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Subconscious Manipulation by Corporations

"The manufacturer would monetize that data by selling it.

And we were supposed to pay for the privilege.

I wondered what the point was of my getting so worked up over government surveillance if my friends, neighbors, and fellow citizens were more than happy to invite corporate surveillance into their homes, allowing themselves to be tracked while browsing in their pantries as efficiently as if they were browsing the web.

It would still be another half decade before the robotics revolution, before "virtual assistants" like Amazon Echo and Google Home were welcomed into the bedroom and placed proudly on nightstands to record and transmit all activity within range, to log all habits and preferences (not to mention fetishes and kinks), to be developed into advertising algorithms and converted into cash.

The data we generate just by living will enrich private enterprise and impoverish our private existence in equal measure.

If government surveillance was having the effect of turning the citizen into a subject, at the mercy of state power, then corporate surveillance was turning the consumer into a product, which corporations sold to other corporations, data brokers, and advertisers." - Edward Snowden

Rise of Corporations

Legend of the Powell Memo

Unequal Protection: How Corporations Became 'People'

Corporations Are More Powerful Than Governments

Obscure legal system lets corporations sue countries

The Myth of the Corporate Death Penalty

Mega-Mergers Are Killing Innovation

corporate personhood

Do Taxpayers Know They Are
Handing Out Billions to Corporations?

The Powell Memo: A Call-to-Arms for Corporations

Powell Memorandum: Attack On American Free Enterprise System

Lewis Powell Memo Launching Corporate Propaganda Infrastructure

Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission

Businesses have worked to cut 'public's right to know'

Secret politics pervade popular companies

"Let us be alert.

Since Auschwitz, we know what man is capable of.

And since Hiroshima, we know what is at stake."

Victor Frankl

"An organization is neither conscious nor alive.

To give organizations precedence over persons is to subordinate ends to means.

When ends are subordinated to means was clearly demonstrated by Hitler and Stalin." - Aldous Huxley

King George III

Which Is Worse:

King George III's Stamp Act or Bill Gates III's Digital Certificates?

"I was struck by the fact that many of our founding fathers' grievances are the same as those felt today. John Hancock complained that King George III had "forbidden his governors to pass laws of immediate and pressing importance"; "affected to render the military independent of and superior to the civil power"; and perhaps most chillingly, "made judges dependent on his will alone." - Chris Jares

1769   King George III grants a charter to Dartmouth College.

King George III suffered from a genetic disorder called porphyria, an over production of the reddish pigments in hemoglobin, which carry oxygen in red blood cells.

King George III displayed many symptoms of porphyria, including abdominal pain, reddish urine and acute mental disturbances.

Similar symptoms had been reported across several generations of the royal (blue blood megalomaniac) lineage due to incestuous relations.

Ironically arsenic containing medicines used to treat some of his symptoms probably exacerbated them as arsenic disrupts hemoglobin production which, paradoxically, triggers many symptoms of porphyria.

Biochemist Martin J. Warren of the University of Kent studied strands of George III's gray hair preserved at London's Science Museum.

They concluded that the hair had an arsenic content of 17 times the level generally considered to indicate arsenic poisoning.

"It is extremely likely arsenic precipitated severe attacks and bouts of madness were due to severe porphyric attacks." - Martin J. Warren

King George III experienced at least five bouts of extreme derangement, each lasting weeks.

King George III occasionally became violent, and he often talked to imaginary people; a tree he thought was King Frederick II of Prussia.

If King George III had not suffered from severe arsenic poisoning there is a real possibility the American colonies may have been dealt with in a entirely different manner and the American Revolution never taken place.

"The Declaration, after all, catalogued the assaults on our freedoms committed by Britain's King George III.

What has been built up over the last two and a quarter centuries is a structure that dwarfs King George III's regime." – K.E. Grubbs

1776  In An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations Adam Smith noted shareholders who do not run their own business' but delegate that task to professional managers made an economic mistake.

Adam Smith felt professional managers could not be trusted to apply the same "anxious vigilance" to manage "other people's money" as they would their own and "negligence and profusion therefore must prevail, more or less, in the management of such an incorporation."

1816 Legislature of New Hampshire alters Dartmouth College charter placing appointment positions in the hands of the governor, adding new members to the board of trustees, and creating a state board of visitors with veto power over trustee decisions.

1819 Supreme Court rules in favor of the Dartmouth College charter and invalidates the act of the New Hampshire Legislature, which in turn allows Dartmouth to continue as a private institution and take back its buildings, seal, and charter.

The majority opinion, John Marshall, reaffirms the sanctity of a contract.

In the words of Chief Justice Marshall in the famous Trustees of Dartmouth College v. Woodward case, corporations are "artifcial being[s], invisible, intangible, and existing only at the intention of the law."

A corporation is a "creature of the law" that does not possess inalienable human rights, but rather "only those properties which the charter of creation confer on it."

Corporations could be extensively regulated, although they never really have been, to ensure that they did not abuse the special privileges and protections governments conferred on them not shared by individuals.

The Supreme Court rules that the corporate charter of Dartmoth College qualifies as a contract between private parties, the King and the trustees, with which the legislature could not interfere.

The contract is valid because the US Constitution said that a state could not pass laws to impair a contract.

Chief Justice Marshall's opinion emphasized that the term "contract" referred to transactions involving individual property rights, not to "the political relations between the government and its citizens."

This was the settled understanding both prior to and after the Civil War when the Fourteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution, requiring states to respect the fundamental rights of all Americans.

1844 In Louisville, C. & C.R. Co. v. Letson, 2 How. 497, 558, 11 L.Ed. 353, the US Supreme Court holds that for the purposes of the case at hand, a corporation is "capable of being treated as a citizen of [the State which created it], as much as a natural person."

1854 Reaffirmed the result of Letson, though on the somewhat different theory that "those who use the corporate name, and exercise the faculties conferred by it," should be presumed conclusively to be citizens of the State of incorporation. Marshall v. Baltimore & Ohio R. Co., 16 How. 314, 329, 14 L.Ed. 953

1886 Santa Clara v. Southern Pacific Railroad Co

Supreme Court never reaches an opinion in the case and it dies.

The court reporter, a former railroad man, inserts the opinion notes of the oral argument of Chief Justice Waite into his published notes.

This appears to be an announcement that corporations are "persons" within the meaning of Fourteenth Amendment.

4 Great Moments in Corporate Malfeasance

10 Great Moments in Corporate Malfeasance

Koch Brothers Flout Law Getting Richer With Iran Sales

Bribery and Corruption Grease Gears of Global Capitalism

EU demands answers from US on financial spying

US Agencies Swap Data With Thousands of Firms

Supreme Court decisions absolving corporations of responsibility for their wrongful or negligent conduct is bad for consumers.

Its impossible for people injured by corporations to be compensated.

Corporations need not consider the public interest or the niceties of the law in the relentless pursuit of profit and everyone is a potential victim.

The entire society is plunged into conditions leading to tragedy.

Corporations were created to convert resources and labor into profit.

Corporate law was invented to limit liability and maximize profit.

Corporate managers often arrange to give themselves enormous salaries.

1896 General Electric is one of the original 12 companies listed on the newly formed Dow Jones Industrial Average.

1911 "Corporation, n. An ingenious device for obtaining individual profit without individual responsibility." - Ambrose Bierce Devil's Dictionary

1927 Federal Reserve bails out the Bank of England by increasing the money supply through cheap loans.

1928 John Merrill, founder of Merrill Lynch, exits the stock market, as do insiders at Lehman Brothers.

1929 John Foster Dulles presides over the Goldman Sachs trusts.

1950 US corporations foot 26% of the total US tax bill.

1964 Gardiner Coit Means shows in The Corporate Revolution in America that the means of production in the US economy is highly concentrated in the hands of the largest 200 corporations.

Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr. theorizes that the fact of economic concentration meant that the effects of competitive-price theory is largely mythical.

Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr., an original member of FDR "Brain Trust", advocates corporate leadership accept full responsibility toward society in addition to their traditional responsibilities toward shareholders.

This is in direct contradiction to nearly all statues governing corporations which require corporations to maximize return to shareholders.

1982 Dow Jones Industrial Average contains not a single financial corporation.

Manipulating the Rules

The Mask of Deception: Corporations vs. Civil Society

The Killing Fields of Multi-National Corporations

Secret Plans to Spy for American Corporations

"Since corporations are "immortal," forged solely to amass wealth, they institutionalize dissatisfaction, the economic manifestation of the Buddhist notion of "hungry ghosts," spirits who roam the earth, always eating, never sated." - Derrick Jensen

The most important challenge to political invention is assuring the one who produces wealth believes that he is being fairly compensated by the association of shareholders, creditors and directors of centralized wealth.

Political officeholders drawn to high profile positions in society exhibit traits such as superficial charm similar to that of serial killers and politicians.

With self-interest paramount a corporation acts exactly like a psychopath.

A corporation is like a human psychopath in that:

Corporations are irresponsible - everything is 'at risk' to satisfy goals.

Corporations are manipulative - they manipulate public opinion.

Corporations have delusions of grandeur - "we're number one".

Corporations lack empathy and exhibit antisocial tendencies.

Corporations relate superficially - all that matters are appearances.

Corporations are unable to accept responsibility as they cannot feel remorse.

Corporations are designed to exploit nature for profit.

The cost of negotiated settlements, adjudicated civil suits and fines for illegal activities is just another cost of doing business.

Purposely breaking the law or failing to warn of a potential danger is likely to cost less than complying or warning potential users of known defects.

Whether it is breaking the law or failing to warn of:

1,2-dichloroethane in toys;

pharmaceutical side effects;

endocrine disruption by polymer solvents;

thyroid disruption by fire retardants.

In most cases fines, civil penalties and settlements paid by the corporation are trivial compared to the dangerously self-obsessed profits generated.

For corporations socially responsibile acts are simply public relations ploys.

corporate marketing advertisement

Corporate social responsibility is illegal.

Corporate social responsibility is an oxymoron.

A corporation, by definition of corporate law, is singularly self-interested.

The "best interests of the corporation" priciple, a fixture of corporate law, compels corporate decision makers always to act in the best interests of the corporation and its shareholders.

The law forbids any other motivation for actions, whether to assist workers, improve the environment, or help consumers save money.

Corporate officers can give away their own money, as private citizens but as corporate officials, however, stewards of other people's money, they have no legal authority to pursue such goals as ends in themselves - only as means to serve the corporate interests - to maximize the wealth of shareholders.

"The corporate design contained in hundreds of corporate laws across the face of the Earth is nearly identical.

The people who run corporations have a legal duty to shareholders, and that duty is to make money.

Failing this duty can leave directors and officers open to being sued by shareholders (non-voting shares may have an arbitration clause).

The law dictates to the corporation to pursue of its own self-interest - and equates corporate self-interest with shareholder self-interest.

No mention is made of responsibility to the public interest.

Corporate law thus casts ethical and social concerns as irrelevant, or as stumbling blocks to the corporation's fundamental mandate." - Robert Hinkley, corporate lawyer

keep corporatism flying

database of paper aeroplanes

"I have been saying for the some time now that America has only one party - the property party.

It's the party of big corporation, the party of money.

It has two right wings; one is Democrat, the other Republican." - Gore Vidal

"Business enterprise is a creature of a society, and society can put any business out of existence overnight.

Enterprise exists on sufferance and exists only as long as society believes that it does a necessary, useful, and productive job." - Peter F. Drucker

"Until the Supreme Court overturns corporate personhood, elected representatives will be voting for the good of corporations, not for the good of people." - Gordon Vanderslice

1990 US corporations now contribute 9% of the total US tax bill.

early 1990s

"¾ of the federal government research money is consumed by the DoD.

½ of American scientists and engineers are employed as military contractors.

The needs of the Pentagon skew entire industries.

Communities arise out of nowhere, and as suddenly collapse.

Economists argue endlessly about the impact of military spending.

The effect of military spending on government budgets is plain enough: investments of one kind diminish investments of another." - Cullen Murphy


September 11, 2001

SEC offices are destroyed in the World Trade Center.

"The SEC has not quantified the number of active cases in which substantial files were destroyed.

Reuters and the Los Angeles Times published reports estimating them at 3,000 to 4,000.

They include the agency's major inquiry into the manner in which investment banks divvied up hot shares of initial public offerings during the high-tech boom." - Margaret Cronin Fisk

2002 to 2007

US Justice Department wins 1,236 convictions in corporate fraud cases.

2004 The wealthiest 1% of American citizens own 36.9% of all stock.

30% of stock is enough to fully control most corporations.

2007 Warren Buffet states he feels no imperative to invest in socially responsible corporations or to press those corporations in which he invests to be socially responsible.

2008 AIG, the 18th-largest publically traded corporation on Earth, is delisted from the Dow Jones Industrial Average.

The Center for Responsive Politics found lawmakers had as much as $196 million invested in corporations doing business with the DoD.

Many corporations are not recognized as defense contractors and yet a substantial amount of their business comes from supplying the military.

Pepsico is paid $286 million; IBM is paid $291 million; Tyson is paid $335 million; Goodrich is paid $344 million; Procter & Gamble is paid $362 million; Kraft is paid $500 million; Dell is paid $636 million; FedEx is paid $1.3 billion and Exxon is paid $1.2 billion.

Also on the payroll is Disney, Apple, Oakley, Nestle, Heinz and Hershey.

"When we buy Crest toothpaste, Oscar Mayer hotdogs or a Playstation we are supporting an increasingly militarized civilian economy." - Nick Turse

2009 Bank of America, General Electric and ExxonMobil pay no tax.

January 21, 2010 Quest for corporate personhood completed.

Corporations can now make unlimited, direct political contributions.

"The decision of the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission paves the way for unlimited corporate spending in elections, drowning out the average voice in public policy debates." - Bob Edgar 1/10

Paths Citizens United Created for Foreign Money to Pour Into US Elections


The logic of externalization applies to any and all acting parties.

Profits accrue to those who most successfully externalize their costs.

A corporation looking to extract resources must con-vince land guardians the corporation aims to provide vital resource management which will create an enhanced cost-benefit ratio not possible without corporate intervention.

Corporate owners know that the eternal formula for business success is to make someone else pay as much of the costs as possible to maximize profits.

Do the printers of unwanted junk mail have to pay the costs of disposing it?

Do makers of chemicals pay clean up costs contaminated groundwater?

Do frackers have to pay the costs of cleaning the aquifers they contaminate?

Do the makers and users of nitrogen fertilizer pay for eutrophication?

Would plastic be cheap if medical costs of toxic byproducts was added?

"A corporation tends to be more profitable to the extent it can make other people pay the bills for its impact on society.

The corporation is an externalizing machine, in the same way that a shark is a killing machine.

There isn't any question of malevolence or of will; the corporation has within it, and the shark has within it, those characteristics that enable it to do that for which it was designed.

As a result the corporation is potentially very, very damaging to society." - Robert Monks

The age of impunity

Luxembourg Leaks

How the world really works

Delaware: An Onshore Tax Haven

The World's Favorite New Tax Haven Is the United States

Ralph Nader Goes to Cayman Island Offshore Tax Haven

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