Eleusinian Mysteries

Omkara - the Sound of Divine Compassion

is the other name for the Æon of Truth

Omkara is Ineffable

No principle knew indescribability,

no authority, no subject, no objective

nothing from the Foundation of Reality,

except Æon alone.

Omkara is immortal and eternal, having no birth;

for everything birthed will perish.

Æon is unbegotten, having no beginning,

for everything that has a beginning has an end,

Yet no one rules over sovereignity.

Omkara cannot be labeled or named;

for that which has a name is the creation of another.

Incommunicablity is an unnameable sound.

Inexpressiblity has no human form;

that which has human form is the creation of another.

Omkara has its own semblance -

not a semblance we have received and seen,

but a strange semblance that surpasses all things.

Omkara looks to every side and sees itself.

Omkara, the Lumière Infinie, is incomprehensible,

ever imperishable with no likeness to anything known.

Omkara is unchanging perfection.

Eternity is faultless.

Infinity is everlasting.

Apperception is blessed.

The Noumenon is unknowable,

nonetheless it knows itself.

Omkara is immeasurable.

Scintilla is untraceable.

Deformity in perfection, reveals no defect.

Dissolution is imperishably blessed.

Omkara is the 'Creator and Sustainer of the Universe'.

To believe the words set down here, go from

what is hidden to the end of what is visible,

faith in invisible things is found in what is visible.

This is the principle of True Knowledge.

The female aspect, Sophia, Mother of the Universe,'

whom some call 'Compassion' and others call 'Faith'.

The masculine aspect, 'Savior, Creator of all things'.

With the consent of the above, thoughts appeared.

From thoughts, reflectings;

from reflectings, considerings;

from considerings, rationalities,

from rationalities, wills, from wills, words.

All spoken of is said in a Way you might accept,

until the One who need not be taught appears,

speak all these things joyously in True Knowledge.

Eugnostos the Blessed

peaceful mind

"Our day-to-day happiness is predicated more
strongly on little events than on big ones."

Daniel Gilbert

Chinese charater for serenity


peace, tranquillity, serenity

desiring no more than what one has; satisfied

the state of being satisfied with things as they are

a state of mind in which desire is limited to actualities

Cognitive bias produces logic processing errors making it nearly impossible to predict what will make an individual happy in the future.

Subconscious impulse below conscious awareness chooses for us which path we pick at each fork in the road.

Imagination has shortcomings.

It is perhaps inevitable that as we look down each fork in the road we will incorrectly predict the experiences we will have traveling down the road.

Experiences we anticipate will make us happy fail to do so and experiences we have dreaded cause less pain than we imagined.

What we imagine will make us happy in the future is likely to be incorrect in that we tend to misperceive reality and build a mistaken view of the future on this incorrect perception.

The reason is attitudes, interests and emotional needs change over time.

Pleasurable experiences are especially pleasurable the first time they happen, but the pleasue provided wanes with repetition.

This is how our imagination of what will please us in the future fails us.

Equipped with a hedonic thermostat that is constantly resetting us back to our emotional baseline while we are constantly imagining novel experiences.

"When we have an experience on successive occasions, we quickly begin to acclimate to it, and the experience yields less pleasure each time.

Psychologists calls this habituation." - Daniel Gilbert

Me and you and a dog named Boo

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