrats."- Bruce Barnbaum

"The professionalization of political campaigning is moving into governance. It's taking structures that were set up to elect and defeat candidates and saying: Whenever you have a policy debate, we're going to come in and we're going to create the same dividing lines." -Kathleen Hall Jamieson, University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg Public Policy Center

Why have Americans allowed themselves to be herded into ideologically division by politically divisive rhetoric?

Why are moral issues the basis of the difference between the political parties?

Freedom and liberty are defeated if Americans are forced to return to a time when the government dictated the morality all 'subjects' were to adhere to and which idol to worship!

The American Constitution does not give the federal governement the right to legislate morality!

lesser of two evils

election fraud

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing.
Those who count the votes decide everything."
Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin (Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili)

"Concentrated political power is the most dangerous thing on earth." – Rudolph Rummel

Jane Balogh had no problem registering her dog Duncan to vote. The only way election officials learned Duncan was a dog was because Jane Balogh pointed it out to them in an effort to show how easy it is to fraudulently register non-existent citizens to vote.

Katherine Harris purged the voter rolls of thousands of black voters who she claimed were "felons" before the 2000 election. Investigative reporter Greg Palast proved that many of those purged were not felons. Carl Rove and Tim Griffin initiated the elaborate scheme to purge thousands of African Americans from the voter rolls.

Two election workers were convicted in January of 2007 of rigging a recount of the 2004 presidential election. Jacqueline Maiden, coordinator of elections of the Cuyahoga County Elections Board, and ballot manager Kathleen Dreamer each were convicted of a felony count of negligent misconduct by an elections employee. Jacqueline Maiden and Kathleen Dreamer worked behind closed doors for three days sorting ballots before a public recount on Dec. 16, 2004. Ohio gave George W. Bush the electoral votes he needed to defeat John F. Kerry.

"Casting ballots is important, but counting the ballots is just as important. It is even more important that citizen observers actually see the ballots being counted. This isn't happening. Election officials in many counties are at best uncooperative and at worst blatantly hostile to observers. Until that culture of secrecy is changed voters have no reason to trust any election system, electronic or paper." - Diane K. Mitchell

Neither the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is concerned with the average middle-class Americans upon whose backs the prosperity of America was built. Both parties need massive amounts of money to purchase air time to run their political campaigns from media companies that are licensed to use the airwaves which are owned by the American people. Both, due to this need of massive capital infusions, are dependent upon the only group that has the kind of money that is necessary to run a political campaign - corporate donors.

For Americans to regain control of their government Americans need to listen very carefully to the mass media pundits and then realize that six conglomerates control nearly all the media in America. Americans need to listen for what they are not being told is to blindly accept mass media's version of reality. Americans need to stop tuning in to hear the latest titillating gossip about this missing person, that sensational murder and the escapades of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton.

For Americans to regain control of their government Americans need to listen very carefully to the purveyors of fear and terror and reject outright those that use fear and terror as political capital and who profit handsomely from their security related investments. Americans need to come to a consensus and demand unspun reality not the reality of hidden weapons of mass destruction in Iraq and a nuclear weapons building programs in Iran that never really existed. Americans have to stop listening to self serving men like Donald Rumsfeld who has made a fortune selling stockpiles of Tamiflu to the federal government just in case there is a flu outbreak or like Dick Cheney who has made a fortune off the war in Iraq through his Halliburton stock holdings.

youi are not paid to think !

Do not allow yourself to fall for the propaganda
and become a mindless human robot
- a corporately conditioned consumer clone!!!

think for yourself

Social control through religion

All religious dogmas require believers to suspend belief in their senses,
their experience and their understanding of natural reality.

(This was done initially and primarily to give the individual a chance to build a
different understanding of reality upon which to rebuild an emotionally shattered life.)

It is a myth that institutionalized religion is necessary to create a moral person.

Institutionalized religion is not about God but about social control.

Adherence to popularly accepted social controls does not create a moral person.

Death as an Assistant

Social control
through fear and anger

"The crowd neither wants nor seeks knowledge, and the leaders of the crowd, in their own interests, try to strengthen its fear and dislike of everything new and unknown. The slavery in which mankind lives is based upon this fear." - Georges Ivanovitch Gurdjieff

"The primary method by which governments increase their control is by creating fear." - Charles Eisenstein

"The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed - and hence clamorous to be led to safety - and menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary." - H.L. Mencken
"I am watching television, reading newspapers and magazines and listening to radio, and all I get is fear 24/7. I wonder when we stopped being the home of the brave." - John Berger

ingnorance allows fear

There are several methods in which to control a population.
One is to instill fear.

"The actual danger to the population posed by insurgent operations, notably terrorist tactics, is often far lower than the perceived danger." - Counterinsurgency Operations manual prepared under the direction of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, October 5, 2009

Most Americans have very little to fear from terrorists. If you happen to work in a monumental building that has become an icon or archetype of American wealth and ideology you may rightly fear terrorists.

The Twin Towers of the World Trade Center were just such as icon. Patriotic Americans mourn the slaughter of the innocent men and women that were ruthlessly murdered. Patriotic Americans rue the use of deaths of innocent men and women as a cynical tool to manipulate public opinion.

“It is as a scientist that I have the most trouble with the official government conspiracy theory, mainly because it does not satisfy the rules of probability or physics. The collapses of the World Trade Center buildings clearly violate the laws of probability and physics." - Lt. Col. Karen Kwiatkowski

“It has long been clear that the Bush-Cheney administration cynically exploited the attacks of 911 to promote its imperial designs. But the present volume confronts us with evidence for an even more disturbing conclusion: that the 911 attacks were themselves orchestrated by this administration precisely so they could be thus exploited." - Raymond McGovern

“We very seriously need an entirely new very high level and truly independent investigation of the events of 911. I think you almost have to look at the 911 Commission Report as a joke and not a serious piece of analysis at all." - William Christison

“I think the 911 Commission has taught me that we need to be extremely rigorous and extremely tenacious in pursuing that truth, because there is a corporate mentality in this country that is working against allowing the truth to surface, even in tragedies, such as the 911 tragedy." - Melvin Goodman

“There are enough discrepancies and unanswered questions in the 911 Commission Report that under a friendly administration, the 911 investigation should be re-opened." - Robert Baer

"I am forced to conclude that 911 was at a minimum allowed to happen as a pretext for war." - Robert David Steele
“The best I could say about it is they really botched the job by not really going into the real failures. … At worst, I think the 911 Commission Report is treasonous." - Bogdan Dzakovic

"The commissioners knew a lot more than they included in the 911 report. They sold out."- Steve Elson

“Scholars and professionals with various kinds of expertise -- including architects, engineers, firefighters, intelligence officers, lawyers, medical professionals, military officers, philosophers, religious leaders, physical scientists, and pilots -- have spoken out about radical discrepancies between the official account of the 911 attacks and what they, as independent researchers, have learned. They have established beyond any reasonable doubt that the official account of 911 is false and that, therefore, the official ‘investigations’ have really been cover-up operations." - Senator Mike Gravel

“We have an absolute requirement to know what happened on 911. And no stone should be left unturned. And the 911 Commission Report was not up to the task. And there must be a re-opening of the investigation, so that we the people of the United States know what occurred on that horrific day." - Maj. Scott Ritter

"When you think about everything this Administration has done in almost 8 years, the idea that they might not be giving us the answers we seek because of something “sinister” is not crazy. In fact, it’s the most logical conclusion one can come to at this point. After seven plus years of obfuscation, spin, lies, and cover-ups regarding the 911 attacks, it is unavoidable to think that criminal complicity is the reason why." - Jon Gold 9/25/2008 the facts speak for themselves

"Fox News has learned some United States investigators believe that there are Israelis again very much engaged in spying in and on the United States, who may have known things they didn't tell us before September 11, 2001." - Brit Hume

"Since 911, more than 60 Israelis have been arrested or detained, either under the new patriot anti-terrorism law, or for immigration violations. A highly placed investigator "evidence linking these Israelis to September 11, 2001 is classified. I cannot tell you about evidence that has been gathered. It's classified information.

Numerous classified documents obtained by Fox News indicate that even prior to September 11, 2001, as many as 140 other Israelis had been detained or arrested in a secretive and sprawling investigation into suspected espionage by Israelis in America.

Investigators from numerous government agencies are part of a working group that's been compiling evidence since the mid '90s. These documents detail hundreds of incidents in cities and towns across the country that investigators say, "may well be an organized intelligence gathering activity."

Documents state agents, "targeted and penetrated military bases," the DEA, FBI and dozens of government facilities, and even secret offices and unlisted private homes of law enforcement and intelligence personnel. The majority of those questioned, "stated they served in military intelligence, electronic surveillance intercept and or explosive ordinance units." - Carl Cameron

"We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need
is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the
New World Order"
- David Rockefeller

"The continual drama of disaster is anesthetizing. I am numb from the sheer number of warnings. I have heard the warnings, however valid, too many times."
Kathleen Clary Miller

Apparently Dick Cheney's claim that democracies do not breed terrorists is either incorrect or we no longer live in a democracy but a oligarchy or plutocracy.

"We have quietly become a plutocracy. Democracy is dead and the working class descends into ruin." - Gary Blinn

"In a market-driven plutocracy shamelessly parading as a by-the-people democracy, moving toward true justice is virtually impossible." - Frederic E. Bloomquist

"It appears that when George W. Bush says the "America is safer but not yet safe," he means to begin scaring us again. When we talk about security, we are actually making people question it. I am saddened that elections are now based on fear. Terrorism being used for political ends by our government against us is a kind of terrorism and constitutes psychological abuse. Americans must become fully aware of this and, as a society, reject this unethical, destrutive type of manipulation." - Robert E. Griffin

"Throwing around a potent word like "terrorism" only cheapens it. The federal Homeland Security Department's list of juicy terrorist targets is so broad and flawed that it includes the Amish Country Popcorn Factory, a petting zoo and a Mule Day parade among the vulnerable sites. Indiana - not California, not New York - was the state with the most terrorist targets (8,591). With the same lavishness, the George W. Bush administration is frenetically classifying documents as "secret", and even reclassifying information that had been public for years; "top secret" will cease to mean anything at all." - Patt Morrison

"By just giving Americans the good news and hiding the bad news, the George W. Bush administration undermines the bedrock of America. Give Americans all the news and let the citizens give their elected representatives an up-or-down vote." - Richard Dickinson

Politicians that use fear to garner votes are evil men that pretend to care about citizens but actually do not!

"Those who use fear to control others inevitably find themselves
controlled by fear as well." - Dan Sewell Ward

The Politics of Fear

job creation

Social control through drugs

Very few people think about how drugs can be used by the Established Order for Social Control purposes. Time to put our thinking caps on boys and girls !

A person can have a response to a placebo. The response can be positive or negative and these responses depend entirely on the expectations of the patient undergoing placebo therapy. Addiction is directly related to placebo theory.

Water soluble manufactured chemicals are addictive in that our body responds in a certain manner to neutralize the toxin and wash it out. Our brain responds in different ways to each enzyme system poisoning chemical. We become used to the way we "feel" when undergoing chemical therapy and go into "withdrawal" as our body attempts to return to natural equilibrium.

Our bodies have been programmed by prior chemical poisonings to respond to "medical stimulation". With a placebo if we expect results we soon feel them. A person centered and grounded in their own body will not be affected by a placebo but they will be affected by chemical poisoning whereas a bodily detached person is more likely to benefit from a placebo effect. Most allopathic chemical poisonings pretending to be cures use a combination of actual chemical poisoning and a subliminal subconscious programming that acts in the manner of the placebo to change conscious expectations.

fasten cahains to ankles

Social control through public 'education'
(or a short quick trip through the halls of behavioral modification
through programming, indoctrination and conditioning)

"Whenever is found what is called a paternal government, there is found State education. It has been discovered that the best way to ensure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery." – Benjamin Disraeli

"I've since come to understand the reason school lasts thirteen years. It takes that long to sufficiently break a child's will. It is not easy to disconnect children's wills, to disconnect them from their own experiences of the world in preparation for the lives of painful employment they will have to endure."- Derrick Jensen

a mind altering device

our high schools are obsolete

no child left behind

public education then and now

(if 'education' doesn't work alone you can always use drugs as well !)

financial incentive

adaptation to environmental conditions

Children who's will can not be broken are diagnosed as:

ADD (attention deficit disorder),

ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

ODD (oppositional defiant disorder).

programming and conditioning

"Give me four years to teach the children and the seed
I have sown will never be uprooted." - Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

"The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people as long as government is perceived as working for the benefit of children, the people happily will endure almost any curtailment of liberty." - Adolf Hitler

"Free education for all children in public schools.
Combination of education with industrial production."
Point 10 Communist Manifesto,
Karl Heinrich Marx aka Karl Heinrich Mordechai

"The aim of public education is not to spread enlightenment at all, it is simply to reduce as many individuals as possible to the same safe level, to breed and train a standardized citizenry, to put down dissent and originality." – H L. Mencken

In 1890 Andrew Carnegie wrote a series of eleven essays called "The Gospel of Wealth", a treatise which essentially stated that free enterprise and capitalism no longer existed in the United States, because he and Rockefeller owned everything, including the government, and that competition was impossible unless they allowed it. Eventually, says Carnegie, the young children will become aware of this and form clandestine organizations to fight against it.

Carnegie proposes that men of wealth form a synthetic free enterprise system based on cradle-to-grave schooling. The people who advanced through schooling would be given licenses to lead profitable lives. All licenses are tied to forms of schooling. This way, the entire economy can be controlled and people have a motivation for them to learn what you want them to learn. It also places the minds of all children in the hands of a few social engineers.


"If this finding were to prove useful to the committee, it would be necessary to define the public interest.

We believe this would be found in the principles and the form of the Federal Government as expressed in our Constitution, and in other basic founding documents. This will explain why subsequent studies were made by the staff of the size, the scope, the form, and the functions of the Federal Government for the period 1903-53, the results of which are set forth in detail in the report by Thomas M. McNiece, assistant research director, labeled "The Economics of the Public Interest.
These original studies of the public interest disclose that during the 4 years 1933-36 a change took place which was so drastic as to constitute a revolution . They also indicated conclusively that the responsibility for the economic welfare of the American people had been "transferred heavily to the executive branch of the Federal Government, that a corresponding change in education had taken place from an impetus outside of the local community, and that this revolution had occurred without violence and with full consent of an overwhelming majority of the electorate: In seeking to explain this unprecedented phenomenon, subsequent studies pursued by the staff clearly showed it could not have occurred peacefully or with the consent of the majority unless education in the United States had prepared in advance to endorse it.

These findings appeared to justify two postulates, the first of which was that the policies and practices of institutions purporting or obliged by statute to serve the public interest would reflect this phenomenon, and second, that foundations whose trustees were empowered to make grants for educational purposes would be no exception.

On the basis of these, after consultation with counsel, I directed the staff to explore foundation practices, educational procedures, and the operation of the executive branch of the Federal Government since 1903 for reasonable evidence of a purposeful relationship between them.

Our ensuing studies disclosed such a relationship and that it had existed continuously since the beginning of this 50-year period .

In addition, these studies seemed to give evidence of a response to our involvement in international affairs .

Likewise, they seemed to reveal that grants had been made by foundations, chiefly by Carnegie and Rockefeller, which had been used to further this purpose by directing education in the United States toward an international frame of reference and discrediting the traditions to which it had been dedicated, by training individuals and servicing agencies to render advice to the executive branch of the Federal Government, by decreasing the dependency of education upon the resources of the local community, and freeing it from many of the natural safeguards inherent in this American tradition, by changing both school and college curricula to the point where they sometimes denied the principles underlying the American way of life, by financing experiments designed to determine the most effective means by which education could be pressed into service of a political nature

To insure these determinations being made on the basis of impersonal fact, I directed the staff to make a study of the development of American education since the turn of the century, and of the trends and techniques of teaching, and of the development of curricula since that time . As a result it became quite evident that this study would have to be enlarged to include the accessory agencies to which these developments and trends have been traced. The work of the staff was then expanded to include an investigation of such agencies as the American Council of Learned Societies, the National Research Council, the Social Science Research Council, the American Council on Education, the National Education Association, the League for Industrial Democracy, the Progressive Education Association, the American Historical Association, the John Dewey Society, and the Antidefamation League.

The select committee of the 82nd Congress did not ask the representatives of the foundations to explain why they were indulging in propaganda, in view of large grants to organizations, projects, and persons which are promoting special interests or ideologies. These representatives were also not requested to explain activities of foundations which are, in fact, influencing legislation, inasmuch as their grants frequently have an outright political objective rather than an educational one.

Large foundations have a tremendous influence on the intellectual and educational life of our country. These foundations, possessing huge sums of untaxed wealth, seem to be dedicated to promoting specific views on such matters as the welfare state, the United Nations, American foreign policy, the nature of the American economy, and so on, rather than presenting objective and unbiased examination of these issues .

Extensive evidence that I have examined shows that organizations which are primarily committed to a given ideology have received large grants from some big foundations over many years, and in numerous instances they have received such grants simultaneously from different foundations . The assets of the large foundations are tax exempt and, therefore, ought to be spent on projects and organizations representing the views of all of the people and not only of a segment dedicated to a specific ideology.

'Since the activities of some of the large foundations appear to be biased in favor of a particular ideology, in reality they are indulging in propaganda calculated to influence legislation on both domestic and international matters . Under such circumstances, these foundations are violating their charters given to them by the United States Congress and are betraying a public trust.

In the realm of the social sciences many foundations have not observed the highest standards of scholarship and ethics, which require the presentation of only factual and unslanted material. In fact, the want of ethics and the misrepresentations of some foundations are so low that a business corporation doing the same thing would be condemned by the Federal Trade Commission and held guilty of false advertising."

"In our dreams. . . people yield themselves with perfect docility to our molding hands. . . . We shall not try to make these people or any of their children into philosophers or men of learning or men of science. We have not to raise up from among them authors, educators, poets, or men of letters. We shall not search for embryo great artists, painters, musicians, nor lawyers, doctors, preachers, politicians, statesmen, of whom we have ample supply. The task we set before ourselves is very simple. . . we will organize children . . . and teach them to do in a perfect way the things their fathers and mothers are doing in an imperfect way." - Rockefeller's General Education Board

"Every child in America entering school at the age of five is insane because he comes to school with certain allegiances toward our Founding Fathers, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It's up to you teachers to make all of these sick children well by creating the international children of the future." - Dr. Chester M. Pierce, Professor of Education and Psychiatry, Medicine and Graduate School of Education, Harvard University, address to the Association for Childhood Education International in Denver (1972) wizard harry

Consider the following:

Children are dependents
Children are the prisoners of their parents and their schools
Children are sentenced by compulsory education and truancy laws to school

Schools/prisons may be used to serve the following purposes:

Teaching literacy and mathematics - a goal that can be met in six years
Vocational or preparation for a higher education - hindered by compulsion
Social control, which requires and justifies compulsion


"Education – compulsory schooling, compulsory learning –
is a tyranny and a crime against the human mind and spirit." – John Holt

"Public schools open to everyone were basically put into operation not as a benevolent gesture to spread knowledge, but as a system to inculcate patriotism, national values, and fill the job gaps in our social structure, keeping the economic network running as smoothly as possible. That is why it was made compulsory." -Lew Paz

"There is wide use of drugs to medicate boys, especially, against their natural tendency toward action, the better to "keep things on track." I taught briefly in a public high school and would have loved to have set up a Ritalin fogger in my classroom. It is a rare person, male or female, who is naturally inclined to sit still for 17 years in school, and then indefinitely at work." - Matthew B. Crawford

Using pubic schools (prisons) as academic institutions for social control makes them de facto criminal psychiatric facilities, depriving children of liberty and, in some cases, labeling them with a psychiatric diagnosis in order to facilitate current and future social control . School administrators , teachers, child psychiatrists, child psychologists, social workers, grief counselors, the pharmaceutical industry and the many other businesses that profit from the education racket are not the friends of children as they proclaim. The economic and existential self-interests of these do-gooders are inimical to real education and rational discipline.

"The regime of control tightens inexorably in our schools, many of which now have video cameras, police patrols, chain-link fences, random unannounced locker searches, metal detectors, drug-sniffing dogs, networks of informants, undercover police posing as students, and a comprehensive system of passes so that there is a record of each student's authorized whereabouts at all times. What a perfect preparation for life in a prison or a totalitarian society!" - Charles Eisenstein

"When will we have a governor who sends his own kids to public schools? Maybe then he would see what we parents see every day - bloated class sizes; few counselors; hardworking teachers who deserve more, not less; and deteriorating buildings and landscaping that make schools resemble penal institutions." - Catherine Smith

In the beginning the current educational systems were designed by foundations set up by industrialists to inculcate children into their roles in the industrialized factories, business' and institutions of an industrialized America.

This education inculcated children to live by the bell, move through life as if on conveyor belts and, most importantly, to follow instructions mechanically.

This dark tunnel vision of instruction attempts to create a conforming army of mindless human robots with their soul's corrupted by a split between the highly compartmentalized, contradictory, conflicting thoughts and ideas of specialized mechanized systems and their life as an organic being.

The descendants of these industrial corporate barons have attempted to create a robust economy for these mindless human robots.

Industrial corporations need a never ending stream of "customer service representatives" , "aggressive telemarketing specialists", "instant food preparation equipment operators" and "procurement and shipping experts", in other words mindless "factory" workers or mindless human robots.

"Just beneath the superficial justifications for mass forced schooling lies the first level of its true motivation: to create a population suitable for the demands ofthe global industrial economy.

"Systemically under-educating a population is one way to ensure future generations are qualified to work at McDonald's without stepping out of line, or asking too many questions, or asking the wrong questions, or knowing what questions to ask." - Francine Prose 11/04/07

The artificial reality that the factory system created was a mass-produced reality, a generic reality of standardized products, standardized roles, standardized tasks, and standardized lives. The more we came to live in that artificial reality, the more separate we became from the inherently fascinating realm of nature. In schools the standardized curricula, trained operators, classification of product via "grading" are all reminiscent of the factory. The resemblance is not accidental - schools were designed by some of the same efficiency experts who designed factories - and the dehumanization is the same as well.

Factory discipline was alien to the independent, self-directed farmers and artisans that made up pre-industrial society, and the question of how to instill labor discipline was discussed at length by the intellectuals of the day. One solution was outright force: the driving of peasants off the land through enclosure, the use of militias to enforce strike prohibitions, and mostly the motive of extreme economy exigency.

Another solution was to condition people from childhood to accept, and even to desire, work that was partial, trivial, mechanical, dull, repetitive, and unchallenging to thought or creativity." - Charles Eisenstein

On June 25, 2007 in a Supreme Court decision that declared that students are not protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States:

"Early public schools were not places for freewheeling debates or exploration of competing ideas. Rather, teachers instilled “a core of common values" in students. In the earliest public schools, teachers taught, and students listened. teachers commanded, and students obeyed. teachers did not rely solely on the power of ideas to persuade; they relied on discipline to maintain order. To meet their educational objectives, schools require absolute obedience." - Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

loaded and blinded by debt

The innovative critical thinking Americans need to guarantee the viability of bright future for the American culture is not on the agenda, in private or public schools !

"What are schools for?

I can offer a single answer: in our culture, you have to follow the money. Because teachers aren't paid enough and school budgets virtually mandate large (and crowded) classrooms, schools can't be about teaching and learning. So teachers baby-sit. That's what schools are for: to baby-sit the kids until they're old enough to get jobs to earn money and pay taxes." - John H. Gerken

If anyone has a question as to this reality, that American public education is designed to create mindless human robots that earn money and pay taxes, then think about the reality children experience today with the policy of zero tolerance.

A 5 year old pinches a classmates butt. The result - cited for sexual harassment.

A 5-year-old boy at a public school in Stockton, California is arrested by police and handcuffed with zip ties because he committed "battery on a police officer".

A 6-year-old girl down in Florida was "throwing objects, hitting administration personnel and screaming uncontrollably" so police handcuffed the 40 pound little girl and shipped her off to a mental institution for evaluation.

In San Mateo, California a 7-year-old special education student iss blasted in the face with pepper spray because he would not quit climbing on the furniture.

In New Haven, Connecticut a 10-year-old boy is arrested by police for giving another student "a wedgie" on a school bus.

In Florida, an 11-year-old student was arrested by police, thrown in jail and charged with a third-degree felony for bringing a plastic butter knife to school.

A 12 year old with ADD tells other students in the cafeteria line to save some potatoes for him - if they do not he will "get them". The result - charged with making a "terrorist" threat and incarcerated for several weeks in a juvenile detention center.

In Texas, a 12-year-old girl was recently arrested by police for spraying two bursts of perfume on her neck. She was formally charged with a misdemeanor.

A 12 year old First Class Boy Scout accidently brings his Swiss army knife to school. The result - 45 days suspension, expulsion and enrollment in an alternative school for juvenile delinquents.

A 12-year-old girl at a school in Forest Hills, New York wrote "I love my friends Abby and Faith" on her desk. The police were called out and she was marched out of her school in handcuffs in front of all her friends. Messages of love are not to be written on desks !

A 13 year old is assigned to write a "scary" Halloween story. He writes a story about a rampaging gunman at his school. The result - six days spent in jail for making a "terrorist" threat.

A 13-year-old boy at a public school in Albuquerque, New Mexico was arrested by police for burping in class and takn to a juvenile detention center.

A 17 year old shoots a paper clip with a rubber band, misses his target and hits a cafeteria worker. The result - expulsion.

A teenage couple in Houston, Texas poured milk on each other during a squabble. They were arrested by police and sent to court.

"In November 2011, a 14-year-old student in Brevard County, Florida, was suspended for hugging a female friend, an act which even the principal acknowledged as innocent. A 9-year-old in Charlotte, North Carolina, was suspended for sexual harassment after a substitute teacher overheard the child tell another student that the teacher was “cute." A 6-year-old in Georgia was arrested, handcuffed and suspended for the remainder of the school year after throwing a temper tantrum in class. A 6-year-old boy in San Francisco was accused of sexual assault following a game of tag on the playground. A 6-year-old in Indiana was arrested, handcuffed and charged with battery after kicking a school principal.

Twelve-year-old Alexa Gonzalez was arrested and handcuffed for doodling on a desk. Another student was expelled for speaking on a cell phone with his mother, to whom he hadn’t spoken in a month because she was in Iraq on a military deployment. Four high school students in Detroit were arrested and handcuffed for participating in a food fight and charged with a misdemeanor with the potential for a 90-day jail sentence and a $500 fine.

In 2010, some 300,000 Texas schoolchildren received misdemeanor tickets from police officials. One 12-year-old Texas girl had the police called on her after she sprayed perfume on herself during class. In Albuquerque, New Mexico, over 90,000 kids were entered into the criminal justice system during the 2009-2010 school year, and over 500 of those were arrested at school.

Zero tolerance policies, the driving force behind the criminalization of schoolchildren, punish all offenses severely – no matter how minor. " - John W. Whitehead

Students "disciplined" under the policy of zero tolerance tend to be even more disruptive later on - imagine that!

America's current educational system is obsolete in a time with the waning of the Industrial Age when the preeminence of a nation, a culture or a society is going to depend upon the ability of a culture to be flexible, to be fluid and to be dynamic.

Children will rebel against school authorities, against social ethical norms and against society in general if Americans continue to attempt to teach children in a mechanical rote manner designed to prepare children for a life in the factory dominated society, especially when that society no longer actually has factories - think "Made in China"/Wal Mart.

"The whole realm of thought and opinion is utterly unsuited to social control; it ought to be as free, and as spontaneous as is possible. The state is justified in insisting that children shall be educated, but it is not justified in forcing their education to proceed on a uniform plan and to be directed to the production of a dead level of glib uniformity." - Bertrand Russell

The truth is that authoritarian restraints on the individual that engages in critical thinking is extremely hypocritical in a culture that flouts "liberty" and "freedom". The requirement that all individuals submit and adhere to the currently in favor false political dogma creates the resentment that feeds anti-social tendencies in the individual.

public education in the mid 20th century

educators main function was to teach academics.
educators did not forcibly administer drugs to children.
educators assumed that parents were competent to teach their children life lessons.
educators recognized that adolescence is a time filled with intense sexual urges doomed to frustration,
children received neither sex education nor condoms in schools and there were fewer teen pregnancies.
educators believed some children were good and some were bad but children did not use or abuse drugs, legal or illegal.

public education in the 21st century

"educators" main function is social control, not academics.
"educators" deny the intensity of adolescent sexual desires.
"educators" forcibly administer drugs to children believing it is their duty to control a child's mind.
"educators" sentimentalize childhood as an age of innocence and worry free happiness while claiming some children are mentally healthy and others are mentally ill.
"educators" assume that parents are not competent to teach their children life lessons, that only "professionals" are qualified to teach children "sex and drug education," "interpersonal skills" and "conflict resolution."

"In the 1940s a survey listed the top seven discipline problems in public schools: talking, chewing gum, making noise, running in the halls, getting out of turn in line, wearing improper clothes, not putting paper in wastebaskets. A 1980s survey lists these top seven: drug abuse, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery, assault. " - George F. Will

children are human beings

"Want young people to want to come to school?

I have the secret solution: make it a place they want to be.

Assume that learning is innate, something that happens all the time in life, something that until forced to do, most people enjoy and seek.

Want to make sure attendance is as high as possible?

Make it optional - that is the incentive to do everything possible to make sure people really want to be there.

Dissatisfaction with the current one-size-fits-all, top-down bureaucratic public schooling system has already led to millions opting out completely.

Forget tired old fixes for a creaky old system.

Don't make us opt out.

Let's spend that public school money locally, creating schools unique to each community as places where people want to be together, living life for real and learning in the process." -Sally Rosloff

no thought

a mind altering device

"Usually a twelve year sentence of mind control. Crushing creativity, smashing individualism, encouraging collectivism and compromise, destroying the exercise of intellectual inquiry, twisting it instead into meek subservience to authority." – Walter Karp commenting on the public school system

"A school's curriculum is a mind altering device.

A school's curriculum is a means through which children's minds are shaped with ideas, skills and beliefs about the Earth. What we teach the young is extremely important - we need to be careful about what we teach and equally as careful about what we do not teach.

Routines may be good for the assembly line, where surprises are not wanted but creative thinking abhors routine. Our schools are managed by an industrial ethos that prespecifies and then measures outcomes. Due to this mechanization there is an increased need for the arts as a counterbalance.

Arts teach children to exercise that most exquisite of capacities, the ability to make judgments in the absence of rules. Existing primary public education emphasizes fealty to rules.

The rules that the arts obey are located in our children's emotional interior; children come to feel a rightness of fit among the qualities with which they work. There is no rule book to provide recipes or algorithms to calculate conclusions. They must exercise judgment by looking inside themselves.

The arts also teach that neither words nor numbers define the limits of Our cognition; we know more than we can tell. There are many experiences and a multitude of occasions in which we need art forms to say what literal language cannot say." - Elliot W. Eisner, professor of education and art at Stanford University

"I have witnessed "crafts" that children are trotted through which consist of children doing as they are told, step by step, sometimes without even understanding what they are doing, and rarely taking any pride in their finished work. Indeed it would be too messy, too chaotic, to let the children loose with the raw materials of creativity. Of course, creativity that must be constrained to a controlled area and result in a predetermined product is not creativity at all; it is labor. No wonder the children are so lackadaisical, so unmotivated. They are preparing for an adulthood of following instructions. They are preparing for an adulthood of work, of labor, of being functionaries of the Machine." - Charles Eisenstein

"My granddaughter in second grade has little enthusiasm for school. When she started kindergarten, it was only a half-day, and I was shocked to find that they sat together on the carpet for a solid 1 hour and 45 minutes without even a tiny break - just memorizing letters, numbers, days of the week, etc. Even the artwork they did was all pre-cut and figured out by the teacher, so that all the children's work looked identical. And homework is a dull, repetitive, time-consuming waste. What a far cry from the wonderful kindergarten my own children had, including dress-up, block play and so much enrichment, not to mention the all important socialization that took place. All of my children went to fine colleges, and none were forced into such heavy academics at such a young age. I feel sorry for today's children for they are not permitted to be children at all."- Nancy Horowitz

"There are many kinds of intelligence. Academics taps only a few of our abilities. We must offer an education program for all students, not just the academically talented." - Louis Rosen

"The current evaluation system assumes that a child must be competent in all areas and makes no allowance for great variations in skills and interest."- Joe Konn

"As a third-grade teacher, I see the problems with the one-size-fits-all system. We are losing so many students. There used to be many options for high school students - vocational education, auto shop, graphic design classes, home economics. Now, with the current thinking that all students must go through a college preparatory program in high school, many are choosing to drop out. If they could have other options, they too could make many successful contributions to society. We still need plumbers, electricians and auto mechanics, so why not provide these classes for students who have no intention of going to college but are interested in these careers." - Susan Branman

"Is there any mystery to the dismal condition of education in America? We either don't care about it, don't want to pay for it or are afraid of it. In any case; our growing ignorant, arrogant antipathy will prove to be more dangerous to our democracy than any terrorist." - Gary E. Murphy

"High school should be a time for exploring options and interests so individuals can decide their future direction. What we seem to have is a very narrow tube that everyone is funneled through; few fit, and the rest have to fend for themselves." - Linda England

"After the privatization of public education everyone will get to choose a school that reflects only your own social values. No need for the competition of ideas or critical thinking. So the curriculum will be up to the school to determine. I am certain that the growing percentage of us who have McJobs will welcome this opportunity to spend a large portion of our income on education and choose an ideology at the same time." - David Strauss

"David Gelernter* points out that global rankings place our seniors 19th among 21 surveyed countries in science and suggests that all education be privatized. If any of the 18 countries ahead of us had achieved its position by abolishing public education, he might have a point. In fact, none have; public education is universal among advanced industrial democracies. Perhaps logic is not on the curriculum of the private school system David Gelernter wants to bring in to replace the public schools that have, in his words, 'forfeited their right to exist'." -Eric Mankin

"There's so much stress. I think we have done our children a great disservice. They are driven in every part of their lives." - Elizabeth Downing

"Our high schools are obsolete.

They were designed to meet the needs of another age. Today, even when they work exactly as designed, our high schools cannot teach our kids what they need to know. In the international competition to have the best supply of workers who can communicate clearly, analyze information and solve complex problems, America is falling behind. Today only one-third of our students graduate from high school ready for college, work and citizenship. In district after district across the country, wealthy white kids are taught algebra, the others, most of whom are low-income and minority students, are taught how to balance a check book. This is creating an economic disaster. Until we design high schools to meet the needs of the 21st century, we will keep ruining the lives of millions of Americans every year."-Bill Gates

no child left behind

no child left behind

"Education, and the life of the mind generally, is a matter in which individual initiative is the chief thing needed; the function of the state should begin and end with insistence on some kind of education, and, if possible, a kind which promotes mental individualism, not a kind which happens to conform to the prejudices of government officials." - Bertrand Russell

"No Child Left Behind provides strong sanctions on schools based solely on performance in English and math. Because of these aggressive sanctions, many elementary schools have all but abandoned art, science, social science and physical education to avoid being identified for sanctions. No Child Left Behind is undermining a rich, balanced curriculum and will continue to do so unless lawmakers stop the circus acts and get to work for our students." - Scott P. Plotkin

"It takes only average intelligence to note the pratfalls of the No Child Left Behind Act. Analyzing a bazillion lines of student data over a variety of tests reveals few surprises. Fixing some parts of No Child Left Behind may very well result in a new crop of inadequate measures. Such is the stuff of standardized testing, and such is the stuff of investing annual funding in testing to get results we already know." - Michael F. Katzman

The No Child Left Behind program was just another smoke and mirrors game played by the George W. Bush administration. The reading program, Reading First, was beset with conflicts of interest according to the Office of the Inspector General. Over $6 billion was given away in government contracts to implement the Reading First program. After six years the Department of Education has declared that the Reading First program failed to improve reading comprehension. Even though the Reading First program proved to be a failure in increasing reading comprehension it was a rousing success in privatizing public funds and maintaining the status quo of government give-aways to corporations. I wonder who owned the stock?

"The Inspector General’s report illuminates the corruption involved in the Federal Government’s attempts to micro-manage reading instruction. Numerous states had their applications for millions of dollars worth of Reading First grants rejected because they did not plan to use the funds for Direct Instruction." - Gary Stager

Direct Instruction is a program designed by Zaddimim Siegfried "Zig" E. Engelmann, who married Zaddimim Therese Piorkowski to indoctrinate, condition and program young children through structured rote drilling.

"A crucial element in the implementation of Direct Instruction in most cases is change. Teachers will generally be required to behave differently than before and schools may need an entirely different organization than they previously employed. The popular valuing of teacher creativity and autonomy as high priorities must give way to a willingness to follow certain carefully prescribed instructional practices. The urgency for immediate remedies stems from an understanding that the longer things are not as they should be, the more difficult it will be to change them." - The National Institute for Direct Instruction (NIFDI) a non-profit corporation

After looking at some of the instructional material I found these sentences to be typical of the type of conditioning used in the program: Lesson 1 - I am mad; He made me mad; She is mad at me - (wrath). The rat is sad;The cow ate fish; I made a wish - (fantasy). Is she a rat? - (derogatory). Lesson 2 - Paint that nose; (personal insufficiency); A cat can talk; Is that shark mad? He was riding a cow; This dog can talk; Did the bug have a home? She told the ball to roll; The elephant was sad; I wish I could fly; The tiger ate ice cream; A pig had a yellow wig; The animal looked very angry; The bug was a talking animal; She was flying like a bird - (fantasy). My boss will be proud; You must leave this house; We want to read good books; You must pay that man; Can you remember the rule? (subservience); That snake was a sneak - (derogatory).

When I learned how to read the primary readers were reality based. See Spot. See Spot run. See Jane. See Jane run. See Jane run with Spot. Think what you will but the important part of Direct Instruction is conditioning pre-concieved notions and built-in prejudice. Fantasy is preferable to reality; Some people are less than others; Wrath is acceptable ; Subservience is required of lesser humans.

Perhaps none of the above about public education awakens anger in you then perhaps maybe you would like to hear another little story:

When my youngest son reached his senior year in public high school my wife was surprised, knowing our son's views, to hear from a military recruiter who asked to speak to our son stating that he had expressed an interest in joining the military of the United States. This recruiter called several times asking to speak to our son.

Finally I asked my son if he had expressed an interest in joining the military and he said "No. Do you think I am crazy?".

It was only later that I learned what had truly transpired. A law had been recently passed, the No Child Left Behind Act, this legislation had been touted by the George W. Bush administration as the way to make sure that all children received a quality education.

I have a sister-in-law and a sister who are both teachers. They both feel this law was ill thought out and did nothing to enhance education, only created more meaningless testing and paperwork . (Since then it has been learned that many public school administrations decided to teach and test the same way private schools teach individuals applying for state trade licensee - i.e.. lawyers, architects, contractors, cosmetologist, etcetera . They teach the students how to take the test as opposed to teaching them the broad knowledge that such tests are meant to decipher in the tested individual.)

But this ‘testing' is really beside the point because the real purpose of the No Child Left Behind Actwas to obtain lists of children graduating high school for the military recruiters!

Your child will not be ‘left' behind because the No Child Left Behind Act was meant to ensure that your child, as well, could become fodder for the great American war machine!

"George W. Bush can brag all he wants about his No Child Left Behind Act, but anybody who has ever worked with children knows that its quotas and threats are more suited to assembly-line production than education." - Kurt Page

our education ystem

The American public needs to stand up and say
"We refuse to be mindless human robots!!!"

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The Truth is myoptic politicians are sick with corruption. They using ambition as a social control mechanism while causing violence, suffering and corruption. Drugs are a social control mechanism.
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