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Medicine Show Calliope music

Origins of Medical Industry Corruption

Former Pharma Exec Speaks out About the Corrupt Industry

14th century Traveling charlatans promote curing products as social services through street performance.

"Doctors" "mounted the bench" (mountebank) , a stage, table or box, at fairs, street corners, in market squares or wherever they could find an audience, to convince the crowd of its desperate need for medical miracle cures.

1449 King Henry VI grants Flemish-born John Utynam a patent for making stained glass.

Black's Law Dictionary defines a patent as:

"The exclusive right to make, use or sell an invention for a specified period."

1527 Paracelsus creates the pain pill - one quarter-weight of opium, hens-bane juice, mummia (the dried flesh of mummified human bodies), salts of pearls and corals, bone of the heart of the stag, bezoar stone (an intestinal concretion found in goats and gazelles), amber, musk and "unicorn."

1552 King Edward VI grant Henry Smyth a patent for making Normandy glass.

1608 Mountebanks appear in Venice.

To draw the largest crowd and to keep its attention fixed as long as possible, the mountebanks resorted to a wide variety of entertainment including, among others, jugglers, musicians, magicians, and clowns.

Small scale spectacles alternated with lectures demonstrating tonics.

Tonic to cure any ailment of the spectator, whether he was aware of it or not.

1618 A Paris mountebank inspires the work of Molière.

In England, nostrum makers succeed in obtaining "Royal Patents" for their curing tonics and elixirs.

1620 Dr. Fuller, a Puritan, arrives in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Dr. Fuller brings with him — along with his surgical fleam for bleeding patients, his clyster syringe, his forceps and bonesaw — a brass and rosewood medicine chest.

The chest holds 16 vials of medicine - emetics for inducing "a smart vomit," Spanish fly caustic (useful for making counterirritant blisters), chinchona bark extractives, paregoric and laudanum.

Though drunkenness was frowned on, beer was staple in many Puritan homes, fortifying the men in their dawn-to-dusk battles against the wilderness, killing the pain and giving them a taste of the homeland they'd fled forever.

William Bradford records "strong waters" (gin), aqua vitae (brandy) and beer.

1632 Giulia Tofana begins marketing "Manna di San Nicola", literally "Bread of Life of St. Nicholas," in Palermo.

Manna di San Nicola is sold as a cosmetic and a devotionary object in vials that include an image of St. Nicholas.

Aqua Tofana contained mostly arsenic, lead and possibly belladonna.

It was a colorless, tasteless liquid easily mixed with water or wine.

Ingredients of the mixture are mostly known but not how they blend.

Initially poisoning goes unnoticed as the substance is clear and has no taste.

It is slow acting, resembling death from progressive natural diseases.

The symptoms seen are similar to the effects of arsenic poisoning.

The first small dosage produces cold-like symptoms.

The victim becomes very ill by the third dosage; symptoms include vomiting, dehydration, diarrhea and a burning sensation in the digestive system.

The antidote often given is vinegar and lemon juice hastening the process.

The fourth dosage kills the victim, but being slow acting, allows victims time to recognize and prepare for approaching death, including writing a will.

Giulia Tofana plies her trade for a half century selling Manna di San Nicola in Naples, Perugia, and Rome, Italy.

Legend suggests over 600 alleged abusive husbands as victims.

1659 Giulia Tofana is arrested and confesses to producing poison.

She implicates a number of clients many of whom flee, others are strangled in prison, and many are publicly executed.

1670 Affair of the Poisons: Influential members of the French nobility began to die, unexpectedly and close upon one another.

Autopsies showed their insides blackened and corroded.

A fever for poisoning and witchcraft seems to have infected the court.

1679 Louis XIV establishes a special tribunal - a Chambre Ardente, or "burning room" - to investigate and prosecute the murders.

Of 323 cases examined, two-thirds of the cases come to a final verdict.

39 individuals are able to vindicate themselves and are set free with only an injunction that they live "as good Christians in the holy Catholic faith".

The punishment associated with 142 cases was amende honorable meaning an "honorable penalty" which included fines, public ceremonies of penance, banishments, and beatings with warnings never to engage in heresy again.

37 sentences of death were pronounced of which 6 individuals were burned at the stake while 31 other individuals were hung on the gallows.

1683 Thomas Sydenham publishes Treatise on the Gout.

Sydenham argued gout was the result of "ease, voluptuousness, high living, and too free an use of wine and other spirituous liquors".

He thought bleeding and purging could be counterproductive driving "peccant humours" further into the extremities.

Sydenham recommended a light diet, plenty of fluid, and regular doses of a digestive remedy he called Bitters - distilled alcohol infused with watercress, horseradish, wormwood, and angelica root.

The generic term Bitters is traditionally an alcoholic preparation flavored with botanical matter so that the end result is characterized by a bitter, or bittersweet flavor.

1698 First patent medicine - Epson Salts.

Magnesium sulfate is an inorganic salt with the formula MgSO4X where 0≤x≤7.

It is often encountered as the heptahydrate sulfate mineral epsomite, commonly called Epsom salt.

The overall global annual usage in the mid-1970s of the monohydrate was 2.3 million tons, of which the majority was used in agriculture.

1711 Sal Volitile patented.

Ammonium carbonate is a salt with the chemical formula (NH4)2CO3.

As it readily degrades to gaseous ammonia and carbon dioxide upon heating, it is used as a leavening agent and also as smelling salt.

1712   Richard Stoughton patents Stoughton's Elixir.

The first patent medicines to appear in America came from England.

In the eighteenth century medical theorists believed that disease could be driven from the body only by a substance as appalling as the illness.

The worse a medicine tasted or smelled, the greater its corrective power.

These foul-tasting, foul-smelling products had ingredients that had an effect on the body, thus giving the illusion of a cure in action.

Bateman's Drops, Dalby's Carminative, and Godfrey's Cordial contained the sedative opium.

Hooper's Pills purged the digestive system and induced menstruation.

British Oil and Steer's Opodeldoc were both liniments containing ammonia that irritated the skin.

Laudanum: "Prep. Take 1/2 lb. of opium, sliced; 3 pints of good verjuice; 1 1/2 oz of nutmeg; 1/2 oz of saffron; boil them to proper thickness, then add 1/2 lb of sugar and two spoonfuls of yeast. Set the whole in a warm place, near the fire, for 6 or 8 weeks, then place it in the open air until becomes of the consistence of a syrup; lastly, decant, filter and bottle it up, adding a little sugar to each bottle. These ingredients ought to yield, when properly made, about 2 pints of the strained liquor."

1800   Dr. Toustall of The Society of Friends bitter sweet 'drop': concoction of opium dissolved in the juice of crab apples, and flavored with nutmeg, saffron, yeast and sugar.

Dr. William Levingston

Rockefeller Medicine

"Devil Bill" Rockefeller Sr. identifies himself as a "botanic physician" selling elixirs under the alias of Dr. William Levingston.

1849 In the city of Auburn, New York William Avery Rockefeller is indicted for the rape of Ann Vanderbeak, household staff, at gunpoint.

Bill abandoned the family while Lucy, John, and William Jr. are teenagers.

Before leaving Eliza, he has two daughters with housekeeper Nancy Brown.

Having assumed the name Dr. William Levingston, he marries Margaret Allen in Norwich, Ontario, Canada. Bill and Margaret had no children together.

John D. Rockefeller never publicly acknowledged his father was a bigamist.

1858   Erasmus Bond receives a patent for quinine Tonic.

Quinine-laced Tonic Water is the Western cultural outcome of three centuries of military and medical efforts to overcome malaria.

The promotion of patent medicines is one of the first major products heavily displayed in the early advertising industry.

Numerous sales techniques are pioneered by patent medicine promoters.

Patent medicines, sold at high prices, are made of cheap ingredients.

Some patent medicines target specific conditions:

• Dr. Goodman's American Anti-Gonorrhea Pills
• Aromatic Lozenges of Steel (for sexual debility)
• Pink Pills for Pale People

Some attempt to beguile the buyer:

• Lightning Oil
• Dr. Hamlin's Wizard Oil
• Resurrection Pills
• Ambrosial Oil
Paradise Oil

Some make claims of scientific innovation:

• Dr. Judge's Oxy-Hydrogenated Air
• Radam's Microbe Killer
• Boothman's Pure Phlogiston Cure-Ail

Some patent-medicine excite exotic association:

• Bragg's Arctic Liniment
• Wyncoop's Iceland Pectoral
• Hoofland's Greek Oil
• Japanese Life Pills
• Roman Eye Balsam
• Jayne's Spanish Alternative
• Osgood's Indian Cholagogue

Some are simply inexplicable:

• Dr. Tichenor's Antiseptic Refrigerant
• Golden Liquid Beef Tonic

Some are aimed directly at curing 'female troubles':

• Bradfield's Female Regulator
• Lydia Pinkham's Vegetable Compound (21% alcohol, Miss Pinkham was a vocal supporter of temperance).

Quite a few — with names such as Grandma's Tyke-Relaxant and Baby-Ease — were sold to mothers who would try anything to calm and quiet their children.

Often these remedies contained opiates.

Mrs. Winslow's Soothing Syrup, for instance, had on average .05 grams of morphine in every bottle.

The Birth of Heroin and the Demonization of the Dope Fiend

1860 Up until 1835 David Hosack encourages the use of the root-based medicine as it cure cases of liver, kidney and bladder troubles.

Legend suggets Dr. Hosack gave his recipe to a number of his pupils, one of which saved the life of a Mr .Hunt, a New York City resident, afflicted with Bright's disease (kidney malfunction) and Dropsy (excess water in body tissue).

Hunt's "bloated flesh" was reduced and vigor restored after taking the medicine for about a year.

Hunt began to manufacture and market it as "Hunt's Remedy."

In 1908 a Kansas State Board of Health Report described it as "a brown solution of bitter vegetable drugs, containing 17.2 per cent alcohol."

1879 Listerine™

1880 Milk of Magnesia™

1881 The Proprietary Association is founded by trade group of medicine producers along with a press dependent on remedy advertising fight bitterly against any type of regulation.

1887 Friedrich Carl Duisberg learns that one of Bayer's thusfar useless by-products — paranitrophenol — is chemically similar to Antifebrin.

Thousands of barrels of this residue are piled up in the factory yard.

Duisberg orders observers to create a new drug from this waste.

Duisberg's men worked in conditions ridiculously crude and chaotic.

Clouds of noxious vapors filled the air.

Many observers - working in hallways, bathrooms, and unheated outbuildings - having no access to sinks use the river.

The ground around the building is a caustic witch's brew; men wear thick-soled wooden clogs as the acidic mud burns through leather shoes.

Bayer begins selling Phenacetin - the first synthetic drug ever to be created, manufactured, tested and sold all by the same commercial concern.

Phenacetin is widely used as an analgesic and fever reducing drug in both human and veterinary medicine until withdrawn in the 1970s.

Phenacetin is classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) as carcinogenic to humans.

Phenacetin is associated with an increased risk of death due to urologic or renal disease; death due to cancer; death due to cardiovascular disease.

Chronic use of phenacetin leads to analgesic nephropathy characterized by renal papillary necrosis.

Howard Hughes is thought to have died from its use and it may have caused his mental turmoil.

1898 "Bayer Bible" published and sent to every doctor in Germany.

Offering free samples is unprecedented and extremely effective.

1905 Vicks VapoRub™, Ex-Lax™

1906 Pure Food and Drug Act is enacted requiring manufacturers to list their ingredients on packaging labels and misleading advertising is restricted.

Exotic ingredients are promoted even though most tonic effects come from the common cheap ingredients cloroform, chloral hydrate, bromides, sulphonal, trional, veronal, coal tar, turpentine, strychnine, mercury, arsenic, atropine, belladonna, hyoscyamus, coffee, sulphur, quinine, paraldehyde and alcohol.

Methylsulfonal (Trional)

Rockefeller Medicine

Hygiene, Sanitation, Immunization, and Pestilential Diseases

Vaccine Research Scientist Sent to Prison for Vaccine Fraud


Drug-Driven Medicine: Form of Human Sacrifice

Informed consent disclosure to vaccine trial subjects

Possible Unintended Consequences of the mRNA Vaccines

Alarming Casualty Rates for mRNA Vaccines

In 1938 manufacturers start testing
products for safety before marketing.

It is not until 1962 that clinical trials
for effectiveness are legally required.

Unfortunately after that PHRMA
turned to cooking the data.

1910 The Flexner Report written by Abraham Flexner is published under the aegis of the Carnegie Foundation.

This is the foundation of American allopathic medicine.

"The practice of the Negro doctor will be limited to his own race, which in its turn will be cared for better by good Negro physicians than by poor white ones.

The physical well-being of the Negro is not only of moment to the Negro.

Ten million of them live in close contact with sixty million whites.

Not only does the Negro himself suffer from hookworm and tuberculosis; he communicates them to his white neighbors, precisely as the ignorant and unfortunate white contaminates him.

Self-protection not less than humanity offers weighty counsel in this matter; self-interest seconds philanthropy.

The Negro must be educated not only for his sake, but for ours.

He is, as far as the human eye can see, a permanent factor in the nation." - Abraham Flexner*

Note: Philanthropy for Flexner was self-serving as it was for Henry Ford, the Queen of England, Evelyn Rothschild, David Rockefeller and Paul Warburg.

Consequences of the Flexner Report:

No medical school can teach without the permission of the state government.

The size of existing medical schools is subject to state regulation.

Each state branch of the American Medical Association has oversight over the allopathic medical schools located within the state.

Medical training, in theory, adheres closely to the scientific method and is thoroughly grounded in human physiology and biochemistry but is actually learned through trial and error experimentation.

Biochemistry, closely related to molecular biology, is the study of the molecular mechanisms by which genetic information encoded in DNA is able to result in the processes of life.

The Carnegie Foundation succeeds in creating a single model of medical education based on molecular biology.

Even though the report is over 100 years old many of its recommendations are still active including those concerning the physician as a "social instrument" whose function is fast becoming social and preventive, rather than individual and curative."

1911 General vaccination programs against typhus begun in the US.

Typhoid vaccination produces significant impairments in several measures of sleep continuity

Tunisia has been ruled by France since 1881 and neighboring Algeria has been ruled since the 1830 invasion of Algiers.

Military conscription for Muslims in Algeria begins this year.

Under French rule French and Europeans are favored for advancement over native Tunisians.

Civil disturbances are ignited by the Zaytuni university students in Tunsia.

French soldiers fire in the Jellaz Affair, a cemetary brawl after days of fighting in the streets, involving Tunisians and newly arrived Italians 'settlers'.

"Far from quietly assimilating into the French community in Tunisia, some Italian settlers harboured nationalist feelings." - Gabriele Montalbano1

French declare martial law blaming political agitators.

1912 First whooping cough (pertussis) vaccine amalgamated by two French bacteriologists, Jules Bordet and Octave Gengou, for use in Tunisia.

After they grow Pertussis bacteria in large pots, they kill it with heat, mix it with formaldehyde (used to embalm bodies) and inject it into children.

Demonstrations in Tunsia lead to the popular Tunis Tram Boycott which begins after a tram driven by an Italian knocks down and kills an eight-year-old Tunisian Arab child at Bab Saadoun.

In 82 years 1,556 Algerian Muslims have been granted French citizenship.

1913 American Society for the Control of Cancer founded by 10 physicians with 5 investors capital stake.

From the very beginning the idea is to find a way to control cancer.

No one seems concerned about underlying causation.

1914 Dr. C. Killick Millard, Medical Officer of Health (Leicester, England) publishes The Vaccination Question.

The city of Leicester, with a population of around 300,000 at the time, had for 30 years abandoned infantile vaccination and yet "miraculously" experienced an "enormous decline" in smallpox mortality.

Millard is originally pro-vaccine.

Empirical experience with the population of the city of Leicester causes him to modify his opinion.

The striking fact is that in Leicester, without infantile vaccination, the decline has been greater than in most places.

Throughout the country smallpox continues to decrease due to the reduction in vaccination.

"If it can be shown that "sanitation", thoroughly carried out, is alone sufficient for the effective control of smallpox in this country (as in Leicester), why inflict universal vaccination with all its inseparable drawbacks?

Moreover, what justification can there be any longer for compulsion?

It cannot be denied that vaccination causes, in the amalgamation, very considerable injury to health, most of it only temporary, but some permanent." - Dr. C. Killick Millard

"One of the medical profession's greatest boasts is that it eradicated smallpox through the use of the smallpox vaccine.

I myself believed this claim for many years.

But it simply isn't true.

One of the worst smallpox epidemics of all time took place in England between 1870 and 1872 – nearly two decades after compulsory vaccination was introduced.

After this evidence that smallpox vaccination didn't work the people of Leicester in the English midlands refused to have the vaccine any more.

When the next smallpox epidemic struck in the early 1890s the people of Leicester relied upon good sanitation and a system of quarantine.

There was only one death from smallpox in Leicester during that epidemic.

In contrast the citizens of other towns (vaccinated) died in vast numbers.

Doctors and drug companies may not like it but the truth is that surveillance, quarantine and better living conditions got rid of smallpox – not the smallpox vaccine." – Dr. Vernon Coleman

The report of Dr. William Farr, (1807 – 1883), Compiler of Statistics of the Registrar General of London and considered to be the first developer of vital statistics, stated:

"Smallpox attained its maximum mortality after vaccination was introduced.

The mean annual mortality for 10,000 population from 1850 to 1869 was at the rate of 2.04, whereas after compulsory vaccination, in 1871 the death rate was 10.24.

In 1872 the death rate was 8.33 and this after the most laudable efforts to extend vaccination by legislative enactments."

The compulsory vaccination law was repealed in 1907.

By 1919, England and Wales had become one of the least vaccinated countries and had only 28 deaths from smallpox out of a population of 37.8 million people.

According to official figures of the Registrar General of England, 109 children under five years in England and Wales died of smallpox between 1910 and 1933.

In that same period 270 died from vaccination.

Between 1934 and 1961 not one smallpox death was recorded but 115 children under five years died from smallpox vaccination."

Rockefeller Spanish Flu Pandemic

1918 The 1918 Spanish Influenza is a vaccine induced disease caused by extreme body poisoning from the amalgamation of many different vaccines in combination with attenuated bacterial pneumonia.

Althoug this epidemic is attributed to widespread use of vaccines this information is suppressed.

After the World War I, vaccine makers have an excess supply of vaccines (originally intended for soldiers to treat yellow fever), as a result of the relatively unexpected short duration of the war.

A huge vaccination campaign is drummed up to vaccinate the population against "foreign illnesses".

Encephalitis lethargica, an atypical form of encephalitis, reaches epidemic proportions from 1918 to 1930.

Spanish Flu Caused By Vaccinations

Military Experimental Vaccine Kills 50-100 Million People

[My uncle, Patrick Hasty lost both his parents to the "Spanish Flu".]

1921 Bacille Calmette-Guerin tuberculosis vaccine developed.

1922 British government appoints a committee to inquire into "vaccine lymph", as it is noticed that the "glycerinated calf lymph" used in vaccinations cause death from "sleepy sickness"

"The vaccine material is always collected on the sixth day.

The vaccinated area is washed with warm water, and dried with clean soft cloths.

Each vesicle is now clamped separately and the crust first removed with a lancet.

The vesicle is then thoroughly scraped with the edge of a somewhat blunt lancet, and the resultant mixture of lymph, epithelial tissue (skin), and blood is transferred to a small nickel crucible set in a wide wooden stand on a table close to the operator.

To the pultaceous (gruelly) mass contained in the crucible there is added about an equal quantity of glycerine.

The mixture of pulp and glycerine is triturated in a mixing machine driven by a small electric motor.

The mixture, having thus been rendered thin and homogeneous, is received in a clean sterilized nickel crucible placed beneath the machine.

With a view of still further improving its appearance and of removing any extraneous matters, such as hairs, it is afterwards pressed through a small brass-wire sieve consisting of extremely fine gauze into an agate mortar.

This is done by means of a bone spoon, leaving on the surface of the gauze nothing but a very small quantity of epithelial tissue together with a few hairs.

The mixture is further triturated in the mortar with an agate pestle, and is then ready for filling into the tubes in which it is distributed."

Vaccine recipe:

Epithelial pulp - 1 part ( 6.70%)
Glycerine - 7 parts (46.65%)
Boiled water - 7 parts" (46.65%)

1924 A Markush structure is a representation of chemical structure used to indicate a group of related chemical compounds.

Markush structures are named after Eugene A. Markush, founder of the Pharma Chemical Corporation in New Jersey.

Eugene filed US Application 611,637 on January 9, 1923.

Markush was awarded the first chemical patent from the US Patent Office for "Pyrazolone Dye and Process of Making the Same" on August 26, 1924.

Strictly speaking the legal requirements to obtain a patent for a Markush structure is essentially the same as obtaining a patent in the mechanical field.

Patents on pharmaceuticals were considered unethical by the medical profession during most of the nineteenth-century.

Drug patent terms in the US were extended from 17 to 20 years in 1994.

1925 General vaccine programs against tuberculosis began in the US.

1928 Cases of post-vaccination encephalitis force creation of two Committees of Investigation in Britain.

1930 Max Theiler develops a yellow fever vaccine.

1932 Research (Young) indicates that neuritis is commonly precipitated following vaccination with anti-tetanus, anti-pneumococcal, and anti-meningitis serums.

1933 Danish observer Thorvald Madsen discovers the ability of the Pertussis vaccine to kill infants without warning (SID).

He reports two babies vaccinated immediately after birth died in a few minutes.

American observers report that children react to Pertussis vaccine with fever, convulsions and collapse.

Vaccination programs against yellow fever begin in the US.

Compulsory immunization instituted in Geneva.

1962 Immunologist George Williamson Auchinvole Dick speaks out at the British Medical Association annual meeting against the smallpox vaccination program enjoined by the Minister of Health, Enoch Powell.

"He (Enoch Powell) is asking for a sacrifice of at least 20 babies a year." - George Dick

1963 American observer John Enders creates a measles vaccine.

Mass innoculations begin.

Vaccinated children develop Atypical Measles Syndrome (AMS).

Studies suggest response to the "wild" measles virus is "altered".

Sever persistent symptoms lead to encephalopathy (brain damage.)

Atypical measles syndrome in adults: still around

Atypical measles syndrome: unusual hepatic, pulmonary, immunologic aspects

1. The Italian community of Tunisia: From Libyan Colonial Ambitions to the First World War; The First World War from Tripoli to Addis Ababa (1911-1924) | Shiferaw Bekele , Uoldelul Chelati Dirar , Alessandro Volterra , et al.

chemical warfare

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