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"When we see the same ideas promulgated as divine truth, on the ancient banks of the Ganges, and the shores of the Mediterranean, we are constrained to admit that they have something common in their source.

They may come from celestial revelation, or emanate from human ingenuity.

As men invent new forms of religion now, they must have done so formerly.

As all men are essentially human, so we may believe their inventions will be characterized by the virtues and the failings of a cross section of humanity.

Experience tells us that similarity in thought involves similarity in action." - Thomas Inman

While true religion is always the same thing, in each century and every land it has never been the same thing in any two centuries or two lands.

Anyone, who bothers to trace the history of what is called Christianity, will see that nothing changes more from age to age than the doctrines taught as Christian, and insisted on as essential to Christianity and personal salvation.

The heresy of one age becomes the orthodox tradition of the next.

Transient theology obscures the Word of God.

Christian sects rely on the personal authority of Jesus as a homoousion entity, rather than the immutable truth of the doctrines themselves.

The great truths of Christianity do not rest on the personal authority of Jesus, any more than the axioms of geometry rest on the authority of Euclid, or Archimedes or the Gnostic Mysteries on the authority of Pythagoras.

"The authority of Jesus, as of all teachers, must rest on the truth of his words. God's word can not change, for that word is Truth. From this Jesus subtracted nothing; to this he added nothing." - Theodore Parker

Nothing has ever emerged spontaneously in human culture from a vacuum.

A religion never suddenly appears to be accepted large number of people.

All religions start from an older religion which is transformed in an attempt to better fit the current conceptual understanding of the collective.

The Hebrew religion was built upon the beliefs of the Egyptian Pharaoh Akhenaten as well as myths of Sumerians, Babylonians and Canaanites.

Christianity was built by a synthesis of local religions and Mystery schools.

Islam is built upon the Christian and Hebrew religions and Arabic tradition.

Vedic Sanskrit, a classical language of India, is the liturgical language of Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and Jainism.

An example of a modern religion that has transfigured Christianity to fit Septuagint precepts is Mormonism.

A new testament appeared, the book of Mormon - a rewritten New and Old Testament, and monogamist Christians were converted into polygamists.

To Catholic, Protestant and Rastafari the book of Mormon appears as a fictional account of the Adventures of Jesus, the Holy Spirit and the Father.

To Mormons the book of Mormon is the 'Word of God' written down by Joseph Smith when possessed by what he identified as the Holy Spirit.

The individuals that first accepted Mormonism were nominally monogamist Christians before they became converted gung-ho Mormon polygamists.

Abrahamic religions, narrative religions, are "book" based religions.

A religion founded upon a mixture of Christian and Hebrew literature is the Elchasaites based upon the book of Elchasai.

This literature gave rise to cenobitic monasticism precipitated by the Desert Fathers - hermits, ascetics and monks - who lived mainly in the Scetes desert of Egypt, around the third century.

Concepts espoused within cenobitic monasticism eventually give rise to the Discalced Carmelites founded on the writings of Teresa Sanchez de Cepeda y Ahumada (St. Teresa of Ávila) and Juan de Yepes Alvarez (St. John of the Cross) in 1593.

325 Anno Domini

Although Christianity has two main branches they both use basically the same testament that was decided upon by the Council of Nicaea.

Protestants take the early Christian writings the Catholics claim are not heretical and accept them wholeheartedly without a second thought.

Protestants never stop to ask the question of whether the 66 books contained in the Bible tell the whole story or whether they have been edited, corrected, redacted, combined, added to, re-edited, re-corrected.

The difference between main stream religion and "cults" is basically the degree of acceptance by the culture in which the religion exists.

All aforementioned religions have come from already existing popularly accepted religion and that is why they have large numbers of adherents.

Religious "cults" that are not based upon existing religious traditions typically do not survive through more than one or two generations.

Religious "cults" based upon existing religious traditions that pratice celibacy, like the Shakers, do not survive through generations either.

Joseph Smith chose sex over celibacy and populated a desert.


"History's moral tragedies were often accompanied by clergy who were timidly and quietly complicit with the destructive government policies.

Reasonable people differ on how to identify and solve today's moral issues.

It is unreasonable to claim that Jesus and the other prophets do not have something to say about a doomed, unjust, immoral war; state sanctioned torture; international silence in the face of genocide and state sanctioned murder through the death penalty."- Ed Bacon, Rector, All Saints Episcopal

"We should examine faith constantly in the sweet light of human reason rather than believing, as the White Queen said to Alice, "six impossible things before breakfast."

Faith is only an approximation, like memory;

I am never sure I have the real thing in my grasp.

If I could, I'd return to early Christianity, before it became a state religion under Constantine;

before its connection to the state, when it was a company of friends whose inspired leader once said that the one without sin should pick up the first stone." - Nora Gallagher


"The natural world is a Mirror of God.

By looking in this Mirror we can see God; we can see some of the creative archetypes, all are in the Creator.

The journey of the Eternal Soul to the Creator begins by looking in a gnostic way into the Mirror of Nature, and then proceeds by turning inward to recognize the Eternity of our Soul, and then upward into the Creator.

To prove the existence of the Creator, we do not have to finish the ascent; a complete proof is available at every level, even the lowest."

Giovanni di Fidanza, Saint Bonaventure

"I doubt Jesus would support the violent invasions of sovereign nations;

the arrest, torture and imprisonment of innocent people;

tax cuts favoring the wealthiest;

the largest debt in America's history;

not supporting the military with proper equipment;

cutting veterans' benefits;

higher costs for education, healthcare and housing;

environmental pollution, bribery, greed and corruption?" - Greg Garcia

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