behind the veil of cognitive blindness

Theory of how brain weeds out irrelevant info

Jacques Ellul: A Prophet for Our Tech-Saturated Times

"Colors there seem rarified, detached from all substance, diffracted into the air, floating on the surface of things.

Hence the spectral, ghostly, and at the same time veiled, translucent and subtle impression made by the landscapes.

And the mirage effect - a temporal mirage too - which comes near to total illusion.

The rocks, sands, crystals and cacti are eternal, but they are also ephemeral, unreal, and detached from substance.

The vegetation is minimal, but indestructible, and each new spring sees a miracle of bloom.

By contrast, light itself has substance here.

Floating like a powder on the air, it gives all shades of color that pastel nuance that seems the very image of disincarnation, of the separation of the body from the spirit." - Jean Baudrillard

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain

The Veil of Cognitive Blindness, spoken of in mythology, blinds the mind's eye as a direct result of the compartmentalized bicameral human brain.

The left brain automatically veils the emotional sensations of the right brain as well as the sensations of the reptilian brain, of experiencing reality directly, as they are too intense for the conscious mind to absorb.

This allows men to travel in chariots at high speeds through the air.

Human rational consciousness, a strictly left brain phenomenon, only began with the Wetiko revolution and the need for rational dissociation.

It is a learned process where right brain emotional sensations and sensatory consciousness are subconsciously veiled by rational dissociation.

A learned process brought into being by cataclysm and catastrophe.

No longer able to just 'live' humans had to start conniving for a future.

"Ancient peoples could not "think" as we do today and were therefore "unconscious," a result of the domination of the right hemisphere; only catastrophe forced mankind to "learn" rational consciousness, a product of human history and culture and one that issues from the brain's left hemisphere." - Julian Jaynes (What a long strange trip its been!)

Ancient human beings had no sense of an interior, directing stream of consciousness.

Rather, they accepted commands from what appeared to them to be an externalized agency, God, which they obeyed blindly, without question.

Like puppets on strings they followed the commands of instinct - directed by an unseen right brain subconscious.

"The ancient brain was "bicameral," with the two brains working essentially independently of each other.

The left half of the brain, the logical, language-using half, generated ideas and commands, which the right brain then obeyed.

These commands were subjectively perceived by the right brain as coming from "outside"- as if a God was speaking." - Julian Jaynes

Wizards plying the art of transformational linguistics use psycholinguistics for hypnotic trance induction and neurolinguistics to set commands.

Suspense is characterized by the presence of words that
convey how things appear to be rather than how they really are.

Anyone that formulates the thought they are beyond cognitive blindness is surely cognitively blind.

Only rational thought processing systems have the ability to consider cognitive blindness but rational dissociation is where the blindness lies.

Emotional intelligence processing systems see only rabbit holes in the Swiss cheese of logical reflection of rational thought processing systems.

Rational thought processing systems are riddled with rabbit holes and wormholes that truly look like Swiss cheese to anyone within the Thinspace.

Behind the Veil of Cognitive Blindness buried deep within the stacks of the Akashic Records are all the unnoticed details of living events.

When we focus on ritual re-enactment of a living event we soon begin to understand its nuances but ritual repeated too frequently losses potency.

When we no longer consciously think deeply about our actions and simply re-enact a learned, or conditioned, response we are rationally dissociated.

Our re-enactment becomes an ingrained behavioral reaction.

We are no longer consciously aware of command response.

This also occurs with thoughts as they cross our conscious awareness.

Unpleasant thoughts we may want to put out of mind - forever!

We may lift the curtain of the Veil and carefully place these behind it.

Successful repression allows emptiness to replace unpleasant memories.

We instinctively repress knowledge that does not immediately benefit us or fit neatly into our current worldview.

That knowledge waits silently in our subconscious waiting for the right key to unlock its mystery.

Behind the Veil of Cognitive Blindness is a Labyrinth.

That is why it is good to leave a golden thread.


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infancy and cognitive awareness

Cognitive awareness in infancy is intolerable.

Recognizing oneself as a living being unable to care for oneself is intolerable.

To survive life reacts to stimuli.

Stimuli is sensation that says you are nearing the edge of tolerable environmental conditions.

We start building our cognitive veils, the Wall which we must find a Door through, in infancy.

nastiest cognitive trap

thought construct:

in this moment I am not happy but ...

I will be happy ...

if these future "conditions" are met.

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