"Magic is the working of men on men, but your magic action does not affect your neighbor; it affects you; only if you withstand it does an invisible effect pass from you to your neighbor."
Carl Jung, The Red Book, Page 308

magian order

Transhumanism: A Grimoire of Alchemical Agendas

4000 BC

The Magians understood that no man could live well rationally who did not have a fundamental knowledge of Nature and her laws.

Magian mysteries were devoted to instructing men with rational understanding the operations of divine law within the terrestrial sphere.

The Magian order is designed to help the student accomplish three things:

1. To bring into manifestation and develop the hidden possibilities (talents).

2. To obtain success at any honorable occupation or service to humanity.

3. Spiritual development.

Magians were moralistic rather than religious; philosophical rather than theological.

With the rise of civilization in the Levant the Magian Order split.

The Gnostikos gave rise to all the branches of the Mystery schools.

The second branch became Social Engineers.

Corrupt members of the Magian Order chose to use the egoless state to contain the individual spirit rather than free the individual spirit.

In the architypical role of High Priest they became political advisors to royalty systemically programing royal subjects into believing they themsleves were descended gods.

Entitling their royal charges made them a member of a noble class - smarter and better than the average human - they became descended gods.

Honest Gnostikos of the Magian Order refused to assume a role in politics as they were not interested in crowd control but in producing skilled, balanced, enlightened individuals that did not need Archons to tell them what to do.

The distinction between the seer and the priest engaged in court politics exemplifies the split in the Magian Order.

John the Baptist was a seer while Caiaphas was a priest.

John the Baptist baptized Jesus while Caiaphas had Jesus put to death.

In the Mystery schools, Gnostic teachers who were deeply concerned about the split in the Magian Order were intent on counterbalancing the machinations of corrupt adepts like Clement of Alexandria.

True initiation into the Mysteries involved melting of ego boundaries in preparation for deep rapport with nature not lowering of ego consciousness to allow behavioral programming.

"The Illuminati program of behavioral control was (and still is) essential to the patriarchy." - John Lamb Lash

"When we study the history of the ages gone by, when we consider Egypt with its sublime civilization, we find that art and culture, the love of the beautiful, and the power of man was at its highest in that age in which the Mystic Priesthood was at its height, when no man could become King unless he had also become an Initiate, unless he had been trained and taught by the Priesthood of Egypt.

In fact, Science, Art, Culture, Refinement, was at its very highest when Egypt was ruled by its Initiate-Kings; and the downfall of Egypt started only when the rulers of Egypt were men who had not been taught in the Priesthood of Egypt." - TheÆth mystery

Ancient religious history is shrouded in assumptions regarding the relation of matter to the highest levels of proper knowing.

The ancient world was Manichean and Gnostic in nature, assuming an inherent evil regarding matter and an essential goodness regarding the realm beyond it.

In this perception, aspects such as divinity, spirituality, and proper ways of knowing were accessed by the deprecation of physicality, making the abandonment of carnality the very means of spirituality or wisdom.

Nicene Creed

381 AD The Illuminati program of total psychic control comes fully into play under Emperor Theodosius I and his sidekick Pope Damasus I when they outlaw every form of thought that does not conform to Catholic Canon.

2001 The social engineers have nearly exterminated the Gnostikos.

To complete the project they the launch Operation 911.

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