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Abolishing Mammography Screening Programs

Breast Screenings Cause More Harm Than Good

X-Ray Mammography Is Accelerating The Epidemic of Cancer

Mammography Is Harmful & Should Be Abandoned

Mammography Is Unscientific And Harmful

"I WANT MY MAMMOGRAM!" shrieks a radio listener like a child.

The tantrum occurs on a talk show during my 1990 book tour for When Technology Wounds.

Also like a child, the woman carries zero awareness of likely precedents to her susceptibility to breast cancer: like synthetic hormones and pesticides.

Or the radiation from last year's mammogram.

The inherent disjuncture of mass society does not propagate the kind of thinking that would unify the parts of the whole.

It severs instead.

It fragments.

It scatters — and lays ground for engaging and defending only one fragment at a time." - Chellis Glendinning

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Conclusion: In depth understanding of the host response to biomaterials is
needed in order to engineer materials that perform suitably in their applications.

Molecular Events in the Foreign Body Response

When biomaterial and medical devices are surgically implanted into the body, a series of molecular and cellular events lead to its encapsulation and isolation from surrounding tissue.

Molecular basis of biomaterial-mediated foreign body reactions

Astounding Number of Medical Procedures Have No Benefit

"I have this sinking feeling that after the victory handed to medical device manufacturers on a silver platter by the United States Supreme Court decision in Riegel v. Medtronic, they are in need of even more oversight and circumspection." - Michael B. Mundorff 02/08/09

The repetition of objectified female imagery has damaged perception of femininity to such a degree that an alarming number of women think it’s necessary to surgically alter their bodies to be acceptable.

1667 The apparent danger of using animal serums foreign to human beings and animal serums foreign to other animals is reported in medical literature when lambs blood is unsuccessfully used in a human blood transfusion.

1963 In a National Institutes of Health sponsored study, a researcher transplants a baboon kidney into a human and the experiment fails.

The first baboon-to-human transplants

So they attempt to use chimpanzee kidneys.

A brief history of cross-species organ transplantation

1976 Medical Device Regulation Act

Class I - General Controls for devices considered as low risks for human use.

Class II - Performance Standards for devices considered as moderate risks for human use.

Class III - Premarket Approval for devices considered as high risks for human use.

If you are a device maker it is ideal to get your device classified as I or II.

Defective Hip Implants

Knee Replacement Recalls

Class 2 Device Recall Bone Screw

Class 2 Device Recall Zimmer Selftapping bone screw

Defective Medical Devices and Product Liability Claims

List of Metal Hip Implant Devices Recalled in the US

February 2008

United States Supreme Court rules that any medical device manufacturer whose medical device has been approved for use by the FDA may not be sued even if the medical device fails to perform as advertised.

"I have enlarged the breasts of thousands of women with silicone implants since they were first introduced in the 1960s.

I even wrote articles in favor of silicone.

Paula S. came to see me in 1992. At age 32, she had at least three breast surgeries, and each time her breasts became rock-hard and painful. We replaced the silicone with smooth saline implants. Within a short time these too became hard, as did the next set. Paula insisted on having her implants removed. She would not heed my warnings about deformity and scarring, which we had all been told inevitably follows removal without replacement. To my surprise, she looked terrific - normal, albeit smaller - and she felt better.

Paula's problem turned out to be common: Most breasts with silicone gel implants become hard with time. It's called capsular contracture. All foreign objects in the body get encapsulated - just as the tissue around a thorn gets hard - until the foreign body is removed. Women with capsular contracture often end up with disfigured breasts and pain.

Recently I saw Helen S., 71, who had implants 23 years ago. Her breasts also had hardened and become painful. In addition, an MRI showed rupture of the implants and calcification of the surrounding scar tissue. When I removed the implants, the cavity was filled with gooey, liquid silicone that had ruptured; there was virtualy no implant wall left.

In the last 14 years, I have removed implants from almost 1,000 women.

I have found roughly 50% of their implants have ruptured within 10 years, and more than 70% have ruptured within 15 years.

We are still not sure of all the places where the micro-droplets of silicone end up, though I have found it in lymph nodes.

Despite these known hazards, the FDA, under pressure from implant manufacturers, plastic surgeons and patients, is allowing as of January 2007, a next generation of silicone implants in women age 22 and over.

To monitor women's health, the FDA will require women who receive implants to have regular MRls and has recommended that the implants be replaced every 10 years.

It is a pity that women will become the experimental lab rats for these implants.

Most plastic surgeons vehemently deny any connection between health complaints and leaking silicone implants.

I have seen a disturbing number of patients with symptoms, including chronic fatigue, memory loss, joint pain, muscle pain, skin rashes, disturbed sleep patterns, depression and hair loss, that clear up when implants are removed.

Last year, I completed a review of the last 500 gel implant removals I performed, and found that more than half the women had similar symptoms, ranging from mild to debilitating.

Grossly outsized artificial breasts are a deformity that flouts medical standards and plastic surgeons definition of "cosmetic" - often encouraged by the media, which celebrates these water balloons for self-esteem. I no longer perform cosmetic breast augmentation." - Edward Melmed, MD

Women seeking breast implants have a higher-than-average risk of underlying psychological problems.

Women with breast implants are three times more likely to kill themselves according to British Medical Journal.

"The slippery slope is if you go to a surgeon to solve self-esteem problems they will not be fixed." - Psychiatrist Mark I. Levy, University of California, San Francisco


Why Mammography Is Unscientific And Harmful

How X-Ray Mammography Is Accelerating The Epidemic of Cancer

One the best examples of the way in which science was disregarded by George Walker Bush, just like his father before him, is the way in which an advertising campaign was gutted to placate the processed food industry at the expense of the health of tens of millions of Americans.

The Health and Human Services Department had prepared a series of public service announcements touting the benefits of breast feeding.

Once the food processors that manufacture infant formula heard about the public service announcements they contacted GW Bush administration officials and had the public announcement campaign "softened."

Information based on valid scientific research that would have made it likely for women to chose breast feeding over infant formula is withdrawn.

It is well known within the medical and scientific communities that breast fed infants are more healthy than those fed infant formula.

Unfortunately most American women do not have the information necessary to make an informed decision about breast feeding.

breast implants

2006 Over a billion dollars worth of infant formula is sold in the US.

Formula fed infants are:

72% more likely to develop asthma;

64% more likely to develop intestinal problems;

50% more likely to develop inner ear infections;

40% more likely to develop diabetes;

36% more likely to experience sudden death syndrome;

20% more likely to develop childhood leukaemia.

"The problem with formula companies is that they're marketing a product clearly inferior to breast milk."

Lawrence M. Gartner, American Academy of Pediatrics

1997 American Academy of Pediatrics issues a policy statement crediting breast milk with reducing the incidence or severity of bacterial infections, sudden infant death syndrome, diabetes, asthma, obesity and some cancers.

No infant formula can compete, nutritionally or immunologically, with human mammary milk tailored to the precise needs of individual human infants.

Human mammary milk is tailored to the precise needs of individual human infants as the mother has been exposed to the proteins in the environment and passes that recognition on to her offspring through antigens in her breast milk.

2008 Animals and humans digesting melamine develop kidney stones.

In China 50,000 children are sickened.

At least four infants die after consuming melamine tainted infant formula.

Why is melamine in baby formula, your food - and your pets' meals?

April 3, 2009 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has found that 15 brands of infant formula are contaminated with perchlorate.

Two brands account for 87% of milk based infant formula US sales.

Perchlorate is a potent thyroid toxin that may interfere with fetal and infant brain development.

The study found that reconstituting the formula with water that has levels as low as 4ppb of perchlorate would cause 54% of infants to exceed "safe" dosage levels of the toxin.

2010 Lanzhou University finds ingestion of melamine leads to rapid aggregation of metabolites cyanuric acid diamide (ammeline) and cyanuric acid building uric acid kidney stones which lead to renal failure.

breast implants

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