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Chinese charater for myth

myth : hero

Chinese charater for hero

A hero is one who exhibits extraordinary courage,
fortitude or greatness of soul.

A Narrative Therapy with Men

Superheroes of today are 'bad role models'

Journey From the Psychology of Evil to the Psychology of Heroism

The hero personality module, one of the major personality archetypes, is very important for the psyche, especially a traumatized psyche.

To engage in a task that seems impossible to succeed at the psyche must enter into a mode of thinking alien to survival needs - into the hero personality module allowing a mere mortal man to accomplish amazing feats beyond those of mere mortal men - equivalent to demi-gods.

The hero is the one who comes to participate in life courageously and decently in a natural and honorable way.

Heros, in the myths of old, were greater than mere mortal men or women.

The hero typically was considered to be the offspring of the mating of a god or goddess with a mortal woman or man.

The hero, being a son or daughter of the gods, wears a mantle greater than that of any mere mortal.

The hero, a carrier of godly power beyond the reach of mortal men, travels the connection between Heaven and Earth becoming an Avatar of the Divine.

The hero's sphere of action is in the field of time, in the moment here and now in a sharply defined dual reality - a duality - broken sharply into pairs of opposites:

good and evil;

light and dark;

man and woman;

rich and poor.

Although the hero acts in the present he, or she, is able to draw on a power from outside the visible world that no mortal possess'.

Celtic heros were recognized when they fell into a berserker frenzy (ferg) in which they operated in the red haze of angerly boiling blood.

When Cuchulainn returned from his first expedition fifty naked maidens were sent to meet him, they seized him and submerged in in tubs of water the first of which shattered the second of which boiled over and the third of which was left heated.

( The link between the word for the heat generated by a warrior under the spell of ferg and its homophone which is applied to sexual excitement.)

The concept of reality as a never ending conflict between the dark force of Chaos and the light force of Order is shared by the prophet Zoroaster.

Roman Bishops under Alexander of Alexandria folded into the synthesized religion of Christianity the battle between Ahura Mazda, Order, and Angra Mainyu, Chaos, to fulfill the needs of Emperor Constantine which included conversion of the Roman Legions, followers of the Mithras Mysteries and Jupiter Optimus Maximus Soter, into Pauline Christian followers of Christ.

spark of light

In Eastern thought good and evil is relative to your position.

When one moves out of the transcendent, one comes into a field of opposites.

One has eaten of the Tree of Knowledge, not only of good and evil,
but of male and female, of right and wrong, and of light and dark.

Innocence is lost.

Communion with the Creator is suspended.

The rational mind ceaselessly searches.

Strolling down the library aisles and shifting through the rational knowledge filed away in the Akashic Records for engineered solutions to unsolvable dilemmas.

Everything in the field of time is judged on multiple levels in a dualistic manner by the rational mind - past and future, animate or inanimate, being and nonbeing - which then paints an image of the object or event placed in time within the frame of the perceiver's perspective.

The base biological pair of every human subconscious duality is male and female.

One may be preeminent or may be represented in a more balanced nature.

In Chinese thought this is represented by .

The male subconscious may be called upon to do the heros task of undertaking a heroic journey of going out into the world, engaging the world, bringing home sustenance and protecting the hearth.

The female subconscious may be called upon to do the heros task of undertaking a heroic journey of bearing and nurturing offspring, ordering the household hearth, cultivating sustenance and keeping the home fire burning.

Or the human subconscious duality may take a dark sinister sexualized militarized form that vacillates between the realms of self-focused Eros and projected Thanatos of a collapsing moral order.

"The misuse, overuse and cynical manipulation of the word "hero" exemplifies the erosion of the use of language that dumbs down a media-saturated, news-as-entertainment spoon-fed public with "anyone can be hero."

How sad the acceptance of an inappropriate usage can be so readily embraced by a feel-good-at-any-price populace." - William Comelately

"The knowledge that heroic deeds are recorded and revered encourages acts of bravery and self-sacrifice that otherwise run contrary to the individual sense of self-preservation." - John D. Barrow

hero defined

The Superman Syndrome

Believe Me, You Don’t Want Someone to Save the World

hero is defined as a
seemingly ordinary individual:

possessing superior skills in any field of endeavor;

distinguished by exceptional courage and/or ability, brave deeds and noble qualities

who finds the strength to persevere in spite of the overwhelming obstacles placed in the way

who, in the opinion of others, has heroic qualities or has performed a heroic act and is regarded as a model or ideal

Hero, a Greek mathematician, developed a formula for determining the area of a triangle and designed water-driven and steam-driven machines.

late 14c., "man of superhuman strength or physical courage," from Latin heros "hero," from Greek heros "demigod" (a variant singular of which was heroe), originally "defender, protector," from PIE root *ser- "to watch over, protect" (cf. Latin servare "to save, deliver, preserve, protect;" see observe).

Sense of "chief male character in a play, story, etc." first recorded 1690s.

1540s, shortened from heroical (early 15c.), also heroycus "noble, magnanimous," from Latin heroicus "of a hero, heroic, mythical," from Greek heroikos "pertaining to heroes."

1590s "heroic verse"

1650s Latin heroine, heroina (plural heroinae) "a female hero, a demigoddess" (e.g. Medea), from Greek heroine, fem. of hero.

1660s "Man who exhibits great bravery" in any course of action.

1715 "Principal female character" in a drama or poem.

1831 "Deeds worthy of a hero" attested.

1898 German Heroin, (Hero-in) coined as trademark registered by Friedrich Bayer & Co. for their opium substitute, traditionally from Greek heros because of the euphoric feeling provided.

"A new hypnotic, to which the name of "Heroin™" has been given, has been tried in the medical clinic of Professor Gerhardt in Berlin." - The Lancet, Dec. 3, 1898

hero (of the underworld) definition:

n. heroin: Don says he knows the hero of the underworld well.

hero's journey

The Heroic Journey

hero architype


A Narrative Therapy with Men

Every hero's journey requires the overcoming of obstacles.

Obstacles may be external or they may be internal but in most cases they involve both elements.

Although obstacles may be either internal or external the tale of the hero's journey, related in a metaphoric allegorical mode of the myth, uses external obstacles to speak of internal obstacles that every individual must face in the Journey of Life.

The hero's journey involves a transition through time that changes the hero's personality by tempering the hero or heroine's Soul in the Fires of Life.

For an individual to become the hero they wish to be all one has to do is mimic the model one wants to become.

People do this all the time, consciously or subconsciously, with possibly the best example being how chidren mimic the actions they see portrayed on the black magic flat screen.

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