Wild Thing

Fox On The Run

Lonely Is The Night

She Don't Want The World

Real Wild Child

How 15-Year-Old Girls Are Dealing With Porn-Obsessed Boys

There's Nothing 'Feminist' About Defending Pornography

Unsettling explanation for why Britons are having less sex

"There is not a single instance when the Jews have not fully deserved the bitter fruit of their persecutors.

We come to nations pretending to escape persecution but we the most deadly predators in the annals of man.

A great deal of what the American Jew does is subversive of American interests." - Samuel Roth*, 1934

"Young girls will return from, their lovers as naturally as they now return from having tea with a friend.

Virginity, thrown off gaily and early, will no longer exercise this singular restraint which comes from modesty, dignity and a sort of fear.

I have never discerned anything repulsive about incest.

I note it is natural and frequent for sister and brother to be lovers." - Leon Blum*, Prime Minister of France

Walk On the Wild Side

Cultures based on dispossession have a rich pornographic antiCulture.

In the fight to produce and distribute, pornographers have sighted the First Amendment right of free speech to allow distribution of pornography.

"The more unconventional sexual expression is, the more revolutionary its political implications become." - Nadine Strossen* Defending Pornography

"I believe very much that the quintessence of Jewish writing and of Jewish culture is eroticism. Jewish have an image of being erotic. This is what frightened others; he wanted to sodomize their culture; he wanted to change it. It was true. I think, this is a lively contact with others." - Yehoshua Sobol*

"Those who pushed America to a more immoral view of sex were mainly male apostate Yiddish including Samuel Roth* of the 1957 Supreme Court case; Grove Press publisher Barney Rossett*; the owner of Olympia Press, Maurice Girodias*, and his father, Jack Kahane*, a Paris publisher and author of sexually explicit novels; comedian Lenny Bruce*; filmmakers Russ Meyer*, David Friedman*, and Randy Metzger*; Austrian psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich*; publisher Edward Mishkin*; defense lawyer Stanley Fleishman*; Playboy playmate and Hugh Hefner's ex-lover Barbara Klein* (aka Barbie Benton); Hefner's personal secretary, Bobbie Arnstein*; philosopher Herbert Marcuse*; psychologist Albert Ellis*; authors Philip Roth* and Norman Mailer*; and Supreme Court Justice Abe Fortas*. They carried on a hundred-year history of radical Yiddish challenging the reigning order."- Luke Ford

Samuel Roth spent time in jail in 1928, 1929, 1930 and 1934 for distribution of strictly banned pornography.

Sam Roth spent 1936 to 1939 and the years 1957 to 1961 in Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary for distributing obscene material.

Sam Roth's grandson is Professor James Kugel an eminent Bible scholar at Harvard University.

Hedy Lamarr

Hedy Lamarr in Ekstase

Hedy Lamarr Movie star, inventor of WiFi

The brilliant mind of Hollywood legend Hedy Lamarr

1933 The first pornographic movie Ecstasy is made starring the wealthy Hedy Lamarr* (Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler).

Gustav Machaty*, apprenticed to the Erich von Stroheim*, wrote and directed Ecstasy a Czech-Austrian film.

1962 Ralph Ginzburg* publishes the porn mag Eros.

Squeeze Box

Nazi Era Porn …with Nazi State Approval!

Jews in the American porn industry


Jewish Professor: Pornography Used by Jews as a Weapon

Systematic Promotion of Sexual Deviancy and Mass Demoralization

Fire Down Below

Sugar Sugar

1948 Alfred Charles Kinsey is a professor of entomology and zoology.

Research into sexuality is funded by Rockefeller and Ford Foundations.

Alfred Charles Kinsey pens Sexual Behavior in the Human Male.

Dr. Judith Reisman, the preeminent Kinsey whistle blower, tells the story of a gothic limestone Indiana University and time-released detonation set to silently emit erototoxic radioactivity into the atmosphere unto the seventh generation in her book Sexual Sabotage.

Dr. Reisman unveils critical insights as to where observation went wrong, and how we can and must repudiate the soul-and-body-destroying sexual anarchy Kinsey gave the name of "sexual liberation."

"Sexual Sabotage is the history of an engineered change in culture and customary practices over the final decades of the twentieth century.

Far from being the result of a common desire for greater freedom from moral restraints, change is shown to have been orchestrated by collusion between the big pharmaceutical companies, the press and the media, led by the Kinsey Institute and the other corrupt academic institutions." - Frances Hutchinson

The establishment of Playboy and other pornographic publications followed directly from the Kinsey publications.

Academic research into all manner of sexual 'awareness' and artificial arousal is funded by the pornographic and pharmaceutical networks.

Far from being innocent, artificial sexual stimulation is addictive.

Sexual Sabotage: How One Mad Scientist Unleashed a Plague of Corruption

1963 Herschell Gordon Lewis, the "Godfather of Gore," creates the "splatter" subgenre of horror films.

Herschell Gordon Lewis*, PhD, and David F. Friedman* bring gore to pornography with Blood Feast.

"Heterosexual behavior, homosexual behavior, auto-erotic behavior, bestiality, even necrophilia are commonplace in our society and most societies, and characterise more than 50% of all human entertainments." - R.O. Lenkiewicz* - The Rape and Mocking of Christ

Gershon Legman* publishes No Laughing Matter, a mammoth collection of filthy and obscene jokes divided into various categories including 'Urinating on Others,' 'Bend Over,' 'Self Castration,' and 'Fecal Meals.'

Gershon Legman admits in the introduction that 'this book is full of material so disgusting that it will make any decent, clean, healthy person want to throw up.'

1968 Al Goldstein* publishes the pornography magazine Screw.

The Holy Mountain

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Party at Logan's

1977 Plato's Retreat, the world's most famous sex club opens in in the basement of the Ansonia Hotel, an ornate 19th century building on the corner of Broadway and West 73rd Street on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

The owner of Plato's Retreat is Larry Levenson*.

1995 "During Reuben Sturman* first trial in Las Vegas on obscenity and racketeering charges news accounts described a jovial Sturman who laughed as jurors watched films of men and women having sex with animals.

Reuben Sturman's Sovereign News Company controlled pornography distribution warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Denver, Milwaukee, Buffalo, Toronto, Los Angeles, and Detroit.

Reuben Sturman was the owner of between 300 and 800 retail pornography stores around the country.

David Sturman*, whose father Reuben Sturman, once the largest distributor of hard-core pornography in the world, has been able to gain a substantial slice of the Australian pornography industry while serving a jail sentence in California.

By using Australians to act as owners of his businesses in Sydney and Canberra, David Sturman avoided probity checks which are essential in gaining a licence to operate.

Two years ago, David Sturman and his American partner, Mark Franks, set up a group of companies to control the importation, sale and distribution of pornographic videos from outlets such as the Adam and Eve shop in Canberra." - Sydney Morning Herald, January 30

"It is insufficient for us to act like a community of amateur constitutional lawyers whenever someone shouts 'First Amendment' to protect the cesspool of moral corruption." - Marvin Shick*, Jewish Week

1996 Norman Chanes*, Martino and David Chew, publisher of the skin magazine High Society, jumped into the porno Web site business.

Dupes who visited, and were told they could take a free tour of the site.

They had to enter credit card numbers to prove their age and were assured they would not be charged.

Billed at $90 per month, they pocketed more than $230 million.

2002 Norman Chanes is a member of the Jewish Center of the Hamptons listed as a major contributor to the High Holy Day Appeal.

Jonathan Silverstein* is the president of Cybererotica.


Adolescent Brain Meets Highspeed Internet Porn

Porn as Erototoxic

"I created the amateur housewife-next-door genre. I bought a digital camera and con-vinced my wife to get naked for the Internet."- Jon Messner*

Seth Warshavsky*, the founder of Internet Entertainment Group, distributed the homemade pornographic video starring Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, published nude photographs of Dr. Laura Schlessinger made his first money in phone sex and later in on-line peep shows.

Dr. Susan Block*, who made videos bearing such titles as 'The Fine Art of Fellatio' and is the author of 'The 10 Commandments of Pleasure', holds of a doctorate in philosophy.

The radio and television talk-show celebritiy runs a 'non-profit' erotica shop The Dr. Susan Block Institute for the Erotic Arts and Sciences.

Erotic Museum - CEO: Boris Smorodinsky*, Director: Marina Smorodinsky*

Museum of Sex - Executive Director and Founder: Daniel Gluck *

"Jewish families tend to be more liberal than Christian ones, they aren't obsessed by the fear of the devil or going to hell." - Ron Jeremy*

Ron Jeremy was born Ron Hyatt.

His dad told Ron not to use his last name.

Ron Hyatt can count a film called Blow it Out Your Ass, as a typical title among the 1600 or so films his penis has appeared in.

"I have not yet met a Jew who wasn't horny as a rabbit. They get to have sex with all these beautiful blonde women. Where else are you going to get a succession of shiksas to bed you down?" - Nina Hartley*(Hartman)

*Abby Ehmann's goal was to create a sex publication providing fetishists with content suited to their needs. Each monthly issue of Extreme Fetish has a particular theme, such as latex, shoe fetishes or musclebound divas.

1999 Hope Weissman* helped establish Wesleyan's women's studies program has taught at the university for some two decades.

Hope taught a class in which was an "examination accordingly includes the implication of pornography in so-called perverse practices such as voyeurism, bestiality, sadism, and masochism."

"On the air after the high school murders in Littleton, Colo., Howard Stern* wondered why the murderers hadn't first raped the 'good-looking girls' before they murdered them." - Cincinnati Enquirer, May 15, 1999

People of the State of California v. Adam Glasser, et al. over the depiction of double vaginal fisting in his 1999 video Tampa Tushy Fest.

2001 "I released a movie with a scene that depicts women inserting their hands inside of one another.

My movies are a chronology of my life … a rule-breaker.

In the homosexual community the act of fisting is essential.

Women, especially lesbian women, find this a very important subject.

I hold the camera.

It's all seen through my eye, which is called 'shooting point of view.'

It's all basically narrated by me.

It's my experiences, or our experiences, mine and Alicia's down in Tampa.

There is hardcore anal sex, hardcore oral sex, hardcore vaginal sex.

And there is fisting as well." - Adam Glasser* aka Seymore Butts PBS July

Adam Glasser reached a plea agreement before trial, in which his company pleads "no contest" to "creating a public nuisance", and pays a $1,000 fine.

"Israeli women call it 'Holocaust pornography.' The themes are fire, gas, trains, emaciation, death. Monitin is a left-liberal slick monthly for the intelligentsia and upper class." - lesbian feminist Andrea Dworkin*

"In Holocaust Porn, Israeli-Russian settlers women are shown squatting and defecating in packed trains.

They are shown having their heads shaved.

They are emaciated, with their ribs poking out.

They are incinerated in open ovens.

They are gassed.

They are sodomized with severed limbs, sometimes their own limbs.

One can find staged photographs of a naked and shivering woman under a showerhead in a tiled hygienic facility.

I have seen photos of a man dressed as a stormtrooper emptying a tank labeled 'Gasoline' into a woman's mouth.

The woman holds the funnel and masturbates the Nazi with her right hand.

These photos are grainy black-and-whites, yet are clearly contemporary. And here things get dirty: Holocaust Porn industry is based in Israel.

The films are mostly made by Israelis, and they are also mostly purchased by Israelis.

The actresses are overwhelmingly Israeli-Russian settlers. " - Joshua Cohen*

"Our investigation found a Fort Lauderdale company called Webe Web runs eight child modeling Web sites.

The same company also sells sex online, having operated at least 14 sites that market adult pornography.

Webe Web is run by the Marc Greenberg* and Jeff Libman*.

Jeff Libman photographs the girls and even appears in one of the videos.

His most popular child site features a 12-year-old nicknamed 'Little Amber.'" - NBC 6, November 8

2002 "Porn star Nina Hartley will be the guest of honor at a Santa Clarita synagogue this month as part of Temple Beth Ami's adult education series.

On Feb. 19, Hartley, who appeared in the film 'Boogie Nights' and has starred in more than 570 adult films, offers 'Love & Sex in the 21st Century,' a free lecture on the porn industry that features sex tips for monogamous couples.

rabbi Mark Blazer said he invited Nina Hartley to participate in the lecture series after meeting her through a mutual friend.

The Nina Hartley appearance will broaden his congregation intellectually, rabbi Mark Blazer claims.

'My goal is to push the envelope."- Los Angeles Times, February 12

"Porn movies in Hebrew are being broadcast by Israeli troops who have taken over three Palestinian television stations of Ramallah, irate residents of the besieged West Bank village have told AFP." - The Advertiser, March 31

Business registration papers filed with the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah and other company documents list an Internet pornography king, Stephen Michael Cohen*, as the "sole director" of Earth Station V.

Stephen Michael Cohen has been listed as a fugitive from the United States since 2001 for failing to appear in a court case in which he was ordered to pay $65 million in damages for stealing the Internet domain thief released from prison

"Pornographic images, erotic paraphernalia, and raunchy sexual talk are reaching a near-saturation point in the daily lives of Americans, through television, movies and the Internet, say a growing chorus of expert voices.

The target market is an increasingly younger audience.

One network, NBC, has been frank and unapologetic about its need to compete with the more explicit world of cable TV.

Jeff Zucker*, president of NBC Entertainment, responds, 'It's been a difficult year; we're just having fun'." - Christian Science Monitor, February 1

2003 "Urination (known as a 'golden shower') became Sprinkle's signature act because, she believes, it resonated so well with her name.

Ellen Steinberg*, aka Sprinkle, is on the college lecture circuit, appearing at universities such as Vassar, Brown and Columbia.

By the early '90s, Sprinkle had lost interest in commercial pornography and moved on to performance art.

New Age spirituality soon joined the mix.

She 'uses sex to inspire thought and a sense of connection with the Divine.'

In the final segment of her 'Post-Porn Modernist' show, Sprinkle would masturbate on stage as a way of 're-creating the experience of the ancient temples when ecstasy was a way of bringing prayers and hopes and wishes to the goddess'." - San Francisco Chronicle, February 14

"Steve Hirsch ... switches off CNN and goes right for the porn channel.

"These are mostly video compilations," he says dismissively as he flips past the ads - Extra Busty Beauties, Real Hard Sex, More Dripping Wet Sex, Lots of Filthy Sex, Filthy Sex Fantasies - then stops.

'Here we go.'

It's a glitzy head shot of Jenna Jameson, the reigning superstar of porn, appearing in her latest release, I Dream of Jenna, billed as 'a comical adventure with 10 of the nastiest sex scenes ever filmed!'

Bill Asher, Vivid's Ivy League chairman, remembers that when he left Playboy's cable division to run Hirsch's hard-core channels just four years ago, he felt like he had one foot in the gutter and one in the real business world.

'Now I look around,' Bill Asher says, 'and I think to myself, 'What happened to the gutter?"- Paul Keegan, Business 2.0, June

"Heroes for little Jewish kids are very few and far between when it comes to belligerent enthusiasm, a confrontational red-meat approach. I'm a highly literate slut. I dig only intellectual smut."- David Lee Roth*

"A police search of Professor Edward Samuels* apartment on the Upper West Side had yielded 159 disks of illegal images of young girls being raped by adults or dogs; babies being sexually assaulted; young children bound and whipped.

Samuels had more than 100,000 pictures.

The two computer technicians who had discovered the pictures were later fired." - Elizabeth Franck*, New Yorker, June 23

2004 "Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast, which offers "hard-core" porn on the Hot Network channel (at $11.99 per film in Baltimore), was co-chair of Philadelphia 2000, the host committee that brought the Republican National Convention to Philadelphia.

In February, the Bush campaign honored Comcast President Stephen Burke with "Ranger" status, for agreeing to raise at least $200,000 for the president's re-election effort.

Comcast executive vice president, David Cohen*, has close ties to Gov. Edward G. Rendell of Pennsylvania, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee.

Tim Fitzpatrick, the spokesman for Comcast at its corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, declined to comment on the cable network's adult programming.

Officials at the National Cable and Telecommunications Association, which Roberts used to chair, said adult programming is legal, relies on subscription services for access and has been upheld by the courts for years "- Laura Sullivan, Baltimore Sun, April 6

Wake Me up Before You Go-Go

palin obama playground

2007"Paul Fishbein* is the president of Adult Video News Media Network which publishes AVN, the most widely cited adult industry trade publication.

Quoted in most news coverage of porn, it is rarely mentioned his company represents producers, not consumers, and as such what we hear from AVN is what pornographers who advertise in AVN want us to hear.

In many ways Paul Fishbein has done more to legitimize the porn industry and help it into the mainstream than Jenna Jameson." - Cory Silverberg*

"It does not excuse Adolf Hitler or his Nazi thugs for us to acknowledge that this master propagandist focused on a reality that resonated with the educated cultured Germans of his day.

Not once in Mein Kampf did he charge Jews with being complicit in the killing of Christ two thousand years earlier.

Adolf Hitler knew that long-ago event, shrouded in mystery and theological profundity, would never goad enlightened people to murder.

Instead, he drew attention to the obvious and inescapable; that which every German knew to be true.

The sad fact is through Jewish actors, playwrights, and producers, the Berlin stage of Weimar Germany linked Jews and deviant sexuality in all its sordid manifestations just as surely as Broadway does today.

Much of the filth in American entertainment today parallels that of Germany between the wars."- rabbi Daniel Lapin*

"MARKS & KATZ, LLC provides comprehensive legal services to the adult entertainment industry.

We also work closely with the nation's adult entertainment industry's trade association, the Free Speech Coalition, serving as its Washington, DC, representative." - MARKS & KATZ, LLC website

2008 Ira Isaacs* goes on trial for making and distributing pornographic films that highlight acts of bestiality and defecation.

Ira Isaacs claims the films are 'art'.

In one film the 'actress' cries throughout the entire film while being brutally raped. (Oscar actor in the making or was it real ?)

"I think I'd freak out if I had to watch six hours of this stuff." - Ira Isaacs commenting on viewing his films

Judge Alex Kozinski*, Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, will preside.

Alex Kozinski thought process' exemplify Yiddish thought process'.

Alex Kozinski played a controversial role in the murder case of Thomas Martin Thompson.

Thomas Martin Thompson had been convicted by a prosecution that relied heavily on the testimony of jail inmates.

Doubts about the fiduciary duty of the defense of Thomas Martin Thompson led seven former California prosecutors into filing briefs on his behalf.

Four days before the scheduled execution, the Ninth Circuit voted 7 to 4 to give Thompson a new trial on the grounds of procedural misunderstandings.

Alex Kozinski dissented, disagreeing there had been an error and stating:

"If the en banc call is missed for whatever reason, the error can be corrected in a future case where the problem again manifests itself.

That this is a capital case does not change the calculus.

The stakes are higher in a death case, to be sure, but the stakes for a particular litigant play no legitimate role in the en banc process."

Alex Kozinski holds the results of judicial proceedings, even proceedings with errors leading to an execution, must be held sacrosanct as judicial precedence is more important than justice which is perfectly in line with Talmudic worldview but not with a Christian worldview.

"An absurd Talmudic doctrine is that witness' are not allowed to retract their testimony, and that a condemned criminal should be executed even if the witness' against him admit that they lied." - Ben Douglass

"The condemned person is executed even when the witness' retracted their original testimony and offered an explanation for their initial lie.

This is like what happened as a result of the incident involving Ba'ya the tax-collector.

False witness' testified against the son of rabbi Shimon ben Shetah in revenge for his having sentenced their relatives to death for sorcery.

rabbi Shimon be Shetah's son was convicted and sentenced to death on the basis of that testimony.

Even though he protested that he was innocent, and even though the witness' retracted their testimony and explained why they had lied, the execution was carried out.

Neither the son's claim of innocence nor the witness' retraction of their testimony has legal validity." - Talmud translation by rabbi Adin Steinsaltz*(Adin Even Yisrael), Vol XVII: Sanhedrin Part III, p. 176}

The Ninth Circuit's judgement reversed on appeal by the Supreme Court, which called the Ninth Circuit's action "a grave abuse of discretion." Calderon v. Thompson, 523 US 538, 542 (1998)

As Alex Kozinski was presiding over a pornography trial it became common knowledge he maintained his own personal pornographic website.

In an interview Alex Kozinski acknowledged posting sexual content which included images of masturbation, public sex, contortionist sex, naked women on all fours painted to look like cows, a video of a half-dressed man cavorting with a sexually aroused farm animal and a slide show striptease featuring a transsexual as well as other pornographic content.

Former federal prosecuter Laurie Levenson* stated:

"The real problem is that once this came to light it made people question whether he (Alex Kozinski) was the right judge to handle the case. And that question never would have arisen if he had not been so reckless in how he handled these materials (pornographic content)."

Laurie Levenson notes the fact that Alex Kozinski allowed his feelings on disgusting pornography to become public, not the fact that Alex Kozinski found disgusting pornography "amusing," "funny" and "harmless," as the basis of a prejudicial conflict of interest.

Porn star Marilyn Chambers, of Behind the Green Door fame, died at 56.

Marilyn Chambers was married and divorced three times, including a marriage to Chuck Traynor, who had previously been married to Linda Susan Boreman.

Porn star Linda Susan Boreman, Linda Lovelace of Deepthroat fame, joined the feminist anti-pornography movement before she died at 53.

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