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We judge trustworthy faces in a snap

The Order of DeMolay has an Ethical Code which states:

A DeMolay serves God; honors womanhood; loves and honors his parents; is honest; is loyal to ideals and friends; practices honest toil; word is as good as his bond; is courteous; is at all times a gentleman; is a patriot in peace as well as war; is clean in mind and body; stands unswervingly for public schools; always bears the reputation of a good and law-abiding citizen; by precept and example preserves the high standards to which he has pledged himself.

Natural Law

"The unrestrained communication of ideas,

the right to reform, and freedom of religious belief

are all natural rights."- Thomas Paine

Chinese charater for the natural order

Natural Person

"Most social evils are at root economic."

Ezra Pound

Natural Law is the rational pattern ordering Creation.

Natural Law is universally knowable through the observation of nature.

Natural Law grounds all human beings in innate common human traits.

Over a lifetime a human being develops a core of true knowledge.

Natural Law is universally binding within nature.

Moral behavior enhances the lives of everyone it touches.

Moral individuals grasp their role in reality and act freely.

Moral truth is dependent on the recognition of practical wisdom.

Human beings enjoy a warm cozy dry shelter on a rainy windy dark night.

Human beings desire to live freely in a clean natural environment.

Moral human beings recognize dignity, honor and integrity toward all life; apply justice, virtue and wisdom; enjoy friendship, procreation and aesthetic experience; and pray for inner peace, contentment and health.

Moral rightness recognizes each life is to be cherished as that unique indivdual life can never be replaced - !! FIRST NO HARM !!

The ancients did not seek to rule men with knowledge,

But to support them in becoming natural.

It is difficult for knowledgeable men to be natural;

So to use law to control a nation weakens the nation,

But to use nature to control a nation strengthens the nation.

Understanding these two paths is understanding subtlety;

Subtlety runs deep, ranges wide,

Resolves confusion and preserves peace.

Lao Tzu

Clear and frequent impressions about living according to nature are constantly and consistently showered upon us.

To live according to nature listen to the admonitions of the Creator and Sustainer.

Through the language of natural philosophy, and through the Pythagorean approach to whole systems, it is possible to relate the temporal with the eternal and to know the organic relation between multiplicity and unity.

If scientific spirit is seen as a desire to study the universe in total, it will be seen that both approaches are complementary and necessary in scientific inquiry as an inclusive cosmology must equally deal with the part or the whole.

Kepler, Copernicus, Newton, Einstein and those before and after - were able to combine both approaches in a valuable and fruitful way.

It is interesting that the split between science and philosophy coincides roughly with the industrial revolution - for once freed from the philosophical element, which anchors scientific inquiry to the whole of life and human values, science ceases to be science in a traditional sense, and is transformed into a servile nursemaid of technology, the development and employment of mechanization.
Machines are useful when subservient to human good; the industrial revolution coincided with a mechanistic conceptualization of the natural order, which sought to increase material profit at the expense of the human spirit.

This era which gave rise to the nightmare of the modern factory gained its strength through the naive premise that the human spirit might be elevated and perfected through the agency of the machine.

Science has nearly become confused with and subservient to technology, and it might be said that the ideal of a universal or inclusive science has been lost.

This is because the ideal scientist is also a natural philosopher who is interested in relating his discoveries to a larger universal framework.

Those who study universal principles as principles-in-themselves, often find that these principles have many applications in a wide variety of fields.

Pythagoras would have been in an excellent position to foresee the negative consequences: ecological imbalance, materialism, the varied effects of personal greed, the disintegration of human values, the decline of the arts, a lack of interest in personal excellence and achievement.

These problems result from a lack of balance and an ability to see the parts in relation to the whole.

As the poet Francis Thompson said, "You cannot move a flower without troubling a star," and so it is with every individual and collective action.

Robert Baden Powell

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