The act of suicide, representing personal unhappiness and the belief of powerlessness to remedy this condition, is differentiated from attempted suicide which may involve a call for attention.

Émile Durkheim

Suicide is the New Murder

Role of the Endocannabinoid System in the Neurobiology of Suicide

Antidepressant-like effect of Δ9-tetrahydrocannabinol

Economic Policy Uncertainty Linked to Higher Suicide Rates in Men

The pioneering thinker Émile Durkheim recognized if anything can explain how we as individuals relate to society it is suicide.

Egoistic suicide reflects a prolonged sense of alienation from the community.

Social distance can give rise to apathy, melancholy, and depression.

Durkheim calls such detachment "excessive individuation".

In highly driven cultures individual needs create colateral damage.

Altruistic suicide is characterized as being overwhelmed by group goals.

These occur on the opposite end of the social distance scale as egoistic suicide.

In an altruistic society the only reason an individual is expected to kill her/himself is on behalf of society, for example in military service or because they have become a burden through old age.

Anomic suicide reflects moral confusion and lack of social direction, which is related to dramatic social and economic upheaval.

It is the product of moral deregulation and a lack of definition of legitimate aspirations through a restraining social ethic, which could impose meaning and order on the individual conscience.

This is symptomatic of a systemic failure of clearly defined goals and roles.

People do not know where they fit within their societies.

Fatalistic suicide occurs when a person is excessively regulated, when their futures are pitilessly blocked and passions violently choked by oppressive discipline.

It is the opposite of anomic suicide, and occurs in societies so oppressive their inhabitants would rather die than live on.

The act of one agent commanding another to hurt a third turns up time and again as a significant theme in human relations.

It is powerfully expressed in the story of Abraham, who is commanded by God to kill his disobedient failure of a son by working him to death.

The unique human awareness of our own mortality enables us to ensure our perpetuation beyond death through our impact on others.

All-American Despair

Suicide: America's Record Gun Deaths

64% of gun deaths in US are suicides

People do not tend to think about killing themselves every day.

Unfortunately there is a deep seated self-hatred in Western man due to the ponerological nature of Western culture that revolves around the Western ideological mindset of control of self, circumstances and environment.

Westerners express anger when things do not go as planned.

This anger turned inward results in self-hate and self-annihilation.

This anger turned outward mints viscious internet trolls.

This repressed subconscious collective anger can be seen on a macro level as Western culture destroys ecosystems for short term economic gains.

Some events may appear to be
mass suicide but are actually
~ homicide ~

Heaven's Gate

Heaven's Gate Cult Initiation

Marshall Applewhite

1931 Marshall Herff Applewhite Jr., the son of a Presbyterian minister, is born in Spur, Texas.

1972 Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie Nettles – a Texas music teacher and nurse meet during a stay in a psychiatric institution.

They rename themselves Bo and Peep and take a six-month-long road trip across the United States taking in the sights.

1975 Applewhite is arrested for failing to return a rental car and jailed for 6 months.

1985 Bonnie Nettles, born in 1927, dies of liver cancer.

1997 Marshall Applewhite takes 38 followers through Heaven's Gate to hitch a ride on the comet Hale-Bopp.

Heaven’s Gate is the first well-known American cult of the Internet era, using the web to share their beliefs with a wider audience and also to make a living.

A large portion of income came from designing web pages.

divine plan

Mr. Jones

Jim Jones Preaching William Branhams Message

Jim Jones grows up in Lynn, Indiana.

Interested in religious rituals his boyhood friendship with Dan Mitrione, chief of police, kept him from being arrested or run out of town.

Chicken liver was evidence of "cancers" he was removing by "divine powers."

Jim's landlady called him "a gangster who used a Bible instead of a gun."
His followers included Charles Beikman, a Green Beret later charged with the murders of several Temple members in Georgetown, following the massacre.

Dan Mitrione moved on to the CIA-financed International Police Academy, where police were trained in counter-insurgency and torture techniques.

1961 Jones, a poor, itinerant preacher, suddenly has money for a trip to "minister" in Brazil, and he takes his extended "adopted" family with him including Beikman, and eight mixed race children.

1965 Jim Jones establishes a People's Temple in Ukiah, California.

"The Messiah from Ukiah" ran the Happy Havens Rest Home with electric fences and guard towers.

Christian missionaries from World Vision, an international evangelical order that had done espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia, partner up.

Dr. Layton donates a quarter-million dollars.

Peoples Temple is highly-acclaimed for humanitarian service.

Jim Jones is swiftly gaining a reputation as a political dissident, setting up Peoples Temple as a public forum for a host of leaders and causes on the left.

1974 George Blakey gives Jim Jones $60,000 to pay the lease on the 27,000-acre Guyana site.

Local journalist Kathy Hunter writes in the Ukiah press about "Seven Mysterious Deaths" of the Temple members who had argued with Jones and attempted to leave.

Kathy Hunter later tried to visit Jonestown, only to be forcibly drugged by Temple guards and deported to Georgetown.

Jones requires members practice for a mysterious "White Night," a mass suicide ritual to protect them from murder at the hands of their enemies.

1976 Mayor Moscone puts Jones in charge of the city Housing Commission.

1977 Jones deposits $200,000 in the Grenada National Bank.

He leases the Matthew's Ridge section in Guyana originally the site of a Union Carbide bauxite and manganese mine.

Resources buried there are thought to be among the richest in the world.

They include manganese, diamonds, gold, bauxite and uranium.

Worked for 16 to 18 hours daily, blacks are forced to live in cramped quarters on minimum rations - rice, old bread and sometimes rancid meat.

Infractions of the rules or disloyalty punishments include forced drugging, sensory isolation in an underground box, physical torture and public sexual rape and humiliation.

Beatings and verbal abuse are commonplace.

Jones has amassed incredible wealth.

Of special interest are the bank accounts opened in Panama, the money taken from the camp, and the extensive investments in Barclay's Bank.

Spring of 1977 A fierce smear campaign is concocted by Elmer and Deanna Mertle, (Jeannie and Al Mills), and published in the Murdoch and Hearst presses in San Francisco.

The Mills coordinated with David Conn.

David Conn and his ex-wife Donna, brag of "high priority Treasury Department numbers" in secretly taped conversations.

Intensive lobbying campaigns in both Washington and Georgetown (the Guyanese capital) follow.

Fall of 1977 After the original smear in Murdoch's New West magazine, duplicate smears appeared in newspapers thousands of miles apart, in the Toronto Star, where there was known to be a large concentration of Guyanese settlers, and in the New Times weekly in the Soviet Union.

Full Gospel Christian Businessman's Association lawyer Lionel Luckhoo represents the People's Temple in Guyana.

November 18, 1977

Leo Ryan is the most vocal Agency critic in Congress at the time.

Sam Houston, an old friend of Leo Ryan, came to him with questions about the untimely death of his son following his departure from People's Temple.

Ryan takes a team of journalists to Guyana to seek the truth of the situation.
The airstrip death had all the earmarks of a professional military hit.

Disturbing facts later emerged from the Guyanese coroner, Leslie Mootoo.

Hundreds of bodies are forcibly injected with cyanide from behind while trying to escape, shot with guns or arrows.

187 bodies killed by cyanide injections were examined by Mootoo.

Victims had been injected in portions of their bodies they could not have reached themselves, such as between the shoulder blades.

US Special Forces (Green Berets) are in Jonestown within 6 hours.

"We saw many bullet wounds as well as wounds from crossbow bolts." - Charles Huff, US Army Special Forces

On the scene at Jonestown, Guyanese troops discovered a large cache of drugs, enough to drug the entire population of Georgetown for a year.

According to survivors, these are used regularly "to control" a population of only 1,100 people.

One footlocker contained 11,000 doses of thorazine.

Drugs used in MK-ULTRA are found in abundance, including sodium pentathol, chloral hydrate, demerol, thalium, and many others.

Larry Schacht has supplies of haliopareael, largatil and other tranquilizers.
The actual description of life at Jonestown is that of a tightly run concentration camp, complete with medical and psychiatric experimentation.

The stresses and isolation of the victims is typical of sophisticated brainwashing.

Drugs and torture add an additional experimental aspect to the horror.

This explains why the medical tags on the bodies had to be removed.

It also suggests an additional motive for frustrating any chemical autopsies, since these drugs would have been found in the system of the dead.

February, 1980 Mills are found dead in their Berkeley home.

Police described the killings as "professional," using dum-dum bullets while leaving no traceable clues.

Jonestown story is a gruesome experiment, not a religious utopian society.

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