dispise riches

I swear the Earth shall surely be complete

to him or her who shall be complete,

The Earth remains jagged and broken only

to him or her who remains jagged and broken.

I swear there is no greatness or

power that does not emulate those of the Earth,

There can be no theory of any account

unless it corroborate the theory of the Earth,

No politics, song, religion,

behavior, or what not, is of account,

unless it compare with the amplitude of the Earth,

Unless it face the impartiality and rectitude of the Earth.

Walt Whitman


Americans and God

Belief in Hell Linked with Sadness

Between 85% to 90% of Americans willing to answer questions asking about their belief in God claim to believe in God.

Americans that do believe in God have very different conceptual constructs.

American beliefs about God can be neatly divided into four groups.

~ 30% believe in an Authoritarian God, defined as a judgmental deity capable of inflicting punishment.

More individuals in the South and Midwest believe in an Authoritarian God.

~ 40% of those with high school education believe in an Authoritarian God.

~ 55% of those who believe in a Authoritarian God believe God has testicles.

More Catholics believe in a Benevolent God, described as a God who judges mankind (but not as harshly as John Calvin), than in an Authoritarian God.

~ 25% of believers believe in a Distant God.

A Distant God is defined as setting the Laws of Nature but not acting within reality to breach those Laws of Nature.

Believers in a Distant God are 72 times less likely than those believing in an Authoritarian God to attempt to convert others to their belief system.

Only ~ 2% of believers in a Distant God interpret the Bible literally.

The last mode of belief is the Critical God.

Critical God followers believe God's displeasure will be felt in another life.


Easter Eggs

Ending Of Joker Explained

Dark Humour Could Be a Sign of Superior Intelligence

Loki - the sly one, the trickster, the shape changer, and the sky traveler

Eshu - trickster deification and guardian of houses and villages

Anansi - spider trickster deification, king of all stories

Ngalyod - the great land transformer

Joseph Campbell - Mythology of the Trickster

Mammon - insatiable avarice

Limrushbaugh - blowhard deification

Celebrititous - brings fame and fortune

Corporationus - deification of limited liabiliy

Consumeritis - deification of hyperreality

invisible friend

Invisihand - invisible hand of trading markets

Bureauclamus - Winston Smith is the Savior

Drugonious - chemical poisons as pharmacopoeia

Kardasianus - Graeae in the flesh: Khloé, Kim, Kris

Coulterannus - deification of self-centered ego stokers

Federalis Reservutus - demigods with fungible assets

Globalonius - mercantilization of the global economy

Markuntus - marketing, advertisements and televisions

Pseudoscientificus - flasification of methodical observation

Hulk - angry supreme morphing scientist with a chip

Washingtonius - god of soulless apostate politicians

Penisuseus - icon of the Sodomites, also see Xanus

Technologicus - fire gifts allow 'control of nature'

Statisonerous - tribal boundaries fortified

Lardicus - Brian Gallagher's god

Anthropologist Confirms 'Hobbit' Indeed A Separate Species

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