The hypocrite preaches freedom while demanding subservience.

"Why do you see the needle in your brother's eye but fail to see through the blindfold over your own eyes?

How can you say, 'Brother let me take the needle out of your eye,' when there is a blindfold over your eyes?

Why worry about the needle in the eye of a brother when you are unable to remove your own blindfold ?

Should you say, 'Brother, let me help you get the needle out of your eye,' while you are wearing a blindfold !

Remove the blindfold from your eyes, so you can see to remove the stainless steel needle !

Identity politics would have us believe that the truth of a statement depends upon the identity of the person making a claim.

Revolutionary politics understands that truth is an objective matter and is totally independent of identity.


"Do not corrupt yourselves by making idols of any kind.

This is evil in the sight of the Lord your Creator."

Deuteronomy 4:25

"The pictures I had of God were too small, too parochial, too much a reflection of the ways humans think. We made God in our image!"

Sister Miriam MacGillis

"Jesus' flesh is the tangible manifestation of God in and for this world, the visible way to reach the Mystery of God." - Jon Sobrino Jesus the Liberator

"I ask you, when do men fallen their brothers with mighty weapons and bloody acts?

They do such if they do not know that their brother is themselves.

They themselves are sacrificers, but they mutually do the service of sacrifice.

They must all sacrifice each other, since the time has not yet come when man puts the bloody knife into himself in order to sacrifice the one he kills in his brother.

But whom do people kill?

They kill the noble, the brave, the heroes.

They take aim at these and do not know that with these they mean themselves.

They should sacrifice the hero in themselves, and because they do not know this, they kill their courageous brother.

The time is still not ripe.

But through this blood sacrifice, it should ripen.

As it is possible to murder a brother instead of oneself the time is not ripe.

Frightful things must happen until men grow ripe." - Carl Gustav Jung

"Hero worship has existed forever.

People have a need to worship someone or something greater than self.

Whether we choose to worship an external God figure, or a hero figure from a comic strip or movie, or the movie stars themselves, the concept is the same." - Marie T. Russell

Mammals learn from mimicking peers.

People mimic the personality traits of those they venerate.

An insurmountable problem with Christianity is the cultish requirement that disciples "believe" a set of dogmatic concepts that require a "leap of faith".

Anyone can claim to have undergone a "leap of faith" and be "saved".

Unfortunately there is no way to know if their profession of belief is genuine or just an assertion in the hope of fitting in with the social group.

Many myths from the era of time Jesus lived speak of gods descending to Earth in the form of a human.

There are also myths that speak of virgin birth.

Wherever the Catholics have gone as missionaries they have taken local gods and added them to their pantheon as Saints, same as Hammurabi.

This is a clever way to get the followers of other gods to also worship your god and tithe to your god which may be falsely presented.

This politically motivated adoption of other gods began in Egypt, was adopted in the Levant, adopted by the Greeks and, finally, the Romans.

Ancient religions are littered with myths of gods descending from heaven to have intercourse with women who birth half-god, half-men offspring.

Christ the Creator

Deification of Jesus as the Christ

The Supermanification of Jesus

Jesus Never Called Himself God

The requirement of believing in the divinity of Jesus of Nazareth is a problem in that it takes the emphasis off of the Living Christ.

Common Christian belief is that Jesus died for communal sin.

If Jesus lived and died for us, Jesus was selfless.

When the major concern is whether or not you believe that Jesus is God, as that belief is your key to heaven, then you have totally missed the point.

Jesus the Tannaim asks us to have compassion for our neighbors as it is in our own rational self-interest.

Jesus the Therapeutae set out a blueprint for mankind to create heaven on Earth but this is not clearly reflected in the theology of the Christian church.

We truly know very little of the life and teachings Jesus the Tekton.

Synoptic gospels were written decades, possibly centuries, after Jesus lived.

Tannaim of Jesus era used the Oral Tradition to impart wisdom.

This would have been in the form of proverbs, fables and parables.

We know that religion evolves, that religion is political, that motivations of mythweavers change over time and that understanding of reality evolves.

Men that have a vested interest in the status quo of existing institutions are not likely to give up their position nor are they likely to analyze and criticize their meal ticket even if they have an epiphany and recognize the fallacy.

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