Nutrition may play a key role in early psychosis treatment

Grocery Store Wars

The Fight Over Food Deserts

Hunger & Food Security

"It is clear that the mere act of eating, the food even not reaching the stomach, determines the stimulation of the gastric glands." - Ivan Pavlov

"Some people argue that the avalanche of warnings numb the public to real environmental hazards. Perhaps. But the "right to know" provisions in Proposition 65 and other laws give consumers real choices. If one brand of lettuce in the supermarket says it contains perchlorate, a developmental toxin, and another does not, the market will work. And exposure to that chemical will be reduced, not just at the dinner table but also "upstream," for chemical workers in the plants and farm workers in the fields." -Al Meyerhoff , Carl Pope

Switching to organic foods provides children "dramatic and immediate" protection from pesticides that are widely used on a variety of crops, according to a study by a team of scientists some from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Concentrations of two organophosphate pesticides - malathion and chlorpyrifos - declined substantially in the bodies of elementary school age children during a five day period when organic foods were substituted for conventional foods.

The findings suggest that children are are exposed to organophosphate chemicals mainly through 'conventional' food.

Organophosphate make up about 50% of the killing agents in chemical pesticides.

Organophosphate pesticides (OPPs), like some nerve agents, inhibit this neuromuscular enzyme, which is broadly essential for normal function in insects, but also in humans and many other animals.

2006 Industrial caloric providing corporations give $5.2 million to 226 co-sponsors.

Californian members of Congress co-sponsoring the bill in the House receive about $670,000 from food interests for this election cycle, and more than $1 million for 2004, according to public filings with the Federal Elections Commission.

Some of the top money receivers are Representatives Richard Pombo (R-Tracy) , $250,208); Devin Nunes (R-Visalia), $558,152); and Dennis Cardoza (D-Atwater) $239,152.

House of Representatives passes the National Uniformity for Foods Act, a measure designed to kill or cancel significant parts of 200 food-safety laws in 50 states.

This ill-advised bill, supported by millions of food-industry dollars, passes without a single hearing.

National Uniformity for Food Act

2007 Melamine routinely added to pet food products, hog feed, chicken feed, eggs, infant formula and processed milk products to falsify protein content during testing.

FDA announces plans to close 7 of it's 13 food testing laboratories.

FDA inspects less than 1% of food imports and tests a fraction.

Processed food producers receive approval from the USDA to allow 38 non-organic ingredients in products bearing the "USDA Organic" seal.

Non-organic ingredients are labeled organic with"USDA Organic" seal.

List of 38 non-organic ingredients allowed under the "USDA Organic" seal includes:

19 food colorings;

casings from processed animal intestines;

hops grown with petrochemical fertilizers and pesticides;

frozen lemongrass, celery powder, dill weed oil, fish oil, rice starch, beet juice, whey protein concentrate;

fructooligosaccharides (oligosaccharide fructans) - a sugar polymer that human bodies cannot digest.

USDA Called Out by 50 Groups for Censoring Science

1960 USDA Film Admits Scientists “Fixed the Glutens in Flour”

Nanomaterials in Organic Food? The USDA Is Looking the Other Way

USDA: Start Telling the Truth About Inspector Shortages

Whistleblower USDA Food Inspectors on Hormel Pork Plants

2009 Stewart Parnell, owner of Peanut Corporation of America, pleads the Fifth Amendement (repeatedly invokes his right not to incriminate himself ) before a congressional hearing on February 11 after telling employees to ship salmonella tainted peanut butter that sickens 19,000 people and causes as many as nine deaths.


Your Secret Chemical Diet

Food Industry’s A to Z of Toxic Ingredients to Avoid

"Systematic reviews and meta-analyses that are carefully done and that are done by players who do not have conflicts and pre-determined agendas are not a problem, quite the opposite.

The problem is that most of them are not carefully done and/or are done with pre-determined agendas on what to find and report." - John Ioannidis

"Junk food elicits addictive behavior in rats similar to the behaviors of rats addicted to Heroin™.

Pleasure centers in the brains of rats addicted to high-fat, high-calorie diets became less responsive as the binging wore on, making the rats consume more and more food.

After just five days on the junk food diet, rats showed "profound reductions" in the sensitivity of their brains' pleasure centers, suggesting that the animals quickly became habituated to the food." - Laura Sanders

hungry for poison

Food flavor safety system a ‘black box’

Chemicals in Fast Food: 3 Fast Food Ingredient Secrets

"The largest study ever of multivitamin use in older women found the pills did nothing to prevent common cancers or heart disease. The eight-year study in 161,808 postmenopausal women echoes recent disappointing vitamin studies in men." - Lindsey Tanner 02/09/09

"One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedents of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is the substitution of artificial therapy over nature, of poisons over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation." - Royal S. Lee

Log Cabin LLC

LLC = limited liability company

A LLC is not a corporation: it is a legal form of a flexible enterprise that blends elements
of partnership and corporate structures providing limited liability to its owners in the
vast majority of US jurisdictions. Liabilty is limited to enterprise assets.

The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it's not the gluten)

In the global industrialized social culture that we live in today it has become popular to replace natural organic foods with processed foods that have been "fortified" with chemicals - ahem, excuse me, I mean 'supplements' and 'vitamins' - made in China.

The best way to get vitamins is through food not vitamins or supplements.

Supplements deliver vitamins without proper foundational nutrition and they are unable to be utilized.

The vitamins found in fruit, vegetables and other foods come with thousands of other phytochemicals nutrients that are not essential for life but that protect against cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease and other chronic ailments.

Carotenoids in carrots and tomatoes, isothiocyanates in broccoli and cabbage, and flavonoids in soy, cocoa and red wine are just a few examples.

The combined effect of all these vitamins and phytochemicals seems to have much greater power than one nutrient taken alone. For example, lycopene - the carotenoid that gives tomatoes their red hue - has been associated with a lower risk for prostate cancer.

Research suggests that taking lycopene in supplement form does not confer the same benefit as eating tomatoes or tomato products, such as pasta sauce and ketchup, that preserve some of the tomatos chemical integrity.

genetically modified

give your body what it needs to heal

Physical decay boils down to three factors:

Not enough minerals in the diet.

Not enough fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, and K) in the diet.

Nutrients not being readily bioavailable, and your intestinal system not properly absorbing them.

Over a period of time, if your diet lacks vitamins and minerals from a poor diet and/or contains high levels of phytates (from grains, seeds, nuts, and legumes), the blood chemistry and the ratio of calcium and phosphorous become out of balance, which results in minerals being pulled from bones, causing tooth and bone loss.

Foods to focus on are: Coconut oil, grass-fed organic dairy (especially butter), grass-fed meats, seafood and bone broths.

Organic cooked vegetables (soups with bone broth are ideal).

Organ and gland meats are good but only if organic.

Limit foods that are high in phytic acid, like grains, beans, nuts and seeds, (soak seeds to reduce phytochemical protection) as well as limiting processed food intake full of processed flours and sugars that upset blood sugar balance.

Glutamate Food List

Glutamate flavoring

Excitotoxins – Hidden Dangers in the Food You’re Eating

G.A.R.D. (Glutamate/Aspartate Restricted Diet) Made Simple

Low glutamate foods can reduce the excitotoxicity in the brain

Is your Brain on Is your Brain on Fire from Food Additives?
Glutamate, Aspartate, and Neurological Damage

food supply

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