anagogic exposition

The Mandelbrot Set

Chinese charater for image

"My speech is imperfect.

Not as I want to shine with words,

but out of the impossibility

of finding those words

I speak in images.

With nothing else can I express

the words from the depths."

Carl Gustav Jung

An image is an iconic mental representation.

"Man has built in himself images as a fence of security - religious, political, personal.

These images manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs.

The burden of these images dominates man's thinking and his relationships in his daily life.

These images cause problems as they divide men.

His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind."- J. Krishnamurti

The Lonely American

"When prefabricated images accompany our stories (in the form of storybooks and television) the image-forming capacity never gets a chance to fully develop, and we are rendered incapable of conceiving anything other than what is presented us." - Charles Eisenstein

The Natural Effect

A Brief History of Advertising in America

"Advertising gained considerable momentum after World War II.

The average American adult sees about 21,000 commercial messages a year.

100 corporations pay for about 75% of commercial television time.

They also pay for about half the public television time.

Advertising for a 30 second segment in prime time costs over $200,000.

Only the largest corporations can afford it." - Donald O. Mayer

Advertising, disguised to entertain, is an effective method of luring victims.

During World War I athletes were enlisted to endorse advertised products.

Charles Lindbergh cut deals with Mobil Oil, Vacuum Oil, AC spark plugs and Wright Aeronautical before his solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927.

Mirror neurons allow celebrity edorsements to possess us.

Giving commercial speech constitutional protection gives the impression that deceptive commercial speech is honest, aboveboard and straight forward.

"Large-scale advertising is one of the main factors in American society that maintains a peculiar form of narcissism ideally suited to consumerism.

As such, it creates artificial needs within people that directly conflict with their capacity to form a satisfying and sustainable relationship with the natural world." - Mary Gomes and Allen Kanner

Advertisers need you.

"All are dependent for most of their revenue upon the good will of the wealthy families which control the bulk of advertising. " - Ferdinand Lundberg, America's 60 Families, 1937 

"A ban on fast-food advertising to children would cut the national obesity rate by as much as 18%, according to a new study conducted by the National Bureau of Economic Research and funded by the National Institutes of Health." - Emily Bryson York, 11/19/08

The only way you will attain hip sophistication is by using their products.

Advertisers push the envelope of moral acceptability to be "edgy."

Advertisers target the desire of the victim to be attractive and accepted.

Calvin Klein* advertising campaign featuring images by photographer Stephen Meisel* is an example.

Adolescent models, photographed in various stages of undress, poised to offer both sexual pleasures and the fantasy of sexual availability.

Filmmakers manipulate our emotions using color

"Advertising has learned to capitalize on the longings of the: in-arms deprived public by holding out promises which seem to say, "If you had this you would feel right again." - Jean Liedloff

Women Against Pornography condemned Calvin Klein's earlier suggestive advertisements with an adolescent Brooke Shields.

Nicholas de Gunzburg*, the "fur and fabric editor" of Vogue magazine was Calvin Klein's mentor.

Calvin Klein's first key partner was fellow entrepreneur Barry Schwartz*.

The Guess company, founded by the Marciano* brothers who share control of the firm with the Nakash* family, followed the same advertising strategy to sell jeans as Calvin Klein.

Guess and Jordache Jeans Settle War Over Ownership

Media Watch called for a boycott of Guess, charging that its ads demean women, integrating sex with violence.

global marketplace

Hunter-gatherers and the mythology of the market

Our broken mental models are at the root of global systemic crises

marketing fraud

"The notion of a self-regulating and self-balancing market, as organic in self-maintenance as the human body or an ecosystem has become a prevalent cultural ideology and article of faith of Corporatism."- Jamie Court

"Sales pitches metamorphize reality into miracles with nothing changed.

We are conditioned to the magical thinking - the pervasive images and parables of aphrodisiac doorways to paradise, redeeming graces for those rejected by people who pretend to care for us." - John McMurtry

A simple psychological trick exists.

If one is told two pieces of information separated by a 'but', one is more likely to give greater weight and remember the phrase after the 'but'.

A parallel technique is to raise a weak form of objection to the message at the beginning and then answer with the message they intend to get across.

Even if the marketer' answer would not rationally pass muster were the receiver of the message to reflect upon it, this method of framing makes it more likely that people will accept the message without reflection.

Raising and then answering objections reduces likely objections later.

Most importantly for the marketer, the marketer now gets to frame the debate in terms that bias reaction towards the outcome desired.

"The strengthening of behavior which results from reinforcement is appropriately called 'conditioning'. In operant conditioning, we 'strengthen' an operant in the sense
of making a response more probable or, in actual fact, more frequent
." - BF Skinner

fair advertising and government bodies

"If you're in government, you can lie to your heart's content so long as the lie is intended to advance your agenda." - Jonathan Chait

Most dairy cows live miserable lives in over crowded barren dirt lots.

Dairy cows are artificially inseminated as no pregnancy = no milk.

Dairy cows are pumped full of hormones, including bovine growth hormones, so they give 10 times as much milk as they would naturally.

Their calves are carted off to veal crates.

At about age 5 'happy' cows are turned into hamburgers.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, filed a law suit that stated that the California Milk Advisory Board, a State of California governmental agency, had falsely advertised conditions under which dairy cattle live in the "happy cows" advertising campaign.

PETA's suit failed on the grounds that government agencies are exempt from fair advertising laws.

Fairness Doctrine

buy a politician

"Television is just another appliance
- it's a toaster with images."
Mark Fowler

R.I.P., Fairness Doctrine

"The clear intent of the fairness doctrine was to prevent a monopoly of commercial values from overwhelming democratic values - to assure that the official image of reality - corporate or government - was not the only image of reality that reached the people." - Bill Moyers

"To say Americans don't need the Fairness Doctrine because opinions censored by private owners of big media companies can still appear somewhere on the Internet - even though only a tiny fraction of the public will ever encounter them - is to proclaim the absolute right to forward only opinions of the plutocrats and oligarchs controlling the industrial-military-media-corporate complex." - Mark Gabrish Conlan

1960s FCC applies the Fairness Doctrine to require cigarette makers to include the surgeon general's warnings in their television and radio ads.

Polluters are required to notify the public when advertising a toxic product.

Advertisers of gas guzzling automobiles have to provide rebuttal time for public interest advocates to debate the impact of wasteful fuel consumption.

1969 Supreme Court unanimously upholds the Fairness Doctrine in the Red Lion case: "it is the right of the viewers and listeners, not the right of the broadcasters which is paramount."

1973 Heritage Foundation sets up shop.

"If you want to see when (neo)conservatives were in trouble go back the year the Heritage Foundation set up shop.

We were just a handful of people in a few rented rooms.

At that time there were no cable outlets like Fox News.

There was no (neo)conservative talk radio, because the Fairness Doctrine was still in effect." - Edwin Feulner, Heritage Foundation

1988 A Syracuse, New York, television station has broadcast nine paid editorials advocating the construction of a nuclear power plant.

The station refuses to air opposing viewpoints of an anti-nuke group.

Three Ronald Reagan appointees side with the television station applying a laissez-faire privatization philosophy to the airwaves.

Broadcasters henceforth are under no obligation to air opposing views.

"C-SPAN is seen regularly by twice as many men as women. Less well educated individuals and those who do not use computers most often say they never watch the channel." - Pew Research Center

1995 C-SPAN launches Washington Journal, a political talkshow described as a "flagship viewer call-in program."

Airing seven mornings a week, usually three hours per day, Washington Journal generally features a host, guests and viewer calls.

"Years ago, if I wanted to place a bad story,
I would have bribe an investigative reporter.

He'd resist due to journalistic standards.

He'd have to spend weeks,
if not months, on the research."

Eric Dezenhall

November 1, 2004 to April 30, 2005

Extra! studies Washington Journal guestlist, tabulating all 663 guests that appear on the show.

Guests are classified by gender, ethnicity, party affiliation and profession.

The study also looks at the think tanks most prominently represented.

Washington Journal favors right-of-center interview subjects.

No representative of a third party appeared during the study period.

The American Enterprise Institute and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace were the best-represented think tanks.

The Brookings Institution had seven appearances, followed by the Heritage Foundation and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, two conservative groups whose experts each appeared five times.

Only the Center for International Policy provided two left-leaning guests.

Citizen-based organizations and public interest advocates accounted for 9%.

Union representatives, environmentalists and consumer rights groups accounted for just six guest appearances, or 1% of the total.

"No more than four out of ten [cable viewers] ever watch C-SPAN.

I took at face value what people were saying - in the government and in the corporate media and in business over the years - that all they really cared about was fairness and objectivity.

I don't want the government to tell me what I can listen to.

I would trust the public at large any day to make a decision over what is good and what is evil." - Brian Lamb

Absent a resurrection of the Fairness Doctrine, civic life, already invisible on television, will become an irrelevant relic to the next generation.

They will know little to nothing about relevant issues or why participatory democracy was considered important for maintaining liberty.

alternate facts

'Fake News' And How The Washington Post Rewrote Its Story On Russian Hacking Of The Power Grid

Learn to spot 'alternative facts' in science

"We are vunerable to video lies."

David Gelernter*

It seems rather ironic that anyone would complain about fake news considering the fact that the News Distortion rule was abandoned and that the federal government made it legal to disseminate domestic propaganda.

VNRs (also referred to as fake television "news") or ANR's (audio "news" releases) are video or audio segments designed to be indistinguishable from independently-produced "news" reports.

Laurence Moskowitz* is President, Chief Executive and Chairman of Board of Medialink Worldwide and Director of the Jewish Community Federation.

Medialink Worldwide specializes in "news" releases.

Television stations incorporate VNRs into their newscasts, rarely alerting viewers to the source of the footage.

While government-funded VNRs have been most controversial, most VNRs are paid for by corporations.

Laurence Moskowitz worked with the Radio-Television News Directors Association to establish a "code of ethics" based on full disclosure relating to the production and distribution of VNRs - a "code of ethics" which appears to have been compromised as VNRs orginations are rarely disclosed!

ANRs may be simply the audio element of a video news release, from a satellite media tour or can be tailor made.

On its website, one corporation outlines that it "will prepare a script, record necessary soundbites, and then have the script professionally voiced. We will then produce and edit the ANR into a final mixed cut, and after approval from our client, distribute it to radio stations throughout the country."

fake news

"We extol the virtues of the free press, but
the reality is that our press really is not free."

Syed Hussani

snope this

Snopes Lies and Misleads Readers

A Snopes fail on the Gruber fact-check

Think that blog opinion is honest? Think again.

Tens of thousands of bloggers are writing sponsored posts.

"Using a blog to attract and engage customers is fast becoming a popular marketing strategy." - Karen E. Klein

Check out PayPerPost Inc. which states on it's web site:

"PayPerPost is the leading marketplace for Consumer Generated Advertising. The PayPerPost platform connects advertisers and Consumer Content Creators to deliver compelling marketing messages.

The marketplace is fueled by the self-expression of bloggers, videographers, photographers, podcasters and participants in social networks."

A blogger convention teaches bloggers how to "monetize your voice."

"Why should you attend PostieCon '07?

Two words: Rock Star.

Bloggers and Internet personalities are Rock Stars of the information age.

Bloggers reach millions of dedicated fans on a day to day basis, it's easy to see why today's humble blogger could potentially be tomorrow's Rock Star.

That's why PostieCon '07's theme is "You're A Rock Star".

We are here to educate bloggers on how to build traffic and readership, use your notoriety and unique brand to create value and monetize your voice."

"Advertisers are trying to buy a blogger's voice, and once they've bought it they own it." - Jeff Jarvis

"PayPerPost versus authentic blogging is like comparing prostitution with making love to someone you care for deeply." - Jason MaCabe Calacanis

Pay per post sites include ReviewMe, Loud Launch,

"Corporate blogs are giving established companies and obscure brands alike the ability to connect with their audiences on a more personal level, collect valuable feedback and foster strengthened business relationships.

More importantly, these companies are enjoying tangible returns in their blogging investment in the form of increased sales, partnerships, business opportunities, press coverage and lead generation." -

CEO and exec bloggers include:

Jean-Luc Collet = IBM Academy of Technology;
Bob Parsons;
Mark Cuban;
Irving Wladawsky-Berger;
David Sifry = Technorati;
Alan Meckler = Jupitermedia, Inc.;
Bill Marriott = Marriott International;
Bob Langert = Director Corporate Social Responsibility for McDonald's;
Robert "Bob" A. Lutz = General Motors, Product Development;
David Bain = 'viral marketing';
Jonathan Ian Schwartz = CEO Care Zone;
Karen Christensen = CEO Berkshire Publishing Group;
Richard Edelman = CEO Edelman, first use Web in crisis management;
Ted Leonsis = Vice Chairman of America Online;
Zane Safrit, CEO Conference Calls Unlimited

" runs a business called Mechanical Türk where people get paid to do little tasks that computers can't do." - Arlen Parsa

"Parsa saw a request to review Belkin' consumer electronics products.

The instructions were to "give a 100% rating," "write as if you own the product and use it," and to mark any negative reviews as "not helpful."

The request was posted by Belkin's business development representative, Mike Bayard, who offered 65 cents for each positive review.

Parsa noted that the product Bayard was paying people to praise "has consistently gotten bad reviews" from real users.

Belkin responded by saying it "does not participate in, nor does it endorse, unethical practices like this." - The Daily Background, January 16, 2009

How to respond to information about the air force

Official Blog of the US Air Force

NSA Preps America for Future Battle

"Capt. Faggard writes The Official Blog of the US Air Force; has pages on YouTube, MySpace and Facebook; helps publicize a Second Life area called Huffman Prairie; contributes to iReport (user name USAFPA); and is on Friendfeed, Digg, Delicious, Slashdot, Newsvine, Reddit. There's Air Force widgets. And there's even a video mashup contest for high schools to show school spirit sponsored by the Air Force." - David Meerman Scott

"Other branches of the military are also getting into the social networking game, along with other branches of government. The Army also has its own Twitter feed, as does the Department of Homeland Security, the Bush White House, and the Joint Forces Command, the State Department, and the Israeli Consulate in New York." - Sheldon Rampton

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