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There are few things that truly matter in life. Many of those things that truly do matter, the ones that make us better individuals, will leave lasting deeply grooved impressions within us that continually remind us of how lucky we are to be alive.

In the ever present pursuit of material wealth we forget that simply living, breathing and enjoying being alive, is being steadily forgotten by many individuals who adhere to a 'world view' of 'reality' that is not even remotely based on reality but is a fabrication or a hyperreality.

In the search for the ever elusive 'happiness' Americans are told by mass media which products they need for 'happiness' to reign supreme in their lives and they are told which humans are worthy of their adulation and adoration.

Americans, by concentrating on acquisition and the attainment of godlike status bestowed upon them by the worshiping and adoring fans, ignore looming threats to all life on Earth.

Americans are thrown into a whirlwind of acquisition - 'the one with the most toys wins'. Self-aggrandizement is a requirement as we are forced to mimic the politically correct celebrities that inhabit our every waking moment in the vain and useless attempt at social mobility.

The cult of materialistic consumerism that most Americans adhere to is as shallow, frayed and bullet hole ridden as a cardboard cutout of the latest Marvel comicbook villian used as a target at the nearest Federal alphabet agency shooting range.

Americans have become mean spirited in the competitive scramble for the top rungs of the ladder but the ladder keeps getting shorter and shorter. The value to American culture of an individual human life, a life that has not attained media coverage, is rapidly approaching zero.

Americans categorize and harshly judge other people even when consciously attempting not to.

As a culture The problem with this reduction in value of the individual human life is that once a single human life can be sacrificed, in the name of progress, then any number can be sacrificed.

And if an individual human life is of no value then how can those things that are less than human life, the Earth, the trees, the animals and all other life, be of any value?

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The driving forces of American culture are:

consumerism - also known as gluttony driven by greed

celebrity worship - also known as idolatry driven by envy and lust

acquisition - also known as envy or lust driven by greed

shortcuts - also known as sloth driven by pride

righteousness - also known as wrath driven by pride

If you are perfectly satisfied with your life, understand humanity, understand the reality of Earth and are perfectly happy with current American culture then there is no need to read any further. If not, read on!

I gathered and presented the information in this section, unique library, because I have always searched for the truth. I am tired of all the lies that are fed to common working Americans in general. I have attempted to verify all information presented as accurate and true.

Anything that has been found to be false is immediately corrected upon realization. I have presented these writings as I feel this is the only way the wisdom I have gained over a lifetime has a chance of being perpetuated.

For those who have the ability to remove the veil from their eye's and see.

"Ask, and you will be given what you ask for.
Seek, and you will find.
Knock, and the door will be opened.
For everyone who asks, receives.
Anyone who seeks, finds.
If only you will knock, the door will open.

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This website defines a new perspective with which to engage reality to which its author adheres. The author feels that the falsification of reality outside personal experience has forged a populace unable to discern propaganda from reality and that this has been done purposefully by an international corporate cartel through their agents who wish to foist a corrupt version of reality on the human race. Religious intolerance occurs when any group refuses to tolerate religious practices, religious beliefs or persons due to their religious ideology. This web site marks the founding of a system of philosophy named The Truth of the Way of the Lumière Infinie - a rational gnostic mystery religion based on reason which requires no leap of faith, accepts no tithes, has no supreme leader, no church buildings and in which each and every individual is encouraged to develop a personal relation with the Creator and Sustainer through the pursuit of the knowledge of reality in the hope of curing the spiritual corruption that has enveloped the human spirit. The tenets of The Truth of the Way of the Lumière Infinie are spelled out in detail on this web site by the author. Violent acts against individuals due to their religious beliefs in America is considered a "hate crime."

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American social mores and values have declined precipitously over the last century as the corrupt international cartel has garnered more and more power. This power rests in the ability to deceive the populace in general through corporate media by pressing emotional buttons which have been preprogrammed into the population through prior corporate media psychological operations. The results have been the destruction of the family and the destruction of social structures that do not adhere to the corrupt international elites vision of a perfect world. Through distraction and coercion the direction of thought of the bulk of the population has been directed toward solutions proposed by the corrupt international elite that further consolidates their power and which further their purposes.

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