laws of nature

Drink all of life and quaffing lustily

Take bitter with the sweet without complaint

And sharers in his drink defy the pain

That makes you fearful to unfurl your souls.

Ezra Pound

The Life of our Mother warms us.

and then

We feel pain.

We feel fear.

We feel cold air.

Cold air burns our delicate lungs.

Our bodies crave nourishment,

and then

our mother suckles us.

Smile or Die

We learn to SMILE.

Later we learn,

Flesh will bruise.

Flesh will bleed.

Fire will burn flesh.

Cold will burn flesh.

Water will flow.

The heavens exist above our heads.

The earth exists beneath our feet.

We breath in air.

We drink water.

We warm ourselves by the fire.

Earth, air, water and fire are things.

Every day ends but tomorrow is another day.

The Fire in the Sky provides light and warmth.

Even later we learn:

Life lives by consuming other Life.

We know that the Earth is a planet circling a star.

We know the star, our sun, will come up over the
horizon tomorrow as we understand the solar system.

We know that if we drop a rock it will fall to Earth as
we understand the function of gravity and how
it works from the time we began to walk.

We know time moves in only one direction
and that direction is forward

We all travel in time from one moment to the next always
finding ouselves in this present eternal moment.

lay blame

To go forward you must leave everything behind.

The past seems persistent, it is lodged in our bones.

To be bound to the past is to repeat it endlessly,

instead use it as a springboard for a journey beyond.

Whatever you are thinking, it is likely your thoughts are surely about something other than the final word with which this sentence will end.

As these words drift through your mind your subconscious is using the word it is reading right NOW to predict the future of the end of this sentence.

A mind raised on a steady diet of film noir and cheap detective novels fully expects the word 'night' to finish the phrase ' It was a dark and stormy ...'.

Your subconscious predicts the future of the sentence at a fantastic rate.

It is a faulty prediction that makes you suddenly feel rather avocado.

Faulty subconscious expectations woke you from dogmatic slumbers.

Your bicameral mind experiences illusions of perception, illusions of retrospection and illusions of prospection (predicting the future).

The bicameral mind gives us the ability to look across swathes of time and indentify holographic patterns leading directly to the Akashic Records.

Rational dissociation can consume the forces of the conscious mind but this does not preclude information being added subconsciously.

Error in predicting future emotional satisfaction is systematic.

Economic transactions never satisify manufactured needs.

Any event occuring contrary to our wishes may clinically depress us.

But we have a tremendous talent for changing our opinion of experienced emotional events in order to feel better about them by justifying our actions.

Subconscious cognitive process' search for new ways of thinking about past emotional events remain illusive, justification is seldom rational.

We must remain vigilant of the rainbow sprinkle dreams of the Reptilians!

"Only when our imagination embraces a hypothesis as possible
will we seriously study that hypothesis and put it to the test."

Graeme MacQueen

The universe involves a dynamic interplay of natural forces that are most effectively understood by unimpeded scientific inquiry.

To solve problems with intelligence and perseverance unimpeded scientific inquiry must remain front and center.

Unimpeded scientific inquiry entails recognition of civil liberties as integral to the pursuit of liberty which requires freedom of communication along with the freedom to publish the fruits of philosophical knowledge.

Unimpeded scientific inquiry requires a diversity of opinion and requires respect of the right of individual to express hypothesis' and theories.

Ethical judgements can be formulated independently of religious thought .

Philosophers emphasize the need to cultivate an appreciation for individual obligations and responsibilities toward others to facilitate social justice.

To ameliorate negative social conditions then social institutions that shackle free thought must be reformed under the principles of tolerance.

A distinguished list of thinkers has contributed to the development of social justice - Socrates, Aristotle, Epictetus, Epicurus, Benedict de Spinoza, David Hume, Voltaire, Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Paine, Joseph Ernest Renan, Mark Twain, Bertrand Russell.

reason thy servant

The Death of Reason

Illustrated Book of Bad Arguments

"Reason is the servant of the passions."

David Hume

this brain network allows humans to reason

"Many are destined to reason wrongly;

others, to reason very little or not at all;

and others to persecute those who do reason."

Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire

Reason expresses and reinforces abstraction from nature as reason is essentially the application of technique.

"William Ellery Channing trusted reason, and exalted it above scriptures and religious teachings.

William Ellery Channing said if we couldn't trust reason, then we also couldn't trust the reason of those who try to teach us what is true.

William Ellery Channing had faith in our dignity - in our inherent goodness - the heart of the impulse toward honest religion in all times and places."

Davidson Loehr

reason has been defined as:

logical thinking;

unbiased judgement;

to converse logically and persuasively;

application of a rational motive to an action;

one of the five normal mental states of consciousness;

the basis or motive for an action, decision, or conviction;

the capacity to engage in logical, rational, or analytic thought;

the capacity for rational thought, inference and discrimination.

A declaration made to explain or justify action, decision, or conviction.

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