Amenian genocide

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide

1680   Sabbatai Zevi proclaims himself the Jewish Messiah in Salonica and lead thousands of Jews on an exodus to Palestine.

1716   Dönmeh forms in Salonica of Sabbatai Zvi's followers headed by Baruchya Russo successor of Sabbatai Zevi.

Dönmeh, numbering in the tens of thousands, appear to be Muslims but still follow the customs of the Jewish occult Kabbala which Sabbatai Zevi taught.

"The Jew is the designer, the constructor and the chief engineer of revolutions." - Gougenot de Mosseaux 1869

1883   Alphonse Rothschild of the Rothschild banking family of France founds Caspian-Black Sea Oil Industry and Trade Society.

Baku villages of Balakhani, Sabunchu and Ramani prosper from kerosene.

1891   The Dönmeh forms 'The Committee of Union and Progress', later called 'The Young Türks'.

1895-1896   Sephardic Jews of Salonika together with the Young Türks of the Dönmeh massacre Armenian Christians in Istanbul.

1907   Dönmeh Young Türks meet in Paris to plan the penetration of the Sultan's army leading to the military coup of 1908.

1908   Young Türks revolt forcing Sultan Abdül Hamid II into submission.

1909   Young Türks rape, torture, and slaughter over 100,000 Armenians in the city of Adana, also known as Cilicia, the home of Saint Paul.

"AntiSemitism would not have such powerful roots, if serious reason for explaining and justifying it did not exist.

Who chases the peasant from his father's hearth?

Who encourages young people to dissipate?

Who contrives fraudulent bankruptcies?

Who robs the worker of the fruits of his labor?

Who has the knack of exploiting political passions in
order to realize his own desires and satisfy his interests?

Who causes slumps?

Finally, who promotes disorder and anarchy, and goads
the parties to tear one another to pieces by every possible means

The Ashkenazi amounted to nothing in Austria prior to 1848.

Today they play a dominant role in the Hapsburg Empire.

One may say, without any exaggeration, that they are the conquerors.

They are the only ones who have profited by the revolution which caused so much blood to flow in the streets of Vienna." - Francois Trocase

"To the citizen accustomed to a disciplined mode of life, nothing can be more disheartening than the knowledge that the 'authorities' are the greatest enemies to the security of life and property." - Oscar Szollosy

"We find there was a link between some New York international bankers and many revolutionaries, including Bolsheviks.

It may be observed both extreme right and extreme left of the conventional political spectrum are absolutely collectivist." - Antony C. Sutton

"The Jews were always malcontents.

Not simply faultfinders and systematic opponents; they were perpetually restless in expectation of a better state which they never realized.

Their ideal is not one satisfied with hope, they had not placed it high enough for that, they could not lull their ambition with dreams.

They believed in their right to demand immediate satisfactions.

From this has sprung the constant agitation of the Jew.

Thus it would seem as if the grievance of the antiSemite are well founded.

Jewish spirit is essentially a revolutionary spirit; Jews are revolutionaries.

Tendencies of his nature and direction of his sympathies made it inevitable that the Jew should play an important part in the revolutions of history; and such a part he has not failed to play." - Lazare Marcus Manassé Bernard*

Tom Petty And The Heartbreakers - Refugee

American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee

1914   American Joint Distribution Committee (JOINT), is founded initially to provide assistance to Jews living in Palestine under Türkish rule.

Henry Morgenthau, US Ambassador to Türkey, cables Louis Marshall and Jacob Schiff requesting $50,000 to save Palestinian Jews (Türkish rule) from starvation.

Louis Marshall is President; Felix Warburg is Treasurer.

1921   JOINT arrives in Poland.

Every Yiddish community exhibits typhus due to filth.

1922   Mustafa Kemal, orchestrates the burning of Smyrna resulting in the 'ethnic cleansing' of over 100,000 Armenian and Greek Christians.

Ottoman Empire dissolved by the Dönmeh Young Türks.

July 1921 to April 1923

JOINT helps 300,000 Jews immigrate.

JOINT sets up Malaria experimental research center in Israel where it expeiments on 1,300 orphans.

May 3, 1924   American Joint Reconstruction Foundation and Jewish Colonization Association founded.

Felix Warburg and Bernard Flexner act as presidents.

American Joint Reconstruction Found is a credit union.

1926   JOINT helps maintain 1800 educational institutions in Europe with 225,000 students.

1932   JOINT has expended $80 million.

March 1933   Adolf Hitler becomes Chancelor.

"Within a few weeks appeal after appeal came from the German Jewish community of some 600,000 souls." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 166 (6 hundred thousand ≠ 6 million)

JOINT accelerated its aid to German Jewry.

JOINT helps 250,000 Jews flee Germany and 125,000 to leave Austria.

600,000 - 250,000 = 350,000 German Jews in Germany.

1934   "The growing strength and number of state monopolies displaced Jews in many commercial and industrial fields; intensifies economic boycott, exclusion of Jews from government employment, public office or civil service all tended to sap the courage and morale of Poland's 3,000,000 Jews." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 169

Holodomor Facts and History

1937   JOINT resettles ¼ million people on 300,000 acres vacated in Crimea and Ukraine by the Holodomor.

"The collectives had become strong enough to take in new memebers without outside help." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Com, pg. 160

1938   "In May, 450,000 Jews in Hungary are subjected to numerus clausus reducing their participation to 20% of the total." - American Jewish Yearbook of American Joint Distribution Committee, pg. 176

Operations in Germany are liquidated on December 31.

1944   JOINT enters Europe's liberated areas.

1947   700,000 European Jews receive aid from JOINT.

250,000 live in Displaced Persons (DP) camps.

JOINT has enabled 115,000 refugees to reach Palestine.

1948   Israel proclaims its independence.

JOINT, in coöperation with the Jewish Agency, helps some 440,000 Jews to reach Israel from Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

1988   JOINT returns to Soviet Union.

1990s JOINT provides aid to tens of thousands of Ethiopian Jews as they await aliyah.

They Didn't Want Ethiopian Jews in Israel

Jack Bernstein

DNA tests may provide answers on missing babies

Zionist propaganda, Ashkenazi & Sephardic Jews

nearly as told by Jack Berstein in 1985

"When the people of Israel were living in their own land
they defiled it by the evil way they lived." - Ezekiel 36:17

"I am an Ashkenazi Jew (Ashkenazi = Eastern European Jews = Polish Jews, German Jews, Russian Jews of mixed Khwārezm descent).

I spent the first 25 years of my life in the US, the country that has given ALL Jews freedom and the opportunity to prosper - and prosper we Jews did, to the point that one segment of the Jewish population, the Zionists, have gained a position of political and economic dominance in America.

Judaism is a religion; but Zionism is a political movement adopted by Eastern European Jews; the main force behind communism and socialism.

The ultimate goal of the Zionists is one-world government under the control of the Zionists and the Zionist-oriented international bankers.

After being filled with socialist propaganda I felt I could succeed in the challenge of pioneering and of helping comrades, in the new Jewish state.

It is important to understand that Israel's Kibbutz system is a Marxist idea brought to Israel by the Yiddish who migrated to Israel from Poland.

Yiddish laid the foundation of the Bolshevik Revolution." - Jack Bernstein


740 AD The Khwārezm adopt the Babylonian Talmud.

Christian neighbors to the West.

Islamic neighbors to the South.

Judaism, foundation of Islam and Christianity, is chosen for political reasons.

965 AD After Khwārezm is first conquered by a coordinated Russian-Byzantine invasion many migrate westward settling in Poland.

Polish Yiddish have always practiced a form of communism/socialism and worked to have their ideas implemented in countries they inhabited.

In Germany the Polish Yiddish become German Jews or Ashkenazi.

Eastern European Jews = Polish Yiddish = Ashkenazi, making up the ranks of Red Zionists, found in Germany, the Balkans, and Russia.

Due to their interference in the governmental affairs of Russia, they became the target of persecution by the Tsars so many Yiddish began migrating.

Some went to Palestine; some went to Central and South America; and a large number of came to the US.

1897 First World Zionist Congress is held in Basel, Switzerland.

At this Congress, it is decided to work toward the establishment of a Jewish state and a search for land on which to build this Jewish state begins.

Palestine is inhabited by half a million Palestinian Arabs and a few Jews who are blood related and who have lived together in peace for centuries.

The British chose Palestine as their choice for a Jewish homeland.

Jews start migrating. They are not one united people.

They are divided socially, politically and especially racially.

"Believers in aristocracy and socialism share a faith in centralized rule,
in rule by command rather than by voluntary coöperation."

Milton Friedman

The Saudi Royal Family

The Israeli-Saudi Alliance

Saudi Israeli alliance forged in blood

The House Of Saud
Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

Muslims sacrificed to save Jews and fight Nazis in World War II

"From the very beginning in Israel, many slurs were yelled at me.

Housing in Israel is allotted as follows:

*Ashkenazi Jews born in Israel are given first choice.

*Second in line are Sephardic Jews married to an Israeli born Ashkenazi.

*The next favored are settler Ashkenazi Jews.

*Sephardic Jews have the next choice of whatever housing is left.

*At the bottom of the list are Moslems, Druze and Christians.

Opportunities for employment follow the same Druze and Christians fill the menial jobs with a great many left unemployed.

An Ashkenazi from the US I was placed lower on the list for housing because I married a Sephardic .

Being denied housing was my second experience of the intense racism that exists in Israel.

We American Jews were barely being tolerated.

Israel has three faces: communism, fascism and democracy.

In the Red Zionists scheme of world domination, it is Israel's role to continually stir up trouble in the Mideast.

Since wars are a big part of this scheme of aggression, it is only natural that, from early childhood on, Israeli youth are trained mentally and physically.

Israel has its Red Zionist youth group.

It is the GADNA; and ALL high school and junior high students are required to participate - boys and girls.

Like all Red Zionist youth groups, the youth in Israel's GADNA are dressed in uniforms.

They train and engage in paramilitary exercises.

Even at play, guns and thoughts of war are present.

When on a picnic, instead of taking along baseball or soccer equipment, they take machine guns and assault rifles, and practice shooting in playing military games.

Once graduated from high school, all young boys are required to serve three years in the army (two years for girls) or 4 years in the navy or air force (three for girls).

Ultra-orthodox religious fanatics, exempt from military service, join the Shin Bet which is engaged in repressing anyone who acts or speaks out against the Marxist/fascist government of Zionist dominated Israel." -

"The revolution reminds us anew of the importance of the Jewish question because the Jews are the driving element in the revolution." - Moritz Rappaport

"He teaches anarchy and rebellion only to the Gentiles, he himself obeys blindly the directions of his invisible leaders." - Cecile Tormay 1923

"The more radical the revolution, the more freedom and equality for the Jews comes about as a result. " - Elie Eberlin, Les Juifs d'Aujourd'hui 1928

"How do you account for the fact that so many young Ashkenazi may be found in the radical movements of all the lands?" - Michael Gold* 1935

Tourism is one of Israel's main sources of income.

While in Israel, Jews and gentiles alike are carefully watched so that they do not stray and happen to see the sordid side of Israel - the true Israel.

Like in Soviet Russia and other communist countries, visitors to Israel are taken on carefully planned guided tours.

They are shown the religious sites, the universities, the lush orchards, the technical accomplishments, the arts and to stir sympathy, they are taken to visit the Holocaust Museum.

Kept from the eyes of the tourists are the ghettos, the prisons where political prisoners, mostly Arabs and Sephardic Jews, are subjected to the most inhumane forms of torture.

The tourists do not see the widespread crime activities and the corruption and coöperation between organized crime bosses and government and police officials.

The tourists do not learn of the true inner workings of Israel's Marxist/ fascist government; nor do they see Israel's racism.

Regarding the Holocaust Museum, I cannot help but comment:


1. If the Zionist leadership in Germany had not coöperated with the Nazis.

2. If the Zionists, world-wide, had not persuaded various countries to refuse to accept Jews from Germany.

The Zionists in America persuaded President Roosevelt to shut the door and not allow Jewish refugees into America before the war when there was still a chance for Jews to leave Germany.

It must be added that many people, including Jews, question whether the Holocaust happened as portrayed by the Zionist propagandists.

2000, while performing compulsory service in the IDF, Vladmir Mazlevski converts to Islam after meeting the Arab Israeli Muslim woman who would become his wife and mother of his five children.

A Belarusian settler who moved to Israel in 1996, he is the first Jewish-born Israeli to be charged for having ISIS ties, according to the Shin Bet security service.

"The revolution reminds us anew of the importance of the Jewish question as the Jews are the driving element in the revolution." - Moritz Rappaport

"He teaches anarchy and rebellion only to the Gentiles, he himself obeys blindly the directions of his invisible leaders." - Cecile Tormay 1923

"The more radical the revolution, the more freedom and equality for the Jews comes about as a result. " - Elie Eberlin, Les Juifs d'Aujourd'hui 1928

"How do you account for the fact that so many young Ashkenazi may be found in the radical movements of all the lands?" - Michael Gold* 1935

Its against the law to try and convert a Jew to another religion.

A Christian is permitted to preach the gospel in a church building, but for the clergy or anyone to even tell anyone about teachings in the Bible outside the church building will bring a 5 year prison sentence.

The same law of religious suppression applies to those of the Islamic faith who in any act of kindness give a gift of any kind to a Jew.

A five-year prison sentence can result.

The treatment of religious Jews is touchy for the ruling Zionists.

The ruling Zionists merely TOLERATE the religious practices of the small minority of religious Jews in Israel.

In comparing the degree to which the followers of the three major religions practice their beliefs, I make this observation:

Judaism - Few Jews, Sephardic or Ashkenazi, are religions.

This is true in America, in Israel and world-wide.

CHRISTIANITY - The Christian religion has felt the influence of Zionist meddling and infiltration especially in America resulting in confusion and bickering between the various Christian denominations.

This has led to a "luke warm" attitude among most Christians toward their religion simply because they are NOT practicing their religion.

There is evidence to prove that Jews, or one of their many fronts, have started many of the Christian denominations and thus dominate doctrine.

ISLAM - Muslims, who follow the teachings of Islam, are by far the most fervent of the three major religions in following their religious beliefs.

The JUDEO-CHRISTIAN ethic we hear so much about in America is a big joke - the result of an intense Zionist propaganda campaign.

When the Zionist/Bolshevik won control of the "Holy Land," every form of sin began seeping into this land.

Within a few short decades, the Holy Land became a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah.

Drug trade, drug abuse, illegal weapons sales, prostitution, gambling, labor racketeering, murder, extortion, blackmail, insurance fraud, loan-sharking and corruption of government officials and police became part of daily life in Israel.

Israel has a highly organized crime syndicate headquartered in Bat-Yam near Tel Aviv.

Many members of the syndicate are ex-convicts and ex-commandos from the Israeli Army, highly skilled in the use of weapons and explosives.

The crime syndicate in Israel operates openly because of corruption in government and police circles.

Some of the police and government officials are paid off by the crime syndicate and some officials are actively associated with criminal operations.

The average American doesn't hear of this real side of Israel, because the Zionist-controlled press, radio and TV in America keeps the lid on it.

The Israeli mafia developed the largest illegal drug exporting ring in the Mideast, selling drugs through a distribution network within Germany and the United States.

1881A heavy migration of Jews from Russia to America starts.

Many of these Red Zionists, communist Jews, settle in New York City that New York has been referred to as "Moscow on the Hudson."

The Red Zionists power over the US government in Washington, DC stems from the Red Zionist center in New York City.

It is from New York that orders go out to the vast Red Zionist network all over the US - a network that influences the economic and political affairs for not merely our federal government, but nearly all, if not all, state governments, and to a great extent the governments of larger and even medium size cities.

Zionist-oriented international bankers own the Class A Stock of the US Federal Reserve.

In this position of power these Zionist bankers can, and likely will, trigger an economic collapse in America - like they did in 1929 when they caused the stock market crash and started the severe depression of the 1930's.

It was from New York City that financial and organizational aid were given to carry out the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia.

Before they began their acts of subversion in America, they gained control of the major newspapers and especially the news services that supply national and international news to the smaller daily newspapers.

Since they controlled, and still control, the major news media outlets, including radio and television, they have been able to distort or omit the truth about their subversive acts." - adapted from The Life of an American Jew in Racist Marxist Israel, 1985

Israel has not wanted peace in the past, does not want it now and will not want it in the future. Israel by its actions proves over and over that it wants land, not peace." - Jerrold Cohen* 03/08

Israel for Dummies

US of Israel

David Friedman, Staunch Settlement Backer,
Approved by Senate Panel as Envoy to Israel

The government of Israel conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the US of any US ally.

Classified military information and sensitive military technologies of fire are high-priority targets for the intelligence agencies of Israel.

Agents of Israel collect a variety of classified and proprietary information through observation, elicitation, and theft.

The following are intelligence agency examples of Israel information collection efforts:

- An espionage operation run by the intelligence organization responsible for collecting scientific and technological information for Israel paid a US government employee to obtain US classified military intelligence documents.

- Several citizens of Israel were caught in the US stealing sensitive technology used in manufacturing artillery gun tubes.

- Agents of Israel allegedly stole design plans for a classified reconnaissance system from a US company and gave them to a defense contractor from Israel.

- A company from Israel is suspected of surreptitiously monitoring a DoD telecommunications system to obtain classified information for Israel intelligence.

- Citizens of Israel were investigated for allegations of passing advanced aerospace design technology to unauthorized scientists and researchers.

- Israel is suspected of targeting US avionics, missile telemetry and testing data, and aircraft communication systems for intelligence operations.

- It has been determined that Israel targeted specialized software that is used to store data in friendly aircraft warning systems.

- Israel has targeted information on advanced materials and coatings for collection.

- A Israel government agency allegedly obtained information regarding a chemical finish used on missile reentry vehicles from a US person.

Excerpt from:

Economic Espionage: Information on Threat from US Allies, David E. Cooper, Associate Director, Defense Acquisitions Issues, National Security and International Affairs Division (Testimony, 02/28/96, GAO/T-NSIAD-96-114)

{Elie Wiesel's writing is considered among the most important in Holocaust literature. Some historians credit Elie Wiesel, awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986, with giving the term 'Holocaust' its present meaning. Not all of Elie Wiesel's Ashkenazi relations feel quite the same way about caring for their fellow Ashkenazi brothers. Elie Wiesel invested his personal wealth and his foundations wealth with a fellow Ashkenazi he could trust - Bernie Madoff.

"We gave him everything, we thought he was Yahweh, we trusted everything in his hands." - Elie Wiesel}


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