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Mythology of Business Part 1: The Veil of Ignorance

There Is No Such Thing as a Free Market

Chinese charater for superstar

"If it bleeds, we can kill it."

Arnold Schwarzenegger

4 Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies

"Freedom of choice is to choose from the choices handed down from on high by marketing." - Norman Solomon

"The great virtue of a free market system is that it does not care what color people are; it does not care what their religion is; it only cares whether they can produce something you want to buy.

It is the most effective system we have discovered to enable people who hate one another to deal with one another." - Milton Friedman

"The Wall Street mantra is markets move randomly.

Markets reflect the collective wisdom of investors.

The truth is quite opposite.

The government's visible hand and insiders control markets.

They manipulate stocks, bonds and commodities." - Stephen Lendman


"This entire capitalist society, dependent upon the interplay of consumer and marketing industry, has produced the most profoundly manipulative advertising empire the Earth has ever known - and the main "game" is to create self-imagery dependent on external validation." - Lew Paz

"In a democracy each person is formally equal.

The humblest citizen, the most prestigious citizen still only have one vote.

In reality the humblest and the wealthiest are totally asymmetrical.

With immense power they can literally crush the other completely.

This is the historical reason to regulate markets." - Elaine Bernard

Coöperation, as opposed to coercion, generates economic wealth.

True free market capitalism, in which businesses pay all the costs of bringing products to market, is the most efficient and democratic way of distributing the blessings of the land - and the surest way to eliminate pollution.

Truly free markets, allowed to function properly, value raw materials and encourage producers to eliminate waste by reducing, reusing, and recycling.

Free markets thrive when business is undertaken by individuals that are responsible for the actions taken by the business and they falter when
too-big-to-fail corporations monopolize resources and externalize costs.

Corporatism, crony capitalism, is the anti-thesis of free markets.

"In an unmanipulated free-market economy, the private participants or actors make decisions on their own. When billions of decisions have to be made and re-made continuously, there is really no other possible method that is efficient and effective at producing greater wealth and welfare except decentralized decision-making and choice." - Michael S. Rozeff

"Current economic system is not true to free market theory.

This results in a various forms of overconsumption.

The system fails to discourage monopolies and concentrates capital.

The system rewards business that generate negative externalities.

Reliable factual information is not easily available to consumers.

Government and business have become inexorably intertwined.

Massive subsidies tilt the 'free' market playing field toward highly consumptive economic activities and away from others." - Donald O. Mayer

"In the two plus centuries a stable level of prosperity is yet to be attained.

Spurts of apparent prosperity have been continuously destroyed by economic crashes that have over and over again ruined the lives of millions.

What if its intent has never been the promotion of the people's prosperity?

What, if any, result has it attained consistently?

It has protected the wealth of the privileged; preserved the status quo.

The privileged increase their wealth in good times and bad." - John Kozy

"The narrative for corporate America has changed. Government is not seen in opposition to the firm, but as a partner." - Rakesh Khurana 03/28/09

True free market economies equally enrich you and the community.

Coal burning utilities acidifing the Adirondack Lakes, poison waterways with mercury, provoking asthma attacks, and killing neighbors every year are externalizing costs that should be reflected in energy prices.

By avoiding the discipline of the free market utilities enrich shareholders by putting their more conscientious and efficient competitors out of business.

Corporations do not want competition, they want dependable profits, and their surest route is to crush the competition by controlling the State.

Domination of the State by corporations eliminates free markets, distorts of the entire marketplace and eventually the loss of representative democracy.

The largest federal subsidies are going to monoculture agribusiness and resource extraction industries to avoid State regulation.

Men straight out of a Ayn Rand novel: Richard Mellon Scaife, Charles Hurwitz, David Koch and Joseph Coors (Heritage Foundation).

Avoidance of State regulation is combined with reliance on federal subsidies.

At the beginning of the 21st century taxpayers are giving away $65 billion every year in subsidies to big oil and more than $35 billion a year in subsidies to resource extraction industries many of whom are destroying public lands and waterways with unsustainable practices.

Subsidies helped create the billionaires who financed the right-wing revolution on Capitol Hill that put George Walker Bush in the White House.

The free market has been all but eliminated in the agricultural and energy sectors which is dominated by cartels and distorted by subsidies to polluters.

Agricultural markets are controlled by multinational monopolies with no loyalty to America, the American people, the environment or American law.

"Wise Use groups and others, out of duplicity or ignorance, posture as defenders of the free market. But in fact, they often argue for special privileges and protections that cost the environment, consumers and taxpayers dearly." - John A. Baden, Ph.D. and Tim O'Brien

Bill Moyers was deputy director of the Peace Corps in the John F. Kennedy administration and a special assistant to Lyndon Johnson from 1963-1965 before serving as press secretary for Lyndon Johnson from 1965-1967.

In 1968 Shirley Temple is appointed by Richard Nixon as American representative to the United Nations.

Shirley Temple served as American ambassador to Ghana from 1974 to 1976, when she became American chief of protocol.

In 1989 HW Bush appointed Shirley Temple ambassador to Czechoslovakia.

Arnold Schwarzenegger married Maria Shriver daughter of Sargent Shriver and his wife Eunice Kennedy Shriver.

Peter Lawford married Patricia Kennedy.

Fred Dalton Thompson was counsel to a major Washington law firm; an assistant United States attorney; minority counsel, Senate Select Committee on Presidential Campaign Activities; special counsel to Tennessee Governor Lamar Alexande; special counsel, Senate Committee on Foreign Relations; special counsel, Senate Intelligence Committee; member, Tennessee Appellate Court Nominating Commission; Senator from Tennesee.

Sonny Bono won a House of Representatives seat representing Palm Springs in 1992, and re-elected in 1996.

Fred Grandy, gopher on the Love Boat television series, was elected to a representative seat representing Iowa four times.

Jesse Ventura, of World Wrestling Federation fame, was elected govenor of Minnesota.

Andrea Mitchell, NBC foreign affairs correspondent, married Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan.

CNN international correspondent, Christiane Amanpour, married James Rubin, former chief spokesman for the State Department.

Ben Stein, was a speechwriter and lawyer for Richard Nixon at the White House and then for Gerald Ford.

Diane Sawyer was an assistant to Richard Nixon for eight years.

The Nag Factor: Unhealthy Foods?

Children Hypnotized: Zombie Apocalypse Is Real

Creepy New Netflix Show Sexualizes Children

Television has invaded every aspect of our culture.

As nature is infinitely varied the lack of proper stimulation due to television watching, which is quite sterile, damages the brains of children.

Children have limited cognitive abilities to process television violence.

Emotional desensitization due to excessive violence in television creates a contortionist' twisted brain along with a distorted sense of reality.

"Research has shown that "mindless" television or video games idle and impoverish the development of the pre-frontal cortex, or that portion of the brain that is responsible for planning, organizing and sequencing behavior for self-control, moral judgement and attention." - Jane M. Healy, PhD American Academy of Pediatrics May 1998

'Body map' connects babies to other people

"Modern corporations have targeted children of all ages with the most ambitious social stimulus response campaign in American history.

The child' consciousness has been put up for sale."- Jamie Court 05/03

For this exposition we will use the term right brain as the source of emotion.

The brain reacts to stimulus in the surrounding environment.

The brain, the master controllor of health, informs competency.

The repository of self filters environment factors into aspects of cognition.

The brain directs bodily functions through established biological pathways.

Rapid development of the brain occurs in the first two years of a child's life .

The first five years are critical for developing language and cognition.

The more any brain is naturally stimulated the more it is capable of doing.

Young brains are malleable and experiences, positive or negative, affect how grouping of mirror neurons are either strengthened or disregarded.

Television, the dominant method of distracting children, deprives children of the natural experiences that develop healthy neural pathways.

Television watching not only limits play outside in nature but also physically stunts neural networks leaving an octupus of cognitive impairment.

Heavy television watching during the early years when the brain is malleable prolongs the dominance of the right brain function, the culprit diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, by inhibiting left brain verbal-logical cognitive functions.

Neural network growth in young children is inhibited simply by watching an average of two to four hours of television per day prolonging childhood.

The more television children watch, the greater the negative influence.

Children's behavior due to television watching is further accentuated when one considers that children have difficulty separating reality from fantasy.

The inability to separate reality from fantasy creates an avenue for the mirror neuron system to pick up characteristics the child identifies with.

Children who admire aggressiveness in their heroes and heroines will see little reason for devoting effort to learn other ways of problem solving.

Children mimic television characters as readily as they mimic real people.

10 Commercials from the 40s

Classic TV Commercials of the 50's and 60's

Dope sales: after seeing the Chsterfield ad i snaped my fingers for a few months

70's Commercials Vol. 31

80's Commercials Vol. 727

Morality plays no part when a child imitates a behavior.

Children, mimicking the characters they see on television, can not distinguish between pro-social and anti-social behaviors of role models.

Frequent exposure to television violence makes children think violence is normal as many children's programs reflect violence as humorous.

This is why children laugh when they see someone being injured.

Aggressive skills are acquired earlier than social skills.

Children who view large quantities of television violence tend to see the world as a frightening place and grow leery of neighbors and strangers.

Children that are taught that violence is an acceptable solution to problems will tend to work out their problems in the same way.

Average American children witness, during formative elementary school years, about 8,000 murders and 100,000 other acts of television violence.

Children lack the cognitive attributes to put violent images into context as they can not articulate a rationale for the violence they witness.

Consequently, they often imitate violent behaviors witnessed on television.

Boy Gets Life In Wrestling Death

Murderous Children: Lionel Tate (12) Killed a 6-Year-Old Girl

game over

Parents Urged Again to Limit TV

Hypersexualization of children

The Benefits of Limiting TV

As people view television violence noradrenaline increases in the brain.

The alarm network of the brain is located at the base of the brain and sends noradrenaline to other brain centers that control emotions.

In reaction to viewing violence, the brain adapts by rewiring trillions of cellular connections establishing pathways of aggressive emotion.

Neurological processing of television violence is not much different from processing real violence thanks to the mirror neuron system.

The mammal brain is hard wired to attenuate all the senses and fully fix the eyes on any sudden or abrupt movements in the environment.

The biological orienting response is a key cognitive element of survival.

Rapidly changing television images reduces rational thought keeping instincts and emotions in a constant state of alertness for fight or flight!

The neural pathways that control response to stress are particularly powerful in shaping how we learn and respond to environmental conditions.

When neural pathways are shaped by violent aggressive emotions the sustained stress carves them into the brain like a sculpter carves stone.

When a child's brain is under prolonged stress, the brain sends a signal to the body to produce greater amounts of a stress hormone cortisol.

The constant release of cortisol means the child is constantly on high alert.

Television watching contributes to insomnia, depression, and hyperactivity.

"Children are the most ardent traditionalists.

They like things stable and categorized.

Television, like it or not, teaches them a lot of these rules." - Jane Espenson*, television writer for 'Ellen' starring Ellen DeGeneres playing an 'average' homosexual, from an Opinion article in LA Times March 20, 2005

Captain Kirk reacts to Miley Cyrus

"If you were a kid in the late 1950's, there's a good chance your thinking was shaped by two television programs, Mickey Mouse Club and Howdy Doody."
Bill O'Reilly, The No 'Spin' Zone
"Kiddie marketing often strives for the nag factor, an actual measurement by the advertising industry of the extent to which an ad drives a child to pester parents about a purchase." - Jamie Court

Undermining the role of parents is a strategy marketers have exploited to brand children through the development of "kids only" products.

"The average American child sees 40,000 advertisements a year on television." - Dr. Susan Linn, Harvard Medical School

"We live with a cultural backdrop where children increasingly and at ever younger ages are being sexualized, eroticized and exposed to torrents of inappropriate messages about sexuality." - Kathleen Kelleher

"Our findings suggest that television plays a significant role in the high rates of teenage pregnancy in the US." - Anita Chandra, RAND Phd

"Exposure to sexual content on television predicted teen pregnancy.

Teens exposed to high levels of television sexual content were twice as likely to experience a pregnancy in the subsequent 3 years, compared with those with lower levels of exposure." - Rand Health website 11/03/08

"You hoped your little girl's Disney princess obsession was harmless!

My 3-year-old informed me she wants to be "a pwincess" when grown up.

"You are a commoner," my 3-year-old shrieked, and adjusting her tiara ran off to watch Disney Princess Enchanted Tales." - Rosa Brooks 03/08

"There is an association between the number of hours that the television is on at home and early childhood aggression." - Catherine Taylor

disney princess

Disney Princess War

Disney "Princess" franchise rakes in $4 billion

Diet, Growth, and the Risk for Type 1 Diabetes in Childhood

Role of the endocannabinoid system in diabetes and diabetic complications

Plant-Derived Cannabinoids in Diabetes and Diabetic Complications

Treating or preventing diabetes with cannabidiol

Reversing Disney's Black Magic Sex Spells

"Little girls who want to be princesses and wear cute little clothes are assuming the classic stereotyping that little girls should be handmaidens of boys who all too frequently remain boys."- Ralph Mitchell 04/08

Children are being taught that everything is for sale;

desired "things" are more value than intangibles like relationships;

providers of the desired "things" love you and want you to be happy;

and ……… desired "things" will make you happy.

The American Academy of Pediatrics:

Children under eight years accept all advertisements as the truth.

The 'nag factor' marketing strategy depends on manipulation of children.

20 to 40% of all purchases adults make are due to nagging children.

To minimize the role of gatekeepers, corporations undermine authority.

"Corporations portray parents, as ignorant, out of date and out of touch with the children's reality, and they frequently ridicule parental concerns for health and safety." - Linda Coco

1992 to 1997 Amount of money spent on marketing to children doubles, from $6.2 billion to $12.7 billion.

At this time:

- American children influence purchases totaling over $600 billion a year .

- American children spend forty hours a week consuming televised media.

- 65% of American children eight to eighteen have a television in their bedroom as do 32% of children two to seven and 26% of children under two.

- American babies are requesting brands as soon as they speak.

- General Accounting Office calls marketing in schools a growth industry.

- More American children recognize Budweiser Frogs than Smokey the Bear.

- 85% of American parents want children programs advertisement free.

- Commercial marketing tactics of fast food have breed epidemic levels of childhood obesity, diabetes and kidney stones.

"The aggressive marketing of fast food to children influences their dietary choices and it puts them at greater risk of becoming obese or overweight.

General practitioners are seeing more children than ever before with diabetes, and that's a disease associated with poor diet and lack of exercise.

Children can be extremely vulnerable to fast food ads."- Verity Newnham

Childhood Obesity Epidemic

A major concern is childhood diabetes

Increasing pediatric stone disease problem

The endocannabinoid system in obesity and type 2 diabetes

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