good vs evil


"The honest have need no of Law,

and the dishonest disregard Law."


Chinese charater for good

An angry god arose in early civilizations

linked to the concept of good and evil

and the concept of sin.

Grain is good, weeds evil.

Bees are good, locusts evil.

Sheep are good, wolves evil.

Technology overcomes nature by

promoting good while curbing evil.

As for nature, so also for human nature.

Self is divided into two parts,

a good part and an evil part.

The latter we try to overcome

with the technologies of fire."

Charles Eisenstein

Feels So Good

good is defined as:

something judged categorically

beneficial from an individual standpoint

"When the State enjoins something good, it spoils it precisely because it comes in the form of a command.

Every command provokes and arouses the legitimate revolt of freedom; from the point of view of true morality, of human morality, the good which is done by command from above ceases to be good and thereby becomes evil.

Liberty, morality, and the humane dignity of man consist precisely in that man does good not because he is ordered to do so, but because he conceives it, wants it, and loves it.

The state then is the most flagrant negation, the most cynical and complete negation of humanity.

It rends apart the universal solidarity of men, and unites them only in order to destroy, conquer, and enslave.

It takes under its protection only its own citizens, and it recognizes human right, humanity, and civilization only within the confines of its own boundaries.

Every State, whether it is of a federative or a non-federative character, must seek, under the penalty of utter ruin, to become the most powerful of States.

It has to devour others in order not to be devoured in turn, to conquer in order not to be conquered, to enslave in order not to be enslaved." - Mikhail Bakunin

Ride My See-Saw

"No one, and least of all those who are concerned with reform, will maintain that the human race has as yet reached the plateau of the Promised Land.

Man has done a lot in accumulating a knowledge of things in general, but he seems incapable of ridding himself of the need of a golden calf.

He yearns for "gods which will go before us," gods uninhibited by the Laws of Nature, gods accountable only to grand appetites, gods that speak not of consequences, the long run or the day after tomorrow.

In that respect we are like the Jews in the wilderness.

Witness the pervasive religion of our times, the worship of the State.

Is not the State an idol?

Is it not like a supernatural power with superhuman capacities?

The State can feed us when we are hungry, heal us when we are ill.

It can raise wages and lower prices, even at the same time!

It can educate our children without cost and amuse us when we are bored.

It can provide us against the contingencies of old age; it can give us electricity by passing laws and improve the game of basketball by regulation.

What cannot the State do for us if only we have blind faith in it?

The modern creed of Statism is the implemented universal religion.

The State is a false god, powerless in the face of natural law.

The foundation of this absolute theology is political power can do anything.

This, in fact, is a hindrance to man in his effort toward self-improvement.

The State, being merely a body of men, take advantage of human weakness and make the best of it with superhuman gifts and capacities.

Men, incapable of defying or circumventing the Laws of Nature, make and unmake their multitudinal veils to hide nature away in self-deception.

The State consists of a body of men who, by virtue of their need for a golden calf, acquire the power to compel us against our will." - Frank Chodorov

First Humans To Settle Americas Came From Europe

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was penned in 1777 soon after the Declaration of Independence and existed as the only constitution until 1788.

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union was an agreement among the 13 founding states that established the United States of America as a confederation of sovereign states.

On February 21, 1787, the Congress of the Confederation delivered a resolution authorizing a Philadelphia constitutional convention but with an important limitation: "for the sole and express purpose of revising the Articles of Confederation and reporting to Congress and the several legislatures."

Prior to the Philadelphia constitutional convention, Framers wrote and distributed approximately 85 "Federalist Papers" to extol the virtues of an entirely new, second constitution for the people of America.

By doing this, they hoped to reverse the prevailing negative public opinion and increase the public's confidence in such a plan.

Framers hid behind a pseudonym when writing their Federalist Papers; each was signed as "Publius," meaning "friend of the people" (or public).

Many of the dissenting voices among the free inhabitants of the several states regarded the upcoming Philadelphia constitutional convention as potentially illegal.

They well-understood from the Federalist Papers the Federalist goal of creating a new constitution and not simply revising the existing one.

In the minds of the free inhabitants, the accomplishment of Federalist goals could unravel the freedoms and liberties they had gained under the Articles of Confederation and won by the American Revolution.

The Philadelphia constitutional convention, held from May into September 1787, exceeded the authority given it.

Instead of revising the Articles of Confederation they forged an entirely new constitution.

The Constitution of the United States, signed September 17, 1787, was deemed ratified June 21, 1788 by only nine states instead of the unanimous ratification of all 13 states required by the Articles of Confederation.

Thereafter, a new, centralized US Government was formed, disregarding the original, decentralized American jurisdiction of state legislatures established soon after the American Revolution.

In June of 1788 at the Virginia Conference, orator and Anti-Federalist, Patrick Henry, exposed the political tactics of propaganda he believed the Federalists had used to win over the public.

The Framers had pandered to the people in order to get their way, he said, by convincing the people, that under a new constitution, democracy would mean the government belonged to them.

"Who authorized them to speak the language, 'We, the people', instead of 'We, the states?' . . . That they exceed their powers is perfectly clear . . . The Federal Convention ought to have amended the old system; for this purpose they were solely delegated; the object of their mission extended to no other consideration." - Patrick Henry, June 4, 1788

The Constitution of 1787 and the US government it formed was an illegitimate (unauthorized) takeover of the original American jurisdiction.

The new Constitution provided for a much stronger national government with a chief executive (the president), courts, and taxing powers.

The Articles of Confederation have never been been lawfully repealed.

Americans, no longer suffering as indentured-servant subjects of the British monarchy, now suffer as indentured-servant subjects of the United States Incorporated beholden to an obscured corporate-banking cartel.

The Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union still stand.

The Constitution was a Federalist counterrevolution turning States into Municipalities.

1873 Republicans are losing their enthusiasm for protecting black rights.

Despite the presence of federal troops, sent by President Grant to protect black voting rights, white Democrats effectively resume campaigns of violence and intimidation to suppress the Republican vote, with clearly observable effects depicted in this map.

The formal end to Reconstruction was brought about in the disputed 1876 Presidential election.

The Democratic candidate, Tilden, won the popular vote, but neither candidate initially had a majority of electoral votes due to disputes over returns in Florida, Louisiana and S. Carolina - the only states in which federal troops were still stationed.

Although they were not numerous enough to stop white intimidation of black voters, the troops were considered an affront by white Democrats.

In backroom negotiations, Democrats conceded the disputed election returns to Hayes in return for his agreement to withdraw the remaining 3000 federal troops, thereby putting a formal end to Reconstruction and assuring Democratic control, based on a platform of white supremacy and black disenfranchisement, throughout the South.

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