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A Scientist Trippin' On LSD Discovered DNA

Psychedelic drugs altering mainstream medicine

LSD 'wrongly linked with mental health problems

5 Harmful Myths We Need to Stop Telling About LSD

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LSD could help alcoholics stop drinking, AA founder believed

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

Hurdy Gurdy Man

Purple Haze

"My own LSD experiences is that all aspects of the world
become meaningful rather than meaningless." - Alan Watts

1949 LSD suggested as a tool in psychotherapy.

The following year saw the first studies in medical/psychiatric journals.

"The potential of LSD seems to be extraordinary and unique.

The ability of LSD to deepen, intensify and accelerate the psychotherapeutic process is incomparably greater than that of any other drug used as an adjunct to psychotherapy, with the exception perhaps of some other entheogens." - Stanislav Grof

The Czechoslovakian psychiatrist Stanislav Grof treated psychological problems with lysergic acid diethylamide for several years while legal.

1950 to 1965 LSD is used in conjunction with therapy on an estimated 40,000 people worldwide with generally good results.

International symposia are held in Princeton, London and Amsterdam.

1953 CIA case officer dispatched to Basil, Switzerland.

Sandoz agrees to sell its entire supply - 10 kilograms - for $240,000.

Sidney Gottlieb learns Sandoz is afraid of LSD and has no desire to protect the patent.

Sidney tasks Eli Lilly to work on manufatcuring LSD.

Subproject 6 - pay Eli Lilly chemists to synthsize LSD.

Subproject 73 - does LSD makes a subject easier to hypnosis?

Harris Isbell of Addiction Research Center, Lexington, Kentucky is contracted by Gottlieb to run a series of experiments on prisoners.

One was William Henry Wall, From Healing to Hell.

Another was Eddie Flowers,"It was the worse shit I ever had."

Another was James "Whitie" Bulger.

Was Whitey Bulger's murderous life down to LSD testing by the CIA?

After learning of Whitey Bulger LSD tests, juror has regrets

1955 Subproject 42 - Operation Midnight Climax

Harry Anslinger's most flamboyant agent George Hunter White sets up a "pad" at 225 Chestnut Street on Telegraph Hill.

Agent prostitutes are paid $100 to surreptitiously dose clients drinks with LSD and perform sex.

"When he wasn't operating a national security whorehouse White would cruise the streets tracking down drug pushers." - Federal Bureau of Narcotics

"The LSD, that was just the tip of the iceberg. Write this down: espionage, assassination, dirty tricks, drug experiments, sexual encounters, and the study of prostitution for clandestine use.

That's what I did working for George White and the CIA." - Ira Feldman

1956 Gerald Heard and Sidney Cohen adminster LSD to AA co-founder Bill Wilson and Aldous Huxley.

"A friend of mine, saved from alcoholism, during the last fatal phases of the disease, by a spontaneous theophany, which changed his life as completely as St. Paul's was changed on the road to Damascus, has taken lysergic acid two or three times and affirms that his experience under the drug is identical with the spontaneous experience which changed his life - the only difference being that the spontaneous experience did not last so long as the chemically induced one. There is, obviously, a field here for serious and reverent experimentation." - Aldous Huxley to Father Thomas Merton, January 10, 1959

1959 Timothy Leary is chewing Magic Mushrooms.

Ken Kesey is the 25-year-old holder of a fellowship in creative writing at Stanford University, supplementing his grant by earning $75 a day on one of the government's drug research program at Menlo Park Veterans' Hospital.

Part of an intellectual colony in Perry Lane, Stanford's answer to Greenwich Village, Kesey is awakened by psychedelics.

Kesey, creative juices bubbling with LSD and peyote, writes One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

1961 Lauretta Bender chooses fourteen autistic boys and girls to inject with LSD at Creedmore State Hospital.

Over the next four years see adds more children and increased the dose from 25 micrograms once a week to 150 milligrams a day administered in two doses.

By 1969 Lauretta Bender had produced 8 key articles on LSD and autism after experimenting on 89 children.

There was no control group and no objective metrics.

LSD flattens the brain's energy landscape

"Right from the start the acid culture was fueled by a loosely knit counter­culture-conglomerate - that mingled Harvard lawyers, low-level Chicago gangsters, Swiss bankers, New York jet setters, gold smugglers, Wall Street brokers, Bahamian bankers and real estate hustlers, university professors, international financiers, shifty lawyers, brilliant chemists, Hell's Angels, and young heirs of old WASP money." - Mary Jo Warth, The Acid Profiteers: Drop-Out, Turn-On, Cash-In, Village Voice

Charles Rumsey, a nephew of Averell Harriman, become a missionary for LSD among the Manhattan set.

William Mellon Hitchcock invests.

1963 Harvard University fires Timothy Leary.

William Mellon Hitchcock charges nominal rent for a 55-room mansion in Millbrook, New York.

Hitchcock relegates himself to the four-bedroom gardener's cottage with a Japanese bath in the basement and keeps his jet helicopter in the barn.

Rumsey sends many new disciples to Millbrook for the experimental weekend workshops with Timothy Leary.

Millbrook becomes an experimenters' playground, encouraged by Hitchcock's seemingly endless charity.

Millbrook became the home of the Castalia Foundation, based on Herman Hesse's book The Glass Bead Game.

In the book, Castalia was the name of an intellectual colony.

"Leary and Hitchcock, who claim to be running "experiments" in the LSD field, are actually hosts to a monster party which often fills the mansion with 50 or 60 hippies at a time, eyeballs full of the latest batch of LSD, descending into a five-year-long acid-soaked Millbrook melee." - Mary Jo Warth

1965 The Acid Tests begin.

Trip was the word for an LSD session, borrowed from the term used by the US Army for LSD experiments.

Allen Welsh Dulles orders 100 million doses of LSD from Sandoz.

The CIA and Army spends tens of millions of dollars "testing" LSD, code name EA 1729, and other chemical and biological agents.

Contracts go out to forty-eight different institutions for testing.

The CIA conceals participation by contracting to various colleges, hospitals, prisons, mental hospitals, and private foundations.

"No physical examination of the subject is required prior to the administration of LSD. A doctor need not be present.

Doctors might be called for in the hope they make a diagnosis of mental breakdown which would be useful in discrediting the subject of interest."

Hofmann's Potion

Humphry Osmond and Christopher Mayhew

1950 LSD Experiment - Artist

1950 Housewife on LSD

Alan Watts on LSD

"The drug Gottlieb and his CIA colleagues hoped would control humanity had the opposite effect. In 1966 LSD was banned in California. The federal governmnet soon followed. Richard Nixon called Timothy Leary the "most dangerous man in America." - Stephen Kinzer, Poisoner in Chief

Richard Helms argues administering drugs, including poisoned LSD, to unwitting individuals is the only realistic method of understanding the capability of the intended operational use in influencing human behavior.

1966 Remaining stockpile begins to be passed out across America in the hopes of upending the anti-war movement.

Get the youth - Black, Latino, Wasp, Wop, Rich and Poor alike - all involved in a big dope party !

Possession of LSD becomes a misdemeanour punishable by a fine of $1,000 or one year in prison; manufacture or sale could, as a felony, bring one to five years for the first offence and two to ten years for further offences.

1967 Harold Abramson publishes The Use of LSD in Psychotherapy and Alcoholism.

June 1967 Augustus Owsley Stanley III passes out Purple Barrel Monterey International Pop Festival.

Jimi Hendrix ~ Hey Joe

Janis Joplin ~ Ball & Chain

Association ~ Along Comes Mary

Otis Redding ~ Try a little tenderness

Simon & Garfunkel ~ Sounds of Silence

Buffalo Springfield ~ For What It's Worth

Mamas & the Papas ~ California Dreamin'

Canned Heat & Jefferson Airplane ~ Monterey Pop Festival

Summer of Love 100,000 young people sporting hippie fashions of dress converge in neighborhood of Haight-Ashbury, San Francisco.

A massive dose of LSD increases sense experience to the point where the left brain talking-to-myself consciousness, "little voice", experiences a "white out" which leads to a vacant rational memory of the experience.

The amount of disruption of left brain acculturation is directly proportional to the dose - the higher the dose, the more disruption.

The best way to describe to a left brain what it is like in the right brain visual would be the paintings of Alex Grey.

But that is only visual and a poor description as the colors are heard and not seen, they taste weird, smell funny, and keep slapping, pinching, caressing and sticking you with more and more sensory information.

San Francisco - Scott McKenzie

1968 Sonoma County underground chemistry lab of Tim Scully and Nicholas Sand is producing Orange Sunshine - ALD-52 or 1-acetyl-LSD.

brain receptors

"Inducing a hyper-associative state may have implications for the enhancement of creativity." -

LSD Brain Scan Reveals Stunning Info

LSD:The Spring Grove Experiment

Aldous Huxley, Doors of Perception excerpt

Religion as a Product of Psychotropic Drug Use


Albert Hofmann's Bicycle Trip

Study shows LSD's effects on language and speech

First scans show how LSD affects the brain

Effect of cannabis on ability to ride a bicycle

San Francisco

"Over his long life, Albert Hofmann (the first chemist to synthesize lysergic acid diethylamide) took LSD many times.

Albert Hofmann developed a personal mysticism involving nature, for which he had a lifelong passion.

One thing this very tolerant man decried in the Western drive for facile satisfaction was an alienation from nature.

The use of LSD made him more and more conscious of it.

In nature Albert Hofmann saw "a miraculous, powerful, unfathomable reality." - Robert Stone

1970 Hundreds of articles on the uses of LSD in therapy have appeared in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Journal of Psychology, the Archives of General Psychiatry, the Quarterly Journal of Studies of Alcoholism as well as many non-English-language journals.

Psychiatric and psychotherapeutic conferences have segments devoted to LSD, and two professional organizations are formed for this specialty, one in Europe and the other in North America.

"LSD and other psychedelics function more or less as nonspecific catalysts and amplifiers of the psyche.

In the dosages used in human experimentation, the classical psychedelics do not have any specific pharmacological effects.

They increase the energetic niveau in the psyche and the body which leads to manifestation of otherwise latent psychological processes.

The content and nature of the experiences that these substances induce are thus not artificial products of their pharmacological interaction with the brain ("toxic psychosis"), but authentic expressions of the psyche revealing its functioning on levels not ordinarily available for observation and study.

A person who has taken LSD does not have an "LSD experience," but takes a journey into deep recesses of his or her own psyche." - Stanislav Grof

pissed of pancakes !

LSD Testing (British Troops)

French bread spiked with LSD in CIA experiment

"LSD has a high-risk/high-reward ratio.

Lysergic acid diethylamide requires a time commitment - an LSD trip can last as long as 20 hours.

Early rituals suggest a deliberate, thoughtful approach to drug use.

Leary's ideas about "set and setting" emphasized the importance of the psychological state of the user as well as the environment in which the drug would be used.

The way to avoid a bad hallucinogenic experience has to do with how well you know yourself and how willing you are to remove yourself from bad-vibe people and excessive external stimuli, like televisions or ringing phones.

If we're looking for a yardstick to measure how people's feelings about consciousness have changed over 40 years, we could do worse than to consider the enormous philosophical gulf between LSD and, say, Prozac®.

Whereas one expands consciousness, the other belongs to a class of drugs whose phenomenal success rests largely on their ability to keep the mind from expanding into uncomfortable places (ie facing reality squarely).

One reduces a person's 'functionality' by questioning reality, the other is about being 'functional' while questioning little." - Meghan Daum

2020 Acute dose-dependent effects of lysergic acid diethylamide in a double-blind placebo-controlled study in healthy subjects

Conclusion: We characterized the effects of LSD at different doses to support the dosing of LSD for research and LSD-assisted therapy.

LSD exhibited dose-proportional PKs and first-order elimination.

It produced significant dose-dependent subjective responses starting at the 25µg dose.

A ceiling effect was observed for good drug effects at the 100µg dose.

The 200µg dose induced more ego dissolution but also more anxiety than the 100µg dose.

These results may assist with dose finding for future LSD research.

Ketanserin almost completely prevented the response to the high (200µg) dose of LSD, thus confirming the critical role of 5-HT2A receptors in mediating psychedelic effects of LSD.

keep calm take LSD

and you will:

eat beans and try to fly;

get in a fatal accident on your bicycle;

stare at the sun until your eyes burn out;

give birth to thalidomide fish out of fright;

get lost in the bottom of a rabbit hole somewhere.

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