"Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery destroyed.

This I and my European friends are glad of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborer, while the European plan led by England is for capital to control labor by controlling wages.

This can be done by controlling the money.

The great debt must be used as a means to control the volume of money.

To accomplish this the BONDS must be used as a banking basis.

We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make his recommendation to Congress.

It will not do to allow the Greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that." - Hazzard Circular, 1862, Bank of England

borrow ... borrow ... borrow

National Banking Act specifies the entire US money supply will be printed out of debt by the national banks through the purchase of US treasury bonds by issuing them as assets backing treasury banknotes.

US treasury bonds, or T-bills, are guaranteed by the US.

Like any incorporation as long as the US is solvent the US treasury bonds retain value.

A US treasury bond, or treasury note, is a promissary note.

A promissary note is a promise to pay a specified amount on a specified date and typically includes a interest payment for the use of the assset during the period held.

A bond is a debt security.

A bearer bond is a bond or debt security issued by an incorporated entity.

Bonds issued by corporations are corporate bonds or junk bonds.

"In numerous years following the war, the Federal Government ran a heavy surplus.

It could not however pay off its debt, retire its securities, because to do so meant there would be no bonds to back the national bank notes.

To pay off the national debt is to destroy the money supply." - John Kenneth Galbraith

1861 Moses Taylor, Chairman of the Loan Committee to finance the Union in the Civil War, offers the government $5,000,000 of US treasury bonds at 12% at a 33% shaving to continue financing the Civil War.

Colonel Dick Taylor of Chicago suggests to Abraham Lincoln go to Congress requesting the passage a bill authorizing the printing of full legal tender treasury notes.

Abraham Lincoln asks Colonel Taylor if the people of the US would accept the notes, Colonel Taylor replied, "The people or anyone else will not have any choice in the matter, if you make them full legal tender. They will have the full sanction of the government and be just as good as any money, as Congress is given that express right by the Constitution."

"To pay the soldiers the Government issued Treasury notes, authorized by act of Congress, July 17, 1861, for $50,000,000, bearing no interest.

These notes circulated at par with gold.

Rothschild agents inspired the American banks to offer to Lincoln a loan of up to $150 million.

But before they had taken much of the loan, the banks broke down and suspended specie payments in December 1861.

They wished to blackmail Lincoln and demanded the 'shaving' of government paper to the extent of 33%, an extortion which was refused.

A bill drafted for government issue of $150 million, which should be full legal tender for every debt in the US, passed the House of Representatives Feb. 25, 1862, and was hailed with delight by the entire country.

The Wall Street bankers were furious." - Arthur Cherep-Spiridovich

1893 "The interests of national banks require immediate financial legislation by Congress (the US Government).

Silver, silver certificates, and Treasury bonds (all government money) must be retired, and National Bank Notes made the only money.

This will require the authorization of $500 million to $1 billion of new bonds as the basis of circulation.

At once retire one-third of your currency and call in one-half of your loans.

Be careful to make a monetary stringency among your patrons, especially among influential businessmen.

Advocate an extra session of Congress to repeal the purchasing clause of the Sherman Law, and act with other banks of your city in securing a large petition to Congress for its unconditional repeal per accompanying form.

Use personal influence with your Congressmen, and particularly let your wishes be known to your Senators.

The future life of national banks depends upon immediate action, as there is an increasing sentiment in favor of government legal-tender notes and silver coinage."- "The Panic Circular", American Bankers' Association 1893

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