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"International terrorism threat is directly connected to American imperialism and humiliation of Muslims worldwide.

Rein in imperialism and stop humiliating Muslims to discover a greatly diminished terrorism threat." - Robert Lentz

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In every culture, in all places and ages there is a constant tension between literal history and cultural myths.

In open cultures history is foundationally evident.

In closed cultures history supported by narrative wins.

In open cultures there is no forbidden knowledge.

In closed cultures many subjects are strictly taboo.

The pendulum of culture swings back and forth between fully open and fully closed rarely reaching apogee.

Elites use the Hegelian dialect to maintain their power.

The cost is never borne by those in power who profit.

"The Ministry of Truth wins at first, but in the end a Winston and a Julia emerge victorious. " - Al Anderson

Osama Bin Laden

"The corporate media sector strives to beautify leaders,
to entrance the community by keeping people concerned with trivia,
to stir up emotions and unnatural desire until corruption is widespread."

Usamah bin Mohammad bin Laden

The invasion of Afghanistan was presented as a war against the Taliban as well as a war against Islam as represented by the fanatic Wahhabi cult.

The truth is it is a war against Gnosis presented as a war against Mythos.

The concept of a clash of civilizations is as old as civilization itself.

Hellenism smashed head on into cultures from Crimea, Persia, Jerusalem, the Indus Valley and Eygpt.

Rome clashed with Celtic Gaul and eventually the rest of the known world.


Young Islam on Trek: A Study in the Clash of Civilizations, Basil Mathews.

1946 Albert Camus popularizes the term 'clash of civilizations'.

1988 Girilal Jain adopted it in his analysis of the Ayodhya dispute.

Babri Masjid is built on land traditionally considered by Hindus to be the birthplace of the Hindu deity, Rama.

Babur built Babri Masjid on the birth ground of Rama, prefiguring the Ayodhya dispute.

Biology of Belief

The "War on Terror" or "Long War" has been presented by think tank experts, journalists and academics as another "Clash of Civilizations".

First marketed to NATO as a rally point by Bernard Lewis it was defined as an epistemological battle between Logos and Mythos with Western civilization - the 'advanced' 'rational' social culture based on science, logic and reason - representing reality {Logos} and Islam representing myth {Mythos}.

Epistemology is the branch of science and philosophy that concerns knowledge, specifically, how we know what we know.

Mythos, relying on intuition and emotion, embodies a form of mental artistry which symbolically and aesthetically resonates with an individual's past subconscious experiences of personal events leading to a mythically enlightened understanding of reality or emotional intelligence.

Logos relies on linear thinking, reason and logic, on what we call rational ways of knowing, the building blocks of scientific discovery.

The Spiritual/Mythos (subconscious/right brain) and the Rational/Logos (conscious/left brain) thought forms exist together in every society but religious literalists and secular ideologues are blind to that reality.

The utopian visions of secular ideologues, as well as those of religious literalists, are really only delusions of socially engineered grandeur.

The Open Conspiracy

Theocratic absolutists of all types - Historians, Transhumanist, Statist, Militarist, Transsexuals and Consumers - worship at the altar of blind faith.

Absolutists demand obedience to 'sacred books' or schools of thought.

Critical thinking and intellectual pursuits are to be condemned.

In the madrasah, the Islamic religious schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan, students are strictly forbidden from learning anything except the Qur'an - as a literal historical text.

Without an understanding of metaphor, archetypes, cognitive and cultural bias and historical perspective the Qur'an presents an out of context Mythos just as the Christian Bible and the Talmud do.

Wahhabi envision themselves not as individuals with desires, a relatively modern notion, but as Automatons for Allah.

This is also true with Christian Zionists like Chris Kyle, the American Sniper, who believed in "killing ragheads" for Jesus.

"We have to recognize that Jewish blood and the blood of a goy are not the same thing." - rabbi Yitzhak Ginsburg, New York Times 6/6/89

Beliefs, not just psychosis, can spur violence

1095  Pope Urban II launches the First Crusade after hearing the balance of power in the central Asian Seljuk empire has dissolved into infighting.

1220  Discord flares up in the Empire of Chingiz Khan.

Mongols are shamanists venerate the forces of Nature while also acknowledging the existence of a unifying mystery like Native Americans.

In response to the Crusades and the Mongol invasion Islam turns from the path of enlightenment towards a more literal translation of the Quran much as Christianity had done over 800 years earlier.

The path of literal religious zealotry creates cultural stagnation as thought outside traditional thought patterns is forbidden.

The stagnation in Saudi Arabian Wahhabbism mirrors the stagnation that occurred in the Christian countries of the decadent Holy Roman Empire.

death on the line

"So it is down to you and it is down to me."

… in the battle of wits between Wesley and the Sicilian
in the movie The Princess Bride the Sicilian states,

"You fell victim to one of the classic blunders

- never get involved in a land war in Asia."

Vizzini From Princess Bride

"Who rules East Europe commands the Heartland;

Who rules the heartland commands the World Island;

Who rules the World Island commands the World."

Sir Halford Mackinder

government sponsored revolution

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